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  1. Salad Time #1

    Salad Time #1


    Salad Time #1

    260 unique and original salad recipes

    This cookbook is a rising star among kosher cookbooks. Purely by word-of-mouth, it has grown in popularity since its initial limited release, and is now available in a newly designed, beautiful edition!

    It's obvious why. If you're a salad lover, you'll never run out of something new to try with this book. And if you've never really been into salad, this book offers hope that there are at least some salads out there that you (or your spouse) will like.

    Vegetable salads

    Fruit salads

    Pasta salads

    Dairy salads

    Meat salads

    Dips and dressings

    So give it a try. You won't be disappointed! Learn More

  2. Starters & Sides Made Easy, Favorite Triple-Tested Recipes

    Starters & Sides Made Easy, Favorite Triple-Tested Recipes


    Starters & Sides Made Easy, Favorite Triple-Tested Recipes






    Step aside, main dishes.

    The spotlight is on starters and sides!

    True, main dishes are important, but if you want meals that shine with creativity, elegance, or just plain fun - that's what side dishes and appetizers are for! And nobody can put the "wow" into sides and starters better than popular kosher food writers Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek.

    All the recipes are triple-tested, unique - and made with ingredients that are readily available. Every recipe is broken down into easy-to-follow steps, and includes interesting tidbits and "Ahead" tips that help keep you organized. Starters and Sides Made Easy also features a handy Spice Guide, a "Plate It!" section showing unique serving ideas, and "Building Blocks" - essential information for preparing basic rice, potatoes, and roasted vegetables.

    For Shabbos and holiday meals, for entertaining, and, yes, for everyday - amaze your guests, your family, and yourself with starters and sides that make the meal.

    Powerhouse cookbook authors Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek show us how to spice up our meals with heaping portions of creativity, flavor and just plain fun! Starters and Sides Made Easy gives us fresh takes on recipes that will complete your meals and win rave reviews. "Make ahead" tips ensure that even the busiest of us have the time to "wow" our families, friends, and, yes, ourselves. — The Publisher.

    You asked for it - and here it is! We're serving up an entire cookbook devoted to gorgeous, surprising, and just-plain-delicious appetizers and side dishes to complete your menus and take your meals to a whole new level. — Leah and Victoria. Learn More

  3. Let My Children Cook! A Passover cookbook for ages 8–108!

    Let My Children Cook! A Passover cookbook for ages 8–108!


    Let My Children Cook!

    Let My Children Cook! makes it easy for kids to share in the fun of cooking -- at a time of year when parents can really use the help! Kids will also discover how to cook delicious food on their own, so no longer will they cry, "There’s nothing to eat around here!" Filled with recipes every kid (and adult!) is sure to love, such as Matzah Marshmallow Melts, Crunchy Chicken Crisps and Matzah Soup Squares, to Rocky Road Brownies and Mock Oatmeal Cookies, the entire family will enjoy this delightful cookbook.

    Featuring ...

    ✓ Over 80 delicious, easy recipes!

    ✓ Cooking and kitchen safety tips

    ✓ Hilarious illustrations

    ✓ Loads of creative ideas

    ✓ BONUS! Fun and easy craft projects. Learn More

  4. A Taste of Pesach #1, Trusted Favorites, Simple Preparation, Magnificent Results

    A Taste of Pesach #1, Trusted Favorites, Simple Preparation, Magnificent Results


    The authors of Yeshiva Me'on HaTorah's wildly popular A Taste of Pesach mailings have put together a complete collection of kosher for Pesach family favorites in a magnificently presented, down-to-earth compilation you will find yourself referring to again and again.

    The stunning, full-color photography and clear, easy-to-read layout are a treat for the eyes; while delicious, mouthwatering recipes are a treat for the palate.

    Using familiar ingredients, A Taste of Pesach offers fabulous, easy-to-prepare recipes and gourmet presentations that family and friends will find irresistible on Pesach and year round.

    A Taste of Pesach incorporates timeless classics that have been used for generations and modern cuisine to present a cookbook that appeals to young and old alike.

    These are recipes that you will love to cook, serve and enjoy year after year.

