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  1. Bais Yaakov Cookbook #2

    Bais Yaakov Cookbook #2


    An exclusive collection of traditional and contemporary recipes to elevate Shabbos, Yom tov and the everyday Learn More
  2. Table for Two, A Kallah's Cookbook

    Table for Two, A Kallah's Cookbook


    "What should I make for supper tonight?"

    "How much ground beef do I need for two people?"

    "My husband only likes meat—”HELP!!"

    "My recipe says to sear the chicken. What does that mean?"

    If you're a newlywed, a beginner cook, or anyone looking for a wholesome, basic cooking guide full of super-easy yet super-delicious recipes, then this cookbook is definitely for you!

    Table for Two: A Kallah's Cookbook is THE cookbook for every kallah. You'll find all the basic recipes plus lots more here, from pancakes to burgers; cholent to chocolate-chip cookies; chicken poppers to potato kugel; breakfast, lunch, supper, and Shabbos meals. more wastefulness or having to brush up on your division skills while standing over the mixer: most of the recipes are specifically designed for two eaters!

    So come along as we proceed to demystify the kitchen and its utensils for you. We promise a satisfying and scrumptious culinary journey, with you becoming a star in your very own kitchen.

    And, of course...mazel tov!


    · 200 tried-and-true recipes, all of which use everyday ingredients to create delicious and gourmet meals

    · 115 full-color photos of recipes

    · tips and tricks to simplify meal planning and cooking for two

    · answers and solutions to common kitchen questions and concerns

    · guide to confusing cooking terms

    · visual guide to various pots and baking dishes Learn More

  3. Kosher Classics Cookbook, Menus and Customs Around the Jewish Year

    Kosher Classics Cookbook, Menus and Customs Around the Jewish Year


    In Kosher Classics, nutritionist and popular educator Gitta Bixenspanner takes us through the Jewish year, offering only the most delicious dishes at every stop. You'll enjoy a full selection of Shabbos-worthy delicacies, everything from the perfect potato kugel to creamsicle ice cream. And along with recipes to enhance each season and holiday—including dishes with the simanim incorporated into them for Rosh Hashanah, an international-themed Purim party menu, outstanding Pesach recipes, and a delightful dairy Shavuos menu—you'll find fresh ideas for the kids' lunch boxes, easy crock-pot dinners, tips for the best summer barbecues, and even gourmet recipes for those special occasions.

    In her warm, friendly style, Gitta shows how to take advantage of each season's bounty, all with an eye toward nutrition. Whether you're new in the kitchen or an experienced cook, the 300+ recipes in Kosher Classics will expand your repertoire and introduce new family favorites. Learn More

  4. Aromas of Aleppo Cookbook

    Aromas of Aleppo Cookbook


    When the Aleppian Jewish community migrated from the ancient city of Aleppo in historic Syria and settled in New York and Latin American cities in the early 20th century, it brought its rich cuisine and vibrant culture. Most Syrian recipes and traditions, however, were not written down and existed only in the minds of older generations. Poopa Dweck, a first generation Syrian–Jewish American, has devoted much of her life to preserving and celebrating her community's centuries–old legacy. Dweck relates the history and culture of her community through its extraordinary cuisine, offering more than 180 exciting ethnic recipes with tantalizing photos and describing the unique customs that the Aleppian Jewish community observes during holidays and lifecycle events. Among the irresistible recipes are: •Bazargan–Tangy Tamarind Bulgur Salad •Shurbat Addes–Hearty Red Lentil Soup with Garlic and Coriander •Kibbeh–Stuffed Syrian Meatballs with Ground Rice •Samak b'Batata–Baked Middle Eastern Whole Fish with Potatoes •Sambousak–Buttery Cheese–Filled Sesame Pastries •Eras bi'Ajweh–Date–Filled Crescents •Chai Na'na–Refreshing Mint Tea Like mainstream Middle Eastern cuisines, Aleppian Jewish dishes are alive with flavor and healthful ingredients–featuring whole grains, vegetables, legumes, and olive oil–but with their own distinct cultural influences. In Aromas of Aleppo, cooks will discover the best of Poopa Dweck's recipes, which gracefully combine Mediterranean and Levantine influences, and range from small delights (or maza) to daily meals and regal holiday feasts–such as the twelve–course Passover seder. Learn More
  5. Bais Yaakov Cookbook #1

    Bais Yaakov Cookbook #1


    Much more than just another cookbook, this unique cookbook is a first of its kind, containing a wealth of information. • 200 original recipes with stunning, full color photography • A personal brocha and challah recipe from Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky a”h • A pictorial history of Sara Schneirer and the Bais Yaakov movement • Comprehensive section of Halachos of cooking in the kitchen • Guide to complex brachos situations • Color guide to checking fruits and vegetables • Tips on shopping for, preparing, and serving gourmet meals • Comprehensive guide to shopping for meat, wine, cookware, etc. This special cookbook belongs in the kitchen of every home! Learn More
  6. Chic Made Simple Cookbook, Fresh. Fast. Fabulous. Kosher Cuisine

    Chic Made Simple Cookbook, Fresh. Fast. Fabulous. Kosher Cuisine


    Imagine this: An exquisite coffee-table cookbook that’s also your most used companion in the kitchen. An unlikely combination? Perhaps. Until Now. Prepare to be smitten with this collection of more than 185 deliciously dazzling recipes, accompanied by over 210 magnificent photographs. Includes a comprehensive 20-page index with full recipe cross-referencing. Yet the recipes are so easy, they take just minutes. Learn More
  7. Cooking with Color

    Cooking with Color


    Cooking with Color Learn More
  8. The Dairy Gourmet

    The Dairy Gourmet


    Secret recipes from Tastebuds Learn More
  9. Quick & Kosher - Cookbook #1, Recipes from the Bride Who Knew Nothing

    Quick & Kosher - Cookbook #1, Recipes from the Bride Who Knew Nothing


    The only cookbook that wants to get you out of the kitchen! Learn More
  10. Quiches, Kigels and Couscous - Cookbook  (Joan Nathan)

    Quiches, Kigels and Couscous - Cookbook (Joan Nathan)


    Quiches, Kigels and Couscous - Cookbook (Joan Nathan) Learn More

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