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Avraham Avienu of Australia



Moshe Feiglin was a motherless child of 13 when, in 1889, his optimistic family turned their backs on czarist Russia, set out for the Land of the Bible, and landed at the port of Jaffa. Their dreams of tilling the ancestral soil were soon jarred by the ravages of malaria, typhus and marauding neighbors.

The Land of Israel, poverty-stricken was writhing under Ottoman rule. To escape his imminent conscription to the brutal Turkish army, Moshe Feiglin and his young family set out on assisted migration tickets to start life afresh in Australia. There, this quietly-spoken chassid founded a Jewishly self-sufficient farming community, the continents only Anatevka.

Assimilation and intermarriage in Australia were spiraling, Jewish day-schools were hardly dreamed of, yet he and his wise helpmate maintained their cheerful serenity, undaunted. With an uncanny intuitive gift for parenting, they patiently educated their entire family in the spirit and practice of religious observance, and unobtrusively planted the seeds of many flourishing Jewish educational initiatives.

This lively story is punctuated by a wealth of firsthand anecdotes, whether colorful, quotable or amusing, linked by sweet-and-sad glimpses of the pioneering days of Eretz Yisroel and of Australia.

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Pages 208
Publisher Sichos In English

Avraham Avienu of Australia