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The Adventures of Hershele (comic book)



The village Ostropole is in an uproar - the Duke of Vinnitsa is on a tour of the kingdom on behalf of His Royal Highness, the king. In his carriage he carries a mysterious chest - what does it contain? Who is his companion, who hates and bothers the Jews? What assignment is imposed upon the the residents of Ostropole and what will happen if they fail?

Terror and fright rule in the Ukraine - Mountain Man, the formidable robber, strikes fear in the hearts of the villagers as he tramples, loots and destroys all that is in his path. Who will succeed in overcoming the terrible giant? What is Hershele's strong point?

Hershele wakes up in a wonderful mood - today is a special day. The Poritz of Ludika wkes up happy - because today, so he claims, is a special day. What is so special about this day? Can it be that the same day is a happy one for both Hershele and his esteemed nemesis?

You will find the answers to all these questions in the funniest book of the year - "The Adventures of Hershele". Mystery, suspense and, of course, laughter follow Hershele, his nephew Yudele, and our other heroes: Stingy Berele, Shneur the Gabbai and Reb Baruch Rav of Ostropole in this new book.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BZB100
Author Batsheva Havlin
Translator N Davis
Illustrator Batsheva Havlin
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 61
ISBN-13 1113300010577
Publisher Comics-Kosher comics for kids
Product Dimensions 12.5" by 9..5"

The Adventures of Hershele (comic book)

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