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Children & Youth

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  1. Pinky & Slinky at the Table, A kid-friendly guide to meal time manners

    Pinky & Slinky at the Table, A kid-friendly guide to meal time manners


    Meet Pinky & Slinky!

    There are two fellas that we know,

    Different like day and night.

    Polite Pinky eats like a prince;


    Sloppy Slinky never got it right.

    In this charming book, kids will see with their very own eyes why table manners are so important – in every setting. Through lilting rhymes and vivid illustrations, mealtimes come alive with every juicy detail.

    So come savor this flavorful tale – but don’t forget your napkin and cutlery! Learn More

  2. A House Full of Chesed, The Story of Rebbetzin Henny Machlis

    A House Full of Chesed, The Story of Rebbetzin Henny Machlis


    Shmuel Blitz, author of the ArtScroll Children's Siddur, ArtScroll Children's Haggadah, Children's Bedtime Stories, and more than 20 other bestsellers, invites all children (and adults) to join him in a house brimming with love, caring -- and amazing chesed. Welcome to the Machlis home.

    Who was Rebbetzin Henny Machlis?

    • She and her family hosted more than 100 guests in their small apartment, every single Shabbos!
    • She had absolute trust in Hashem, no matter what was happening.
    • She always saw the good in everyone. Even the child who brought home a horrible report card!
    • She loved every single Jew. She loved Torah. She loved Hashem. And she showed that love, every single day, in so many unusual ways.

    A House Full of Chesed brings us many engaging, kid-friendly stories, each with its own charming and fun illustration beautifully drawn by the talented Lea Kron. Bring the kids into the Machlis home, and prepare for an unforgettable experience. And discover how each of us can become just like Henny Machlis! Learn More

  3. The Joy of Jewish Art for Children, A Guide for Parents and Teachers

    The Joy of Jewish Art for Children, A Guide for Parents and Teachers


    Devora Piha is the art teacher you always dreamed of for your children. She is creative, nurturing, and makes Judaism come alive in ways many of us have never imagined. In this incredible work, Mrs. Piha has gathered over thirty years of her knowledge, experience, and excitement to share with Jewish parents and teachers. She provides dozens of ready-to-go projects as well as countless lessons, ideas, and stories to bring Jewish art into our lives-and hearts.


    "It is with true pleasure that I read Devora Piha's book, The Joy of Jewish Art for Children. It is a rich addition to anyone's library; anyone who has wondered how art fits in the Torah world, anyone who wishes to teach art, will be amply rewarded with the wealth of the author's insights, knowledge of child development, and rich examples taken from her practice…I loved it."

    Dr. Judy Belsky, psychologist, author, and artist

    "A wonderful surprise, an original work for Jewish parents and teachers designed to develop both artistic creativity and character in young children in a religious Jewish framework… A refreshing, innovative guide to teaching children wholesome, ethical, and moral values based upon Jewish tradition…The book is at the same time a very practical, hands-on "how to" manual for teaching children self-expression through art, by using Jewish art and biblical and traditional Jewish tropes as models to inspire and mold Jewish children."

    Michael (Kaniel) Kaufman, author of A Guide to Jewish Art and editor of Jewish Art

    About the Author

    Devora Piha describes herself as a light bulb that lights up when she is teaching art to children. Born into a family of artists, her parents were her first teachers and role models. Teaching art to children began at an early age and has continued to improve - like fine aged wine. Devora has an exceptional talent for recognizing the wonders of the visual world. Her eyes are always open to the beauty around us and within us, and she is happily compelled to share her unique insights with others.

    Devora Piha lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel, known for its wondrous blend of people, with her husband, children, and grandchildren. Learn More

  4. Team Taryag #2, The Mystery of The Missing Amulet

    Team Taryag #2, The Mystery of The Missing Amulet


    Tanchum, Reuvi, Yisrael, and Gadi are best friends. They're ordinary kids in every way. Except that extraordinary things always happen to them.

    On a trip to the desert, their van gets a flat tire. But even that "big" problem is soon the least of their worries… Yisrael and Gadi were deeply absorbed in the treasure they'd found when they felt the huge sack they were in shudder and shake.

    "Help!" Gadi cried. "What's going on here?"

    The top of the sack was now pinched together by the crane. The sunlight disappeared.

