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Woman's Personal Calendar (Chabad)



Latest 2 year calendar Elul 5777-Elul 5779, August 2017-September 2019

According to Halachic Rulings of the Alter Rebbe's Shulchan Aruch and Chabad Custom.

Prepared under the guidance of Rabbi Sholom Ber Chaikin

The calendar is laid out according to the Hebrew months, with the civil calendar date noted on each day. There are improvements in the graphics, changes in the format of the symbols used, and clarifications of and additions to the text digest.

Halacha (Jewish law) mandates the use of a Hebrew calendar to calculate the times required to abstain from marital relations in anticipation of a period. The Hebrew date begins at shkiah (sunset) and ends the following day at shkiah (whereas the civil date, based on the standard solar calendar, begins and ends at midnight). All menstrual calculations are only according to the Hebrew calendar.

Calculations based on any other calendar are inaccurate. Never use the standard solar calendar for this purpose although, for reference only, this personal calendar includes civil dates.

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In Store Item # LH1
Language English
Format Soft Cover
Published Jul 27, 2017
Product Dimensions 8"x8"

Woman's Personal Calendar (Chabad)

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