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Dictionaries and Reference

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  1. Hachi Garsinan

    Hachi Garsinan


    ...In his classic style, the Pri Megadim emphasizes for us the importance of being fluent in both Hebrew and Aramaic grammar, not merely as a subject of its own, but as an integral part of properly translating and understanding Gemara.

    Being familiar with the language is not only helpful in understanding Gemara but also ensures that the learner will retain his knowledge. As the Gemara tells us:

    “The people of Yehudah who are precise in their language (i.e., they were careful to express themselves with the proper words), (therefore) their Torah was retained in their hands.” Learn More

  2. 840 Tables of Hebrew Verbs

    840 Tables of Hebrew Verbs


    This textbook is intended for students of the Hebrew language, whether self-taught or studying at an Ulpan. The most difficult part in the Hebrew language acquisition is the verb. This textbook contains 2834 verbs out of which 840 are presented in Tables of Conjugations. There are two approaches applied in the book:

    - every commonly used verb is presented in a separate table

    - verbs are grouped according to their grammatical classification. Unlike in other similar publications here the student will find the exact conjugational paradigm for each of the 840 commonly used verbs presented, as well as the rest of verbs, using the example of the verb conjugation.

    This textbook contains the following:

    Hebrew-English Dictionary in which the verbs are presented in past tense, 3rd person, singular, masculine, arranged alphabetically and numbered (each verb is given its own ordinal number). Infinitive form and prepositions governing and the verb's root are listed as well (except the preposition ??). Every shaded verb is presented in a relevant conjugational table.

    Index of Verb Roots which contains 1414 roots listed alphabetically, producing 2834 verbs. The number appearing in the cell is the ordinal number of the relevant verb in the Hebrew-English Dictionary. This index enables the user to quickly and easily determine in which binyanim a given root may be conjugated.

    Tables of Conjugations which contain the most commonly used verbs as well as verbs that represent groups of conjugation. Every table contains, in addition to all the verb forms (with transcription), number of table, verb root, translation of the verb into English, name of the relevant binyan, verbal nouns (if any), with transcription and English translation.

    Tables of Preposition Declension English-Hebrew Index with translation of every English verb into Hebrew, number of table, the verb's ordinal number in the Hebrew-English dictionary. The present textbook may serve as a reference book and/or a dictionary with whose help one can easily and precisely use practically any verb. Learn More

  3. The Easy-Shmeezy Guide To Spanish

    The Easy-Shmeezy Guide To Spanish


    The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Spanish Learn More
  4. Jastrow Dictionary

    Jastrow Dictionary


    New, larger edition! A Dictionary of the Targumim, Talmud Bavli, Talmud Yerushalmi and Midrashic Literature Commonly known as "the Jastrow Dictionary," this work is the definitive choice for studying the Talmud, Midrashim and Targumim. With over 30,000 entries, it is far more comprehensive than any other dictionary of Aramaic/Hebrew available. Each entry is fully vocalized, defined in English and presented in various contexts, and word roots are cross-referenced wherever possible. An invaluable resource! Learn More
  5. The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Hebrew

    The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Hebrew


    “Do you feel that every time you attempt to speak Hebrew your IQ drops 30 percent? If so then The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Hebrew is for you.” -- Sir Zalman Luxenburg

    "Drop your shwarma, wipe off that tehina, and run to your nearest book store for this awesome book, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be speakin’ Hebrew!" - R' Avrohom Zuckerman, Chashuveh Guy - WITS

    "This might be the most important book you'll ever buy." - Moshe Sherizen


    • Over 1500 of the most common Hebrew words and expressions.

    • Clear and easy-to-understand lessons.

    • Real spoken Hebrew without the textbook mumbo-jumbo.

    • Hebrew songs and jokes.

    • A learning experience like never before! Learn More

  6. Sefer HaMaftechos LeSichos Kodesh - ספר המפתחות לשיחות קודש ה'תרפ"ט-ה'תשנ"ב

    Sefer HaMaftechos LeSichos Kodesh - ספר המפתחות לשיחות קודש ה'תרפ"ט-ה'תשנ"ב


    Sefer HaMaftechos LeSichos Kodesh - ספר המפתחות לשיחות קודש ה'תרפ"ט-ה'תשנ"ב

    A sweeping, comprehensive index on the complete body of the Rebbe`s spoken word.

    Rabbi Michoel Seligson has captured the variety and breadth of the Rebbe`s life`s work covering the years - 5695 to 5752.

    A whopping 1600 pages in a 8 /12 x 11 format, this book is essential in locating where and what the Rebbe said on any particular topic. Learn More

  7. The First Hebrew Primer

    The First Hebrew Primer


    The First Hebrew Primer

    The First Hebrew Primer is a simple, straightforward guide to Biblical Hebrew. Thirty lessons provide enough information and practice to enable you, with the aid of a Hebrew-English dictionary, to understand most biblical texts. The goal of the Primer is to teach students to read and understand Biblical Hebrew as quickly as possible; therefore, the lessons emphasize recognition and translation - not memorization.

    The thirty lessons incorporate:

    •Verb, grammar, and spelling charts

    •Vocabulary lists

    •Oral reviews



    •Biblical quotes

    •Book of Ruth.

    This revised third edition introduces several new terms and clarifies grammatical points, but will look the same to long-time Primer readers. The key change we have made is the inclusion of new explanatory endnotes. Many readers have expressed a desire to deepen their knowledge of Biblical Hebrew, but have unanimously endorsed the clear, uncomplicated tone of the Primer. We have responded by adding these optional supplementary notes. Students may read the notes to enrich their understanding of Hebrew grammar or concentrate solely on the main text. Either way, the Primer provides a sound foundation for more advanced studies in the Hebrew Bible. Learn More

  8. The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Yiddish

    The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Yiddish


    The Easy-Shmeezy Guide to Yiddish Learn More
  9. Shilo Pocket Heb/Eng Dictionary

    Shilo Pocket Heb/Eng Dictionary


    Shilo Pocket Heb/Eng Dictionary

    An indispensable classic for students of Hebrew language!

    This comprehensive Hebrew-English/ English-Hebrew dictionary, printed in a large easy-to-read typeface, features over 30,000 words and covers a wide range of both Biblical and modern Hebrew. Also included is a listing of Hebrew abbreviations and word groups. Learn More

  10. English-Yiddish Yiddish-English Dictionary - Small

    English-Yiddish Yiddish-English Dictionary - Small


    Bar Ilan University award winning Rabbi Mendel Harduf presents a pocket sized Yiddish-English / English-Yiddish dictionary. A great tool for the beginner or reference for the Yiddish pro. Learn More

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