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Israel Behind Bars



Until recently, I was a Major in the Israel Prison Service and the only American chaplain in the Israeli penal system. For thirteen years, in a little office located directly below the room where Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann was hung, I tended to countless men and women who were both physically and spiritually broken. I know that when most people hear the word "prison," they think of the loss of rights, the harsh conditions, the abuse. But for me it was all about the encouragement, the hope, the growth. The desire to share this message is what inspired me to write Israel Behind Bars. A common life-affirming thread runs through all the stories in the book, from the gripping heart-stoppers to the small acts of kindness: bars are but illusions, each of us can choose to be free. - The Author

Softcover 182 pp.

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Format Soft Cover

Israel Behind Bars