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  1. Best of Family Table - cookbook

    Best of Family Table - cookbook


    Over 200 recipes from everyday to elegant - the best of Mishpacha's "Family First" magazine. Includes kitchen tips, menu picks, culinary musings and more! Learn More
  2. Gathered Around the Table , A Modern Cookbook of Treasures and Traditions

    Gathered Around the Table , A Modern Cookbook of Treasures and Traditions


    This will become a go-to cookbook you will use time and again!

    Gathered Around the Table is a celebration of kosher food from across the globe offering a full spectrum of recipes for everyday cooking, Shabbos and Yom Tov, special occasions, and more. The tried and true recipes, plus modern day tastes and treats, were designed with today’s busy cook in mind – easy to follow, easy to shop for, and the results create a fabulous impression!

    From the school that brought you ​​the best-selling cookbook Gatherings. Learn More

  3. Plenty More, Vibrant Vegetable Cooking from London's Ottolenghi

    Plenty More, Vibrant Vegetable Cooking from London's Ottolenghi


    The hotly anticipated follow-up to London chef Yotam Ottolenghi’s bestselling and award-winning cookbook Plenty, featuring more than 150 vegetarian dishes organized by cooking method.

    Yotam Ottolenghi is one of the world’s most beloved culinary talents. In this follow-up to his bestselling Plenty, he continues to explore the diverse realm of vegetarian food with a wholly original approach. Organized by cooking method, more than 150 dazzling recipes emphasize spices, seasonality, and bold flavors. From inspired salads to hearty main dishes and luscious desserts, Plenty More is a must-have for vegetarians and omnivores alike. This visually stunning collection will change the way you cook and eat vegetables. Learn More

  4. Secret Restaurant Recipes from the world's top Kosher Restaurants

    Secret Restaurant Recipes from the world's top Kosher Restaurants


    The finest restaurants. The most talented chefs. The most delicious food. All in your kitchen.

    Discover the secrets of the world’s best kosher chefs.

    Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek authors of the bestselling Made Easycookbook series, explored the kitchens of restaurants from Miami to Manhattan, from LA to London. Here are recipes, tips, techniques, and cooking secrets from today’s most acclaimed kosher chefs.

    Adapted by Leah and Victoria for home use, these recipes range from sophisticated and elegant to downhome delicious, from ultra-modern to beautifully traditional, all using accessible ingredients.

    Ready for something new? Try Chef Jeff Nathan's Popcorn Chicken, a specialty of Abigael's, in New York. Savor Zeppoli Doughnuts from California's Tierra Sur and enjoy a taste of Jerusalem with salad ideas from the famed Café Rimon and Red Heifer bistros, and many more.

    As in all their books, Leah and Victoria come with you into the kitchen to chat and share their personal tips. You will enjoy reading through the techniques and advice of the leading chefs in the best restaurants of the kosher world.

    You can experience the cuisine of top restaurants — and never have to wait for a table!

    Dozens of family-friendly recipes for any day of the week

    Secret techniques & cooking tips direct from the chefs

    Exquisite fullcolor photos for every dish

    Complete menus for your special occasions and holidays

    Recreate the recipes of... • The Prime Grill, New York City • Soyo, London • Trattoria Haba, Jerusalem • Pizza Pita, Montreal • Café Rimon, Jerusalem • My Most Favorite Food, New York City • Wolf & Lamb Steakhouse, New York City • Etc. Steakhouse, Teaneck • The Urban Grill, Mexico City • Red Heifer Steakhouse, Jerusalem • Reserve Cut, New York City • Citron & Rose, Philadelphia • Basil Pizza, Brooklyn • Milk Street Café, Boston • Mocha Bleu, Teaneck • Darna, Panama City • Milt's BBQ, Chicago • Gam Gam Kosher, Venice • Tierra Sur, Los Angeles • Java Café, Toronto & dozens more Learn More

  5. The Well-Spiced Life

    The Well-Spiced Life


    The Well-Spiced Life

    As a young woman, acclaimed author Barbara Bensoussan always thought she’d marry a nice Jewish boy from New York, just like her mother. But her life took a distinctly different turn when she entered the Orthodox world and her nice Jewish boy turned out to hail from Casablanca! Suddenly she found herself the Sephardic version of the bride-who-knew-nothing!

    Now she had a husband who thought the chicken soup she adored was little more than fl avored water, and who’d grown up eating the head of a lamb—teeth showing—on Rosh Hashanah. As the years passed and her family grew, she did her best to absorb the culture and cuisine of the Sephardic world— some of which, she laments, is still clinging to her waistline.

    The literary result of Barbara’s foray into the Sephardic world is The Well-Spiced Life, an authentic food memoir that combines the best of pleasure reading with excellent recipes. Packed with delightful anecdotes, culinary tips culled from years spent cooking for a “mixed” (Ashkenazic/Sephardic) family, loads of exotic recipes, and an abundance of comic relief (a necessary ingredient in every culinary undertaking!), it’s a book that belongs on the shelf of every respectable balabusta, Sephardic and Ashkenazic alike.

