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Children & Youth

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  1. The Ambassadors-Time for the Korban Pesach

    The Ambassadors-Time for the Korban Pesach


    A fascinating, breathtaking journey to Yerushalayim of yesteryear to sacrifice the Korban Pesach in the Beis HaMikdash

    Dear Children,

    I'm happy to inform you that you've been chosen for a very important and responsible job. You have been chosen to serve as "ambassadors"! And not just any ambassador of one country or another, but ambassadors of all Am Yisrael, though the generations.

    As ambassadors, I invite you to take your second journey, together with Reb Emmanuel, Yanky, Shimmy, and Dovi. I guarantee that you've never taken a trip like this before. It's an imaginary journey, but all the places we will visit are real, and all the events that take place really did happen.

    Our journey this time is to Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh, during those glorious days when the Second Beis HaMikdash stood in all its splendor. The date of our journey is also unique: We'll arrive in Yerushalayim shortly before Pesach, and we'll have the privilege to offer a korban Pesach, and experience a Pesach Seder where they ask the Five Questions!

    So come quickly, the time machine is about to take off... Learn More

  2. Just Imagine! The Miracles of Kriyas Yam Suf

    Just Imagine! The Miracles of Kriyas Yam Suf


    An original, fascinating rendition of the miracles of Kriyas Yam Suf

    Dear Children,

    This book is a continuation of We're Leaving Egypt, the Just Imagine comic about Yetzias Mitzrayim. This volume is intended to illustrate for children living in our generation, the wondrous miracles which were performed for our forefathers at Yam Suf. At the time of Kriyas Yam Suf, of course, there were no cars, tanks, or airplanes. This book attempts to describe, in an entertaining and entirely imaginary way, what the splitting of the sea might look like if it took place today.

    The world has changed drastically in the thousands of years that have passed since Yetzias Mitzrayim and therefore, it is very hard for us to feel the reality that existed in those days. It's hard for us to connect to the power of the wondrous miracles that occurred. It's hard for us to understand how astounding and exceptional they were—so much so that the mind can hardly grasp it...

    But the truth is that the miracles then were not significantly different than similar miracles that could take place in our time...When the sea split for Bnei Yisrael, who crossed it as if it was dry land—it was an unbelievable miracle, just like it would be unbelievable if the sea split today and we would be able to drive through it on paved roads. When grass grew from the sea bed that froze—miraculously—it was a wonder of wonders, just like it would be a marvel in our time, if a gas station would "sprout" from the depths of the ocean...The same applies to all the other remarkable miracles.

    You're invited to join the Yidden leaving Egypt and cross the Yam Suf with them!

    Experience for yourself the amazing miracles that accompanied them every step of the way. Learn More

  3. 23 Under 1 Roof #6: The Detective Club

    23 Under 1 Roof #6: The Detective Club


    Nothing that happens in the Schneider household is normal!

    What happens when...
    ...Etty decides to form a detective club?
    ...The light in the stairwell turns on in the middle of the night-night after night?!
    ...Motty chases after the mysterious footprint that flies away?
    ...Yoni goes fishing from the window of his cheder?
    ...Riki and Lali solve the mystery?

    Come along and share in the latest dramatic, fascinating adventures of the Schneiders' 21 children! Learn More
  4. Let's Make Shalom, Practical Tools for Getting Along and Not Fighting

    Let's Make Shalom, Practical Tools for Getting Along and Not Fighting


    This is the book we've all been waiting for!

    Here is a treasure box of valuable tools that children will enjoy using to get along with others, now - and throughout their lives!

    From bestselling author Bracha Goetz Learn More

  5. Bike for Sale Lay-Lay Series #2, Making the Best of What You Have

    Bike for Sale Lay-Lay Series #2, Making the Best of What You Have


    Lay-Lay wants a new bike, like her friend Nechami has. But she doesn't really need a new bike, so right now, all she has is her old one. Unless...she can sell her old bike and then use that money to buy a new one! Can she do that?

    It's not as simple as she thinks...

    Join Lay-Lay, her brother Heshy, and her sister Mimi as they use creative means to try making Lay-Lay's bike as attractive and marketable as possible—only to be in for a real surprise at the end!

    A fun and engaging read for children, by beloved author Bracha Rosman. Learn More

  6. Miri's Adventure - A Time to Soar

    Miri's Adventure - A Time to Soar


    An enjoyable tale that teaches children the value of listening, offering encouragement, making a place in their hearts for the feelings of others, and other tools for good interpersonal communication.

    Miri held the handlebar tightly, ran forward, and the hang glider began to soar.

