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Children & Youth

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  1. Indoor Fishing & Other Fun-to-Read Stories for Beginning Readers

    Indoor Fishing & Other Fun-to-Read Stories for Beginning Readers


    Meet the Green kids!

    In this adorable and innovative book written especially for beginning readers, you'll find yourself part of the adventures of a most entertaining family!

    Indoor Fishing and Other Fun-to-Read Stories for Beginning Readers combines engaging plots, highlighted vocabulary words, and delightful illustrations to create a spectacular reading experience for your child. The perfect way to boost children's literary skills-while sending them fishing for loads of fun! Learn More

  2. Mrs. Honig's Cake #7: Good Yom Tov! Stories Around the Jewish year

    Mrs. Honig's Cake #7: Good Yom Tov! Stories Around the Jewish year


    Say "Good Yom Tov, Mrs. Honig" and she will treat you to a seasonal selection of delectable delights. Greet each holiday with a Mrs. Honig favorite - tales for every palate, age, and Yom Tov.

    You'll relish each story as you go holiday hopping around the Jewish calendar. And when you're gathering those last few crumbs from the very last story, no worries - there's a brand new year beckoning. Turn right back to Rosh Hashanah, and presto! - this book turns into a family classic!

    Mrs. Honig Cakes stories are wholesome, interesting, enjoyable, and age-appropriate. They possess a feeling for Yiddishkeit and illustrate good middos. Young Readers will identify with these characters.

    - Rabbi Oscar Ehrenreich, Principal, Bais Yaakov Boro Park

    Mrs. Honig is charming, wholesome, and full of gentle humor and chein. Lovely stories for Jewish kids.

    - Yaffa Ganz Learn More

  3. All Aboard to Fairville, & Other Stories

    All Aboard to Fairville, & Other Stories


    Short stories for young readers to enjoy Learn More
  4. Bentzi and the Magic Potion (#5)

    Bentzi and the Magic Potion (#5)


    Uncle Yonti pours some of the blue liquid from the bottle into a glass, and Tulli closes his eyes and gulps it down all at once. Everyone holds their breath and waits. After a moment Tulli opens his eyes and looks around. "Well?" urges Yom Tov. "What do you feel now?" "Uh… I don't know. Same as before, I guess. Maybe a bit different." Tulli sounds confused. A mysterious lab. A secret. A locked door. A terrifying dog. Another exciting adventure with Batya and Bentzi!

    If you love reading Shikufitzky , here's your chance to laugh and think some more with a different kind of series - the amazingly funny adventures of Bentzi! Learn More

  5. Trouble Ahead, A fun-filled story for younger readers

    Trouble Ahead, A fun-filled story for younger readers


    Here comes trouble…

    Tova and Shulamis Green are back! Following their super Achdus Club party that brought class 4B together again, the two sisters and their friends are planning the club’s first-ever chesed project. Elderly Mrs. Golding would love the company—so what could possibly go wrong?

    Ruthie Somerfield has been acting weird and coming late to school. Her family’s problem is wearing her down, but she won’t share what’s really going on. Can a monster storm force Ruthie to forget her fears and do what’s right?

    In Trouble Ahead, sequel to award-winning author Faygie Holt’s popular The New Girl, the Achdus Club discovers that every friendship has its ups and downs. Join the class of 4B as they struggle to stick together no matter what trouble lies ahead. Learn More

  6. The Adventures of Hershele (comic book)
  7. Mommy's Wish

    Mommy's Wish


    What happens when brothers and sisters are so very different From one another.....too different too get along? Will Mommy's Wish help change their lives for the better? Learn More
  8. Toba’s Passage

    Toba’s Passage


    Toba is a lively girl who is excited about leaving Poland to join Papa in America! She will travel with her younger brother and her aunt, while Mama and Baby Luba wait for Papa to earn more money and send for them, too.

    The sea voyage is an adventure in itself, and life on the Lower East Side turns out to be so different from what Toba imagined. She soon learns that the streets of New York are not paved with gold, but are rich in opportunities to help others.

    This immigrant tale portrays a family committed to keeping Shabbos, Torah, and mitzvos no matter where they are. Learn More

  9. 23 Under 1 Roof #4, The New House

    23 Under 1 Roof #4, The New House


    The 23 Schneiders are now being joined by a family of mice in their home!

    Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal!

    What happens when,

    Tully begins to sleepwalk?

    A big fight breaks out among the kids and everyone takes sides?

    A family of mice decides to move in with them?

    Abba rents a strange cat to help catch the mice?

    Come along and share in the latest hilarious, exciting and fascinating adventures of the Schneider's 21 children! Learn More

  10. Flight 079, Comics

    Flight 079, Comics


    African Airlines flight 079 is a routine passenger flight that took off from the airport in Nairobi, Kenya on its way to Eretz Yisrael, with Rav Shaked and his two sons from Johanesburg on board. Astonishingly, the flight mysteriously disappears from the radar screens and never arrives at its destination...

    A Group of experienced and highly dangerous terrorists takes control of the airplane and forces the pilots to fly to a prearranged location, where they meet up with additional terrorists and their cruel and fearless leader - "The Vulture".

    There, in the heart of the jungle, a well appointed African village awaits the passangers and their kidnappers, in the center of the village is the mysterious laboratory of a sinister looking German scientist.

    Who is Rav Shaked and what is he doing in Kenya?

    Who are the Uyghur and why are they fighting with the Chinese goverment?

    What is the CIA looking for on the flight? Will they be able to help the kidnapped passengers? Learn More

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