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Wonders - The Wonders of Nature



This volume of Wonders - The Wonders of Nature is the first in the series of the Encyclopedia of Hashem's Wonders. This series is intended to showcase the beauty and majesty of Hashem's world.

In this volume we present you with a comprehensive discussion of natural phenomenon, from oceans to mountains to hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanoes ,accompanied by full-color illustrations. We hope you will enjoy many hours of inspired reading and learning, and in the process gain a new appreciation for Hashem's amazing natural world in which we live.

Additional Information

In Store Item # B775
Author Rabbi Yosef Peretz Biller
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 183
ISBN-13 978-163173833-3
Published May 1, 2015
Product Dimensions 8.5"x11"

Wonders - The Wonders of Nature

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