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Angels of Orphans



When World War II broke out in all its fury, Reb Yona Tiefenbrunner was a simple German Jew who had just begun building a family. But then, in a heartbeat, he made a life choice that few of us would ever be able to contemplate, much less embrace, and changed his life forever. R' Yona opened an orphanage in Antwerp under the ever watchful eyes of the Gestapo. Overnight, he became a hero, a father to hundreds of traumatized and tortured Jewish orphans. This is his story. The children referred to him simply as "Monsieur," but they knew that he would risk his life to save them. Courageous, defiant, and unyielding, R' Yona infused his orphanage with Torah, love, and tranquility - creating a safe haven in a world of death and destruction. Even when the war was over and others tried to put the past behind them, R' Yona and his wife did not cease to nurture and educate these children as their own; rebuilding their shattered spirits and giving them a chance at life. This is a gripping tale of altruism and self sacrifice in the face of terrible danger, of miraculous salvation, and of the healing power of love. It is a testimony to the phenomenal powers of devotion and steadfast faith, and a lesson in how they can spur us onto to accomplish great things.


Additional Information

Author Malky Weinstock
Publisher Targum Press

Angels of Orphans