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Habad Portraits #3



This volume includes chapters on:

* The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Personal Diary

* Who was the Rebbe's paternal Grandfather

* Fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rashab: his life, accomplishments and Yeshiva

* Reb Yoel Kahan's letters

As the title suggests, this book is a series of portraits of different people, events, and curiosities in the history of Habad Hasidism. It tells of many unknown or little understood aspects of the Rebbes' lives, the stories of the children of Habad Rebbes who did not themselves become Rebbes, the stories and viewpoint of the 'foot soldiers' of Habad in different eras, of forgotten outreach campaigns and initiatives, and even the stories and perspectives of those who broke away or rebelled.

Additional Information

In Store Item # B766
Author Chaim Dalfin
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 230
ISBN-13 978-0-9889580-4-3
Published Mar 18, 2015
Product Dimensions 5.5"x8.5"

Habad Portraits #3

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