    "What are we going to do?" Gadi wailed.

    "Someone closed the sack on us! How did he know we were in here?"

    "Maybe he didn't know," Yisrael suggested. "Maybe it was a mistake."

    "If it's a mistake, and no one knows we're inside, then what's to prevent him from dumping the sack at a genizah burial site? We'll be buried alive!" Gadi shrieked.

    "First off, I suggest we try to figure out how to get out of this bag."

    The truck started to move… Their innocent curiosity turns into a roller coaster adventure Taryag will never forget.

    It all began centuries ago in far-off Yemen-and turned into an action-packed mystery involving Judaica thieves, port workers, sacred amulets, and, of course, Team Taryag!


    • Who is eavesdropping on Taryag's conversations?
    • Who is the old beggar lady sitting at Platform 5 at the Port of Ashdod?
    • Why was an ancient treasure hidden behind a brick wall?
    • And where does Zadok the gabbai fit in with all this?

    Join Team Taryag in The Mystery of the Missing Amulet, which also includes dozens of stories from the Sages, parables, and astonishing Midrashim. Are you ready?

    Taryag to the end! Ein od Milvado! Learn More

  5. The Submarine Sailed at Midnight

    The Submarine Sailed at Midnight


    Adapted From The Bestselling Novel By Shmuel Argaman

    Dear Children,

    You are invited to join us on a fascinating journey with Yuri and Sasha, two brothers who keep mitzvos and learn Torah in secret in the Soviet Union under communist rule....Together, we will follow their adventures, and hold our breath. We will witness their courage and determination, and of course, rejoice at the happy will be a journey full of suspense, humor, adventure, and above all- important lessons of emunah and bitachon in our Father in heaven, who is in charge of everything!

    So what are you waiting for?

    LET'S GO.... Learn More

  6. Reb Mendel - Comics

    Reb Mendel - Comics


    The story of Reb Mendel Futerfas. The Jews he helped escape Russia, and his many years of imprisonment in Siberia.

    This book combines drama, suspense and humor together with important chassidic-educational lessons. Read this story for an unforgettable exciting experience!! Learn More

  7. I Go To Sleep

    I Go To Sleep


    Bedtime is one of the most important parts of every child's day, and every parent wants it to be a warm and pleasant experience.

    In I Go to Sleep, a young brother and sister enjoy the comfort of their evening routine: putting things away, brushing teeth, preparing negel vasser, hugs, kisses, and saying Shema. As they settle down for sleep, they think happy thoughts about all the mitzvos they did throughout the day.

    Written in simple rhyming verse, with soothing watercolor illustrations, I Go to Sleep is sure to become a beloved part of bedtime in every home!

    Ages 2-5 Learn More

  8. Mindsets & Me, How Your Mentality Can Change Your Whole Year

    Mindsets & Me, How Your Mentality Can Change Your Whole Year


    Feivel and Gavriel are stuck in the same situations, but somehow Gavriel always manages to come out of those situations with a positive spin. Read about the ways that growth and fixed mindsets can change the way you look at the world!

    About the Author:

    Rifka Schonfeld, Director S.O.S. Strategies for Optimum Success.

    An acclaimed educator and social skills specialist, Mrs. Rifka Schonfeld has served the Jewish community for over thirty years. She founded and directs the widely acclaimed educational program, Strategies for Optimum Success (SOS), servicing all grade levels and subjects, specializing in kriyah and English reading. A consummate teacher's teacher, Mrs. Schonfeld created and presents a social skills workshop focusing on key issues in social interaction for children, teens and adults: self-esteem, maintaining lasting friendships, communication, trust, conflict resolution, bullying, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), ADHD, and anxiety.

    Along with social skills coaching and parenting classes, Mrs. Schonfeld works with young adults, preparing them for shidduchim. Learn More

  9. Laminated Hardcover Sing-Along Siddur with Sound Tracks
  10. Hear the Megillah, A Playful Action Rhyme

    Hear the Megillah, A Playful Action Rhyme


    In Hear the Megillah, happy children perform playful motions for each mitzvah of Purim. They twirl and twirl like graggers, wrap themselves like Purim treats, and at the Purim meal, they all sit down!

    Ages 0-3 Learn More

Items 21 to 30 of 979 total

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