    "Wow...I'm flying!" squealed Miri. "See you later!"

    The hang glider rose higher and higher, above the rooftops and even above the tippy tops of the trees. The houses and roads below her looked so tiny. Miri closed her eyes and enjoyed the amazing feeling of flying. When she opened them, she found herself very far from her home and backyard. Fields and orchards were spread out below her. She also spotted a herd of cows grazing in a meadow. They looked more like toys than real animals...

    Miri is a girl who loves adventure.

    In A Time to Soar she takes her young readers on the wings of her imaginary hang glider, to beautiful, far-off places where she meets creatures who are cute, friendly, and even a little human.

    There, in the depths of the forest, the young reader will discover his or her own feelings, thoughts, and imagination, echoed by the charming characters of this story. This is an enjoyable tale that teaches children the value of listening, offering encouragement, making a place in their hearts for the feelings of others, and other tools for good interpersonal communication.

    So children, let's go!

    Pick your favorite color hang glider and come join this fascinating journey. Miri is waiting for you... Learn More

  7. Sarala's Song, A Little Girl Stands Tall to Teasing

    Sarala's Song, A Little Girl Stands Tall to Teasing


    Sarala has a Mommy and Abba who love her ever so much. She even has a song about it, which Mommy made up especially for her. But when some girls start being mean to her in school, can Sarala manage to use this song—and the knowledge of how special she is—to stay strong and not allow the hurtful words to affect her? In this beautiful and powerful book on how to deal with teasing, kids will absorb a most important message that will give them the confidence to stand tall in every situation:

    It never, ever matters what people do or say,

    You always will be special, every single day!

    "This book contains the most important message parents can possibly give their children. It will help parents understand how to create a firm foundation of mental health, and help children deal with the inevitable rejections, failures, insults, and offenses which they will experience in life."

    Dr. Miriam Adahan Learn More

  8. The Secret of Carlos Romanus – A Fun to Read Book

    The Secret of Carlos Romanus – A Fun to Read Book


    The Secret of Carlos Romanus is filled with plot twists and adventure that will keep young readers turning pages. Once again, Hachai Publishing makes Jewish history Fun-to-Read!

    Moshe Levi is full of hope and excitement as he sets sail from Amsterdam on his very first business trip. His father is gone, and it’s up to this hardworking boy to support his mother and his two younger siblings. When Moshe unexpectedly finds himself in Spain, a country in which Jews must pretend to be like everyone else, the young boy must rely on his wits and his bravery. Will he find a Pesach Seder in this dangerous place? Is the wealthiest landowner in town, Carlos Romanus, a friend or an enemy… and will Moshe discover his secret?

    Historical Fiction based in Amsterdam / Spain 1650

    About the Fun-to-Read Series:

    Once children can read on their own, they need short chapter books that have bright, clear letters, well-placed illustrations, and lot of excitement! Fun-to-Read Books are packed with historical adventure, humor, and all the positive midos and mitzvos that discriminating parents and teachers have come to expect from Hachai Publishing.

    Ages 7-10 Learn More

  9. My Sometimes Feelings

    My Sometimes Feelings


    It’s wonderful when children feel happy, brave, or loving, but what happens when they feel sad, bored, or angry? With adorable illustrations and just a few lines of text, My Sometimes Feelings explores all kinds of emotions and encourages children to express themselves in healthy ways.

    “Sometimes I feel angry, I’m ready to shout!

    I take some deep breaths till that feeling fades out.”

    Written by an experienced mother and social worker, My Sometimes Feelings is perfect for use in the home and the classroom. When parents and teachers take the time to acknowledge and accept uncomfortable emotions, children feel loved, understood, and deeply connected to their caregivers… and a solid foundation for strong coping skills later in life. Feelings chart included. Learn More

  10. The Illustrated Haggadah Paperback

    The Illustrated Haggadah Paperback


    Pesach: The slaves become a nation - and begin the march to Sinai Parent to child, grandparent to grandchild. We sit at the Seder table and transmit our cherished and eternal traditions to the next generation. The Illustrated Haggadah gives us a wonderful way to bring the story of the creation of the Jewish nation to our families. It includes a simple and yet elegant translation with added words and phrases that clarify difficult passages; clear and easy-to-follow instructions; comments that can be shared and enjoyed by all at the Seder. And pictures! - more than 50 illustrations to pore over and enjoy, images that bring the dusty desert, the miraculous ten plagues, the churning waters of the Reed Sea to vivid life, entertaining and inspiring children and adults alike. The Illustrated Haggadah will keep everyone, young and old, engaged and inspired. And isn't that what we want our Seder to do? Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 949 total

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