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Ohel Aryeh - Marriage Laws & Wedding Customs



Ohel Aryeh is one of the best known seforim on the all-important halachos of Taharas Hamishpachah! Previously the exclusive domain of Hebrew readers, it has now been rendered into clear, flowing English for the benefit of all. Includes laws and customs of the wedding, sheva berachos, even a section on shana rishonah and chinuch habanim!

See for yourself why more than a generation of married couples uses Ohel Aryeh as the essential guide to family Halachah. It's a sefer you'll refer to again and again!

Hardcover 203pp.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BIBS457
MSRP $22.95
Author Horav Label Katz
Language English
Format Hardcover
Publisher Israel Book Shop

Ohel Aryeh - Marriage Laws & Wedding Customs