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Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi - The Alter Rebbe



This book tells the story of the life of the Alter Rebbe, as originally described in the Chabad Heritage Series tapes by Rabbi Shloma Majeski. It is the only comprehensive and authoritative history of the Alter Rebbe in English. Explanatory footnotes, references, a glossary, chronology, maps and more are added to enrich the reader’s experience of the first Lubavitcher Rebbe. From the Rebbe's birth, to his bar mitzvah and marriage, through his arrest, liberation, and finally his histalkus the reader will gain an invaluable view into the fascinating life of the founder of Chabad Chassidus. This book will serve as an invaluable reference as well as an entertaining biography for anyone who has a connection to Lubavitch Chabad, whether expert or novice.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BCIS760
MSRP $19.95
Author Reb Pesach Glaser
Language English
Format Soft Cover
Pages 300
ISBN-13 978-1537622057
ISBN-10 1537622056
Published Sep 30, 2016
Product Dimensions 6 x 0.7 x 9

Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi - The Alter Rebbe

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