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A.K.A. Pella, The Top Tzvantzik DOUBLE C.D.



A.K.A. Pella, The Top Tzvantzik DOUBLE C.D.

A.K.A. Pella is back this Sefira with A.K.A. Pella Presents "The Top Tzvantzik." This new album features 20 of their best songs as determined by you the fans, through online voting as well as iTunes reporting. You get two amazing CDs at the price of a single CD. That's double the "music"…. ahem, acapella for the price of one! Imagine all of your favorite hits from your favorite group spanning almost 10 years in one place. Now because producer C.D. Eichler and the boys at A.K.A. Pella are always looking to throw in something extra, something different, (usually something nuts), this collection also features some previously never before heard material including brand new intros, mashups, plus an extended outakes section. So gear up this Sefira season and prepare yourself for A.K.A. Pella presents "The Top Tzvantzik." (NOTE: No musical instruments were used in the production of this album. Certain sounds were produced using the human voice and may sound like real musical instruments.)

sample tracks

  • 1 - Aravim (3:51)

  • 2 - Lecha (4:32)

  • 3 - Gadol (5:24)

  • 4 - Hentelach (3:45)

  • 5 - Adon Olam (3:45)

  • 6 - BeInyan Hasimcha (4:01)

Additional Information

In Store Item # T2541CD
Artist A.K.A. Pella

A.K.A. Pella, The Top Tzvantzik DOUBLE C.D.

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