    ■ Over 150 tried-and-true recipes for Pesach and year round

    ■ Stunning, full-color photographs accompany every recipe

    ■ Triple-tested recipes allow you to cook with confidence

    ■ Breathtaking layout, clear design

    ■ Over 140 gluten-free (non Gebrokts) recipes

    ■ Cross-referenced index to help you find your favorite recipes. Learn More

  5. Kosher for Pesach Cookbook

    Kosher for Pesach Cookbook


    Kosher for Pesach Cookbook

    Whether you’re looking for traditional Pesach dishes that your grandmother used to make, quick, modern recipes that will make your Holiday cooking easy, something new and exciting instead of your old standard recipes, or help in “making Pesach” for the first time, this is the Pesach cookbook for you!

    A best-seller since 1978, this revised and expanded edition of the popular Kosher for Pesach Cookbook includes more than 250 delicious recipes, from soup to nuts, and lots more in between. With special sections on preparing for the Holiday and complete menu suggestions, this is a cookbook that every Jewish kitchen deserves. Learn More

  6. The Balabuste's Choice #2

    The Balabuste's Choice #2


    563 Delicious Ways To Enhance Your Shabbos, Simcha, & Every Day Of The Week Learn More
  7. Kids Cooking Made Easy

    Kids Cooking Made Easy


    Kids Cooking Made Easy

    60 Easy-to-Make Kosher Recipes

    Full-Color Photo for Each Dish

    Many Step-By-Step Photos

    Cooking School ABC's

    Measuring & Conversion Guide

    From Panini Wraps to Hot Dog Garlic Knots to Homemade Button Candy — Kids, you'll never be bored (or hungry!) again.

    Leah Schapira and Victoria Dwek have created a cookbook with you kids in mind. The food is fun and the instructions are easy to follow. Every recipe has a picture so tempting you'll want to eat the page. (But don't-you'll want to use it again!)

    In the "Cooking School" tip on each page, you'll learn so many new techniques, like how to simmer or sautè - for dishes that are totally sensational.

    Surprise your family with a yummy dessert you made yourself. Have a "cooking party" with your friends or spend some quiet time with your mom in the kitchen. And of course, enjoy eating the fabulous food you made.

    So get into that kitchen, open Kids Cooking Made Easy, and get started!

    By the way, parents, you can use this cookbook too! (We won't tell.) Learn More

  8. Cooking Inspired

    Cooking Inspired


    Bestselling author, Estee Kafra [Spice it Right! and Cooking with Color] has done it again! In this visually stunning cookbook, Estee has written and compiled hundreds of recipes that will not only enhance your table, but transform your outlook on cooking. Using ingredients creatively, with a fresh and healthy spin, is what Kosher Scoop calls “inspired”, and what you will call “just plain smart.” Cooking Inspired is a compilation of over 200 recipes from the popular website, an online, interactive website that contains all the latest and greatest in kosher cooking. Authors represented in this book include many of the “Who’s Who” of kosher recipe writing, such as Norene Gilletz, Paula Shoyer, Daphne Rabinovitch and Levanah Kirchenbaum. Included as well are cooking tips, and many brand new recipes, exclusive to this book. All recipes that are gluten-free (over 100!) and Passover-friendly are clearly marked. This collection is a sampling of the creative and reliable recipes that the site has become known for – guaranteed to inspire home cooks to let loose their culinary creativity. Learn More
  9. A Taste of Challah, A Comprehensive Guide to Challah and Bread Baking

    A Taste of Challah, A Comprehensive Guide to Challah and Bread Baking


    Who can resist the mouth-watering fragrance of freshly baked challah, wafting through a Jewish home? Yet how many potential bakers are intimidated by the seemingly esoteric art of challah and bread baking? This book unlocks the secrets of challah baking, making delicious, perfect challos, breads, rolls, and other yeast-dough treats accessible to all. Beautiful photographs, inspiring stories, and easy-to-follow instructions make this a book to treasure-a gift that will enhance every kitchen. Aside from the heavenly taste and smell of home-made challah, it is a special mitzvah given to women and is a very fulfilling pursuit. This book will clue you in to this soul-satisfying mitzvah and transform you into the baker you never thought you could be! Includes an indispensable chapter on the Seven Steps to Amazing Challah-an in-depth, kitchen-tested guide to systematically achieve great results and avoid potential pitfalls, plus several illustrated braiding techniques to put finishing touches on your delectable masterpiece. Learn More
  10. Allergy-Free at Last Cookbook

    Allergy-Free at Last Cookbook


    A literal lifesaver for food allergy sufferers! Search no more for suitable recipes and substitutions- it's all here in one slim volume. Includes helpful hints, yom tov menus, food properties and more. Contains 298 recipes! Learn More

Items 31 to 40 of 112 total

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