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Reb Pinchas Reizes



A Chassidishe farbrengen is the foundation upon which Chassidim built their lives, and cornerstones of a farbrengen are the stories in which elder Chassidim fondly recall great Chassidim of bygone generations. Propelled by such stories, a chassid can proceed confidently along his path through life. As the noted chasid Reb Hillel Paritcher said, "Every chassid needs a chassid [to be his mentor]." Early Chassidic Personalities is a series presenting the life-stories of Chassidim of stature, Chassidim whose example show us how we should live our lives. All their days and hours, not just in isolated moments of inspiration, were lovingly devoted to the Rebbeim and the ways of Chassidus. This book, the second in the series, is filled with stories about Horav Pinchas Schick, known to Chassidim as Reb Pinchas Reizes, who the Mitteler Rebbe referred to as "The General of Chassidim".

Additional Information

In Store Item # bkehot149
Author Rabbi Sholom DovBer Avtzon
Language English
Format Soft Cover
Pages 201
Publisher Kehot Publications
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

Reb Pinchas Reizes