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Tanach (Bible)

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  1. The Inside Story, #2 Exodus

    The Inside Story, #2 Exodus


    A Chassidic Perspective on Biblical Events, Laws, and Personalities

    The Inside Story is a journey into the fascinating and empowering world of the Torah’s inner meanings. Why did the Nile turn into blood? What do the mysterious “cherubim” on top of the golden ark in the Tabernacle represent? What is the inside story behind Moses’ mask? What do the “four guardians” teach us about the interplay between responsibility and reward in our own lives? The sixty-two essays in this volume each explore an event or insight from the book of Exodus to illuminate the big questions of life as well as its most rudimentary concerns. Learn More

  2. To Build a Palace

    To Build a Palace


    Inspirational Thoughts, Insights and Stories on Finding True Joy in Marriage Arranged According to the Weekly Parashah

    Kings... Dukes...Counts...They may all dwell in palaces, but how many of us can ever aspire to the same? Marriage gives each person the ability to build a palace and live in it a life of fulfillment, happiness and tranquility. It s not difficult to build this palace; in fact, it's quite simple. Begin the process now, and watch as brick by brick, a palace begins to take shape before your very eyes. Learn More

  3. Or HaChaim Bereishis #2,  Toldos – Vayechi

    Or HaChaim Bereishis #2, Toldos – Vayechi


    OrHaChaim's commentary is so rich, so profound, so wide-ranging, so broad and deep -- it has been one of the foremost, most revered commentaries on Chumash for nearly three centuries.

    The uniqueness of Or HaChaim:

    • Points out every nuance of the Chumash text
    • Blends the plain meaning with the interpretations of the Sages
    • Weaves Kabbalistic concepts into the commentary
    • Explains basic principles of our faith
    • The multi-layered commentary speaks to everyone
    • Elucidates all the elements of the commentary seamlessly

    Created by an extraordinary team of talmidei chachamim, this is the finest elucidation of Or HaChaim in any language.

    It includes

    • Text of the Chumash, Targum, and Rashi
    • Accurate, well researched, vowelized Or HaChaim text
    • Flowing Interpretive translation of Or HaChaim, following the famed pattern of the ArtScroll Talmud, Rashi, and Ramban
    • Introductions of concepts

    Remarkably clear explanatory notes Bottom line? This is an absolute masterpiece! For anyone who wants to understand the Torah as only Or HaChaim explains it - this edition is a is a must!

    Learn More
  4. Diamonds On The Road

    Diamonds On The Road


    Rabbi Dov Keilson is a respected and beloved mechanech in Yeshiva Darchei Torah, as well as a talented writer. In these enlightening and absorbing essays he sets out to mine the diamonds that we can find in the weekly parashah -gems of wisdom and ethical thought, a multi-faceted, glittering mix of stories, parables, and Torah insights. He brings these diamonds to us, he polishes them and places them in a gorgeous contemporary setting that speaks to our own daily concerns and challenges. He speaks the language of Torah - and the language of our lives.

    Diamonds on the Road began as a tribute in memory of Avinoam Grossman, a student of Yeshiva Darchei Torah who lost his life at the age of 19 in a tragic accident: first, as a single published article, then as a popular weekly devar Torah on the parashah and now, finally, in this much-anticipated book. Rabbi Keilson draws upon the wisdom of our Torah sages, both classic and contemporary. In one parashah alone we hear insights from the Alter of Kelm, Rav Elchonon Wasserman, Rav Yaakov Kamenetzky, and Rav Avigdor Miller zecher tzadikim l'vrachah.

    But while every word is infused with our mesorah, the stories and parables that illustrate the ideas are straight from the 21st century. Thus, we begin to understand Moshe's final encounter with Paroh - through the story of a spilled cup of coffee. A typical encounter with a school principal brings us a new insight into zechus avos, and the gift of a Rolex watch gives us a better understanding of what Shabbos should mean to us.

    Diamonds. They are both beautiful and unbreakable, the most enduring of gemstones. Just like these marvelous and thought-provoking divrei Torah. Learn More

  5. Messages from Rav Pam, Short thoughts on the weekly Torah reading

    Messages from Rav Pam, Short thoughts on the weekly Torah reading


    One of the most amazing things about the Torah taught by Rav Pam zt'l, the beloved mechanech often called "the Chafetz Chaim of our day," is that so many years after his passing, in a century where everything has speeded up and brevity is at a premium - his messages to us still fill our needs so perfectly.

    Look at the very first d'var Torah in Messages from Rav Pam. The revered Rosh Yeshiva shares with us a fascinating Midrash, an insight into the nature of Shabbos, and gives us a takeaway message that will improve our lives and our interpersonal relationships - all in five short and readable paragraphs.

    In his famous Friday morning "shmuess," Rav Pam used the parashah as a springboard for insights and advice on how to live as a Torah-true Jew. He had an uncanny ability to find in the weekly parashah practical solutions to contemporary challenges, both personal and communal. Rabbi Sholom Smith, a talmid muvhak, a faithful disciple who learned from him for decades, took careful notes - over 2,000 pages of them! - and has drawn upon them to bring his rebbi's wisdom indeed, his rebbi's beloved voice - to a new generation of students hungry for guidance.

    Listen to Messages from Rav Pam. Enjoy it with your family, your guests, yourself. And watch as these brief messages make a huge difference to your Shabbos table... and to your life. Learn More

  6. The Majesty of Bereishis, A deeper understanding: from Creation to Mitzrayim

    The Majesty of Bereishis, A deeper understanding: from Creation to Mitzrayim


    The Overviews of the ArtScroll Bereishis

    From the Creation of the cosmos to the first steps in the formation of our People -- Sefer Bereishis is us. It is our history, our mission statement, the very DNA of our national life. The days of Creation, the first sin, the Flood, Akeidas Yitzchak, the sale of Yosef by his brothers so much of it seems incomprehensible. And yet we must try to comprehend it, if we are to understand our lives and what Hashem expects of us.

