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Stories That The Rebbe Told Us #1



All the stories which were told to us, contain a lesson which we can and must derive in matters pertaining to us& stories of Tzaddikim contain a purpose and a goal, especially a story that we hear from a Tzaddik, and all the more so - from the Nassi, whose entire being and objective is to shepherd his flock. When the Nasi tells a story - it is most certainly relevant to us that we are able to and must learn the lesson from it. (Sichas Chof-Daled Teves 5712; Taras Menachem vol. 4 page 249)

Hardcover 190 pp.

Additional Information

In Store Item # B399
Author Levi Yitzchok Groner
Translator Dvorah Bindman
Illustrator Leah Elishevitz
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 190
Product Dimensions 6.5"x9.5"

Stories That The Rebbe Told Us #1