    As they say in Casablanca: bon appetit! Learn More

  6. The Balabuste's Choice Vol 1
  7. Dairy Made Easy, Triple-Tested Recipes for Every Day

    Dairy Made Easy, Triple-Tested Recipes for Every Day


    Dairy Made Easy, Triple-Tested Recipes for Every Day

    Delectable. Delicious. Dairy!

    Do you love cheese? Delight in pasta? Do you like creamy desserts? Are you looking for new, original, and creative dairy recipes? Here's the cookbook that will take your dairy life to a whole new level!

    Invite Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek - the bestselling authors of the "Made Easy" series - into your kitchen to take you on a dairy culinary adventure.

    Here you'll learn to customize your quiches and make restaurant-worthy pizzas. You can turn your home into a gourmet cafè when you're enjoying a Coffee Frappe and Chocolate Croissant Rolls (easier to make than you'd ever believe!). Bored of baked ziti for dinner on dairy night? How about a Hot Asian Mushroom Salad and Cajun Creamy Penne? And for dessert, let's try Peanut Butter Crème Brúlèe or - believe it! - The 180-Calorie (or Less) Cheesecake.

    As in all the "Made Easy" cookbooks, the recipes are triple-tested, with accessible ingredients and clear, fun-to-follow instructions. Dairy Made Easy also features a Cheese Guide and guides to making some recipes lighter or parve.

    It's time to go dairy and delicious!

    60 EASY-TO-MAKE recipes

    FULL-COLOR PHOTO for each dish

    CHEESE Guide


    Make It LIGHT section Learn More

  8. Salad Time #1

    Salad Time #1


    Salad Time #1

    260 unique and original salad recipes

    This cookbook is a rising star among kosher cookbooks. Purely by word-of-mouth, it has grown in popularity since its initial limited release, and is now available in a newly designed, beautiful edition!

    It's obvious why. If you're a salad lover, you'll never run out of something new to try with this book. And if you've never really been into salad, this book offers hope that there are at least some salads out there that you (or your spouse) will like.

    Vegetable salads

    Fruit salads

    Pasta salads

    Dairy salads

    Meat salads

    Dips and dressings

    So give it a try. You won't be disappointed! Learn More

  9. Starters & Sides Made Easy, Favorite Triple-Tested Recipes

    Starters & Sides Made Easy, Favorite Triple-Tested Recipes


    Starters & Sides Made Easy, Favorite Triple-Tested Recipes






    Step aside, main dishes.

    The spotlight is on starters and sides!

    True, main dishes are important, but if you want meals that shine with creativity, elegance, or just plain fun - that's what side dishes and appetizers are for! And nobody can put the "wow" into sides and starters better than popular kosher food writers Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek.

    All the recipes are triple-tested, unique - and made with ingredients that are readily available. Every recipe is broken down into easy-to-follow steps, and includes interesting tidbits and "Ahead" tips that help keep you organized. Starters and Sides Made Easy also features a handy Spice Guide, a "Plate It!" section showing unique serving ideas, and "Building Blocks" - essential information for preparing basic rice, potatoes, and roasted vegetables.

    For Shabbos and holiday meals, for entertaining, and, yes, for everyday - amaze your guests, your family, and yourself with starters and sides that make the meal.

    Powerhouse cookbook authors Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek show us how to spice up our meals with heaping portions of creativity, flavor and just plain fun! Starters and Sides Made Easy gives us fresh takes on recipes that will complete your meals and win rave reviews. "Make ahead" tips ensure that even the busiest of us have the time to "wow" our families, friends, and, yes, ourselves. — The Publisher.

    You asked for it - and here it is! We're serving up an entire cookbook devoted to gorgeous, surprising, and just-plain-delicious appetizers and side dishes to complete your menus and take your meals to a whole new level. — Leah and Victoria. Learn More

  10. Let My Children Cook! A Passover cookbook for ages 8–108!

    Let My Children Cook! A Passover cookbook for ages 8–108!


    Let My Children Cook!

    Let My Children Cook! makes it easy for kids to share in the fun of cooking -- at a time of year when parents can really use the help! Kids will also discover how to cook delicious food on their own, so no longer will they cry, "There’s nothing to eat around here!" Filled with recipes every kid (and adult!) is sure to love, such as Matzah Marshmallow Melts, Crunchy Chicken Crisps and Matzah Soup Squares, to Rocky Road Brownies and Mock Oatmeal Cookies, the entire family will enjoy this delightful cookbook.

    Featuring ...

    ✓ Over 80 delicious, easy recipes!

    ✓ Cooking and kitchen safety tips

    ✓ Hilarious illustrations

    ✓ Loads of creative ideas

    ✓ BONUS! Fun and easy craft projects. Learn More

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