    There are few people as well-equipped to lead us on a journey through Sefer Bereishis as Rabbi Nosson Scherman. He has been gifted with a rare talent of explanation and elucidation; he can take complex topics, esoteric concepts, and make them clear, without talking down to us, without "dumbing them down." His language is lyrical yet readable, and his grasp of commentaries, both classic and contemporary, is remarkable.

    Decades ago, Rabbi Scherman's "Overviews" to Tanach became a household word in the world of Torah Jewry. In The Majesty of Bereishis his classic overviews on each of the parashiyos in the sefer are brought together in one magnificent Torah work.

    What does it mean when we say Torah is the blueprint of the universe? What is the nature of the “tests” that Avraham Avinu took - and passed? What is the unique lesson we can learn from Sarah Imeinu? What is the eternal "truth" that characterizes Yaakov, and how did he seek it? The answers to these and so many other questions raised in Sefer Bereishis are wide-ranging, absorbing, and fundamental to our understanding of Jewish thought.

    Take a journey through Sefer Bereishis with Rabbi Scherman at your side. It’s a trip well worth taking. Learn More

  7. Zera Shimshon: The Sefer. The Stories. The Segulah, With selections from Sefer Zera Shimshon, Rabbi Shimshon Chaim Nachmani

    Zera Shimshon: The Sefer. The Stories. The Segulah, With selections from Sefer Zera Shimshon, Rabbi Shimshon Chaim Nachmani


    The Segulah of the Zera Shimshon:

    "...and you [who learn the Torah of the Zera Shimshon] will see children, and children’s children, like olive shoots around your tables, wise and discerning, and homes filled with everything good, and wealth and honor...."

    ” From the Introduction to Sefer Zera Shimshon

    Rabbi Nachman Seltzer brings us a unique book - and a rare opportunity. Zera Shimshon: The Sefer. The Stories. The Segulah combines three elements:

    The Sefer:

    Written by the brilliant 18th century Italian Talmudic sage, Rabbi Shimshon Chaim Nachmani, Sefer Zera Shimshon brings insightful and compelling explanations of the Chumash. This volume features selections from the sefer, several short and compelling pieces on every parashah, to give the reader a taste of the spiritual delights of Zera Shimshon.

    The Stories:

    The Zera Shimshon's commentary on each parashah is followed by a true story, told in Rabbi Nachman Seltzer's inimitable style, which enhance our understanding of the Zera Shimshon's teachings, plus stories about the segulah’s power – more than 80 stories altogether!

    The Segulah:

    In his introduction, Rav Nachmani promises great blessings to those who learn his work - and in the past decades, we've seen that promise come true! Hundreds have found their deepest requests answered after learning the Torah of Zera Shimshon perhaps yours will be too!

    Learn More
  8. Tales for the Shabbos Table, #1 - Bereishis

    Tales for the Shabbos Table, #1 - Bereishis


    Popular author Zalman Ruderman utilizes his renowned talent to tell stories that will engage both child and adult alike. These pages contain stirring tales of great individuals and ordinary people who displayed unparalleled heroism, extraordinary kindness and tremendous love for Hashem – Reb Pinchas Koritzer's visit to the blind violinist, heartbreaking sobs emanating from the office of Reb Moshe Feinstein, the woman who lost everything save her emunah, the impossible conditions set by the Chidushei Harim to expand his Yeshiva, a Rosh Hakohol who saved three communities, and more.

    Tales for the Shabbos Table has 4 stories for each Parsha as well as 6 stories for each Yom Tov.

    Children — and adults — will eagerly anticipate story time at the Shabbos table. Learn More

  9. Welcome to Our Table, Words of Torah & Inspiring Stories from Our Shabbos Table to Yours

    Welcome to Our Table, Words of Torah & Inspiring Stories from Our Shabbos Table to Yours


    We don't often get a chance to ask penetrating questions of our family or friends. The one time in the week when we can learn - and be inspired by the thoughts and life experiences of others - is Shabbos or Yom Tov. But how can we bring that about? How can we engage family, friends and guests so that we make the relevant Torah portion come alive?

    Welcome to Our Table shows exactly how. It provides a user-friendly guide to help one and all make the most of the Shabbos and Yom Tov experience. And, while it will not deliver the food to your table, it will deliver the rest - amazing Torah wisdom, insightful questions and inspiring stories From Our Table to Yours! Learn More

  10. Sparks From the Fire, Shabbos drashas delivered at Kehillas Aish Kodesh

    Sparks From the Fire, Shabbos drashas delivered at Kehillas Aish Kodesh


    In these often-polarized times, Rav Moshe Weinberger's teachings quench people's thirst for a Torah message that bridges the perceived gap between modern and right-wing, ilitvish and chassidish, Sephardic and Ashkenazic, and mystical and rational. While audio or video of many of his shiurim are available on the YUTorah or TorahAnytime websites, the drashos he delivers on Shabbos have, until now, only been available to those who attend Congregation Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, New York.

    With the release of this book, these drashos are now accessible to everyone. Open up and read how, among many other issues, Rav Weinberger shows us how to overcome adversity through his messages delivered during Superstorm Sandy; how to react to terrorism in America through his drashah delivered after the Boston Marathon bombing; and how to understand the interplay between tradition, modernity, and "rebellious" youth throughout the book. Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 502 total

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