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Family Life

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  1. לכל אחת, מבט מרענן על נשיות, זוגיות, ילדים וקריירה על פי משנתו של הרבי מליובאוויטש

    לכל אחת, מבט מרענן על נשיות, זוגיות, ילדים וקריירה על פי משנתו של הרבי מליובאוויטש


    לכל אחת, מבט מרענן על נשיות, זוגיות, ילדים וקריירה על פי משנתו של הרבי מליובאוויטש Learn More
  2. Confident Parents, Competent Children, 4 Seconds At A Time

    Confident Parents, Competent Children, 4 Seconds At A Time


    FOUR SECONDS OF THOUGHT - that's all it takes between accomplishing something or just going through the motions and getting nowhere.

    Kavanah is what makes a more effective parent.

    Like many parenting books, this book will give you very specific techniques for formulating what you want from each of your children and helping them meet your expectations. Unlike other parenting books, it will show you more than just the right techniques - it will help you become aware of the thoughts and feelings that prevent you from employing these techniques effectively.

    Confident Parents, Competent Children - Four Seconds at a Time gives you the building blocks to learn how to:

    • avoid misunderstandings and arguments with your child.
    • feel less resentment, anger, and frustration.
    • elicit your child's thoughts, feelings, and desires without putting him on the defensive.


    Each chapter of this book focuses on one middah, a life principle that will guide you toward the kavanah - the end you wish for - before you say or do anything in a parenting situation. Designed in an attractive, easy-to-read format, it includes graphic shortcut tools - such as, PARADIGM SHIFT, KAVANAH and MAASEH, SUR MEI'RA and ASEH TOV, and WORDS NOT TO LIVE BY - to help put the middah into practice.

    B'ezras Hashem, it won't be long before you see the difference it will make for you and for your child. In four seconds at a time, you can become a much more effective parent! Learn More

  3. Kugel, Chaos & Unconditional Love

    Kugel, Chaos & Unconditional Love


    Searching for that joy you imagined in becoming a wife and mother? Yearning to feel fulfilled, powerful, invaluable – to laugh, to love and feel loved? Sometimes all you need is a shift in perspective. Meet Chana Gittle Deray. A wife. And mother of 9 children. Journey through the visually rich and humorous stories of family life, marriage, female empowerment, determination and faith, culled from Chana Gittle’s pursuit to create a life truly worth living – unexpectedly becoming an observant Jew in the process. Lots of laughs, joy, and meaningful reflection, as she turns the simple everyday into the extraordinary, and brings the extraordinary down to earth. 220 pages, beautifully illustrated Learn More
  4. Your Wife, YourSelf, Husband's Guide to Shalom Bayis

    Your Wife, YourSelf, Husband's Guide to Shalom Bayis


    A Jewish marriage is about husband and wife becoming one - united in mind, spirit, and purpose. But men and women are so different! How can they possibly bridge the gaps between them?

    In Your Wife, Yourself, noted author and educator Rabbi Dovid Rosman offers men the keys to an incredible marriage. Drawing on the Torah's timeless wisdom, Rabbi Rosman's insightful, practical guidance will transform your relationship with your wife, paving the way to greater marital happiness than you ever thought possible.

    No matter how long you've been married - or even if you're just preparing for marriage - Your Wife, Yourself will change your life.

    About the Author:

    Rabbi Dovid Rosman is the director of Yeshivas Aish HaTorah in the Old City of Yerushalayim. He lectures internationally on marriage and other relationships. Rabbi Rosman is also the author of Torah Connections: Reaching Your Potential through the Parashah.


    "The work is a wonderful resource specifically for today's generation, when the need to work on shalom bayis is so great."

    HaGaon Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky, shlita Rosh Yeshivah, Talmudical Yeshivah of Philadelphia

    "This concise guide contains the basic principles that, if understood and followed, could prevent the most common causes for lack of harmony and help foster a wholesome and dynamic relationship."

    HaGaon Rav Yitzchak Berkovits, shlita - Dean, Jerusalem Kollel and Center for Jewish Values

    "This book is fundamental and necessary for all […] presented with clarity, insight, and in a pleasant, flowing manner."

    HaGaon Rav Yaakov Friedman, shlita - Rosh Yeshivah, Birchas Mordechai

    "Your Wife, Yourself is a terrific book and spot-on. No matter how long you've been married - or even if you're just preparing for marriage - this book is a must."

    David Lieberman, Ph.D. Leading psychologist and author of two New York Times bestsellers

    "I loved the book […] Rabbi Dovid Rosman has written a very valuable book filled with deep insights grounded in the beauty of Torah and vast experience he has teaching the path to shalom bayis to his students. The wealth of practical insights and profound, Torah-guided wisdom will make this book an invaluable road map for every couple."

    David Pelcovitz, Ph.D. Straus Chair in Psychology and Education, - Azrieli Graduate School, Yeshiva University Learn More

  5. Setting a Table for Two, Enhancing Relationships, Achieving Intimacy

    Setting a Table for Two, Enhancing Relationships, Achieving Intimacy


    This manual combines the best wisdom available today in the world of marriage counseling with the timeless wisdom of our holy Sages. In a world where marriages are suffering and need the most support possible, this book offers understandable and practical methods for bolstering and strengthening a Jewish marriage. If you wish to enhance your relationship, achieve real intimacy and create a safe space for your marriage to flourish, this book will help you succeed.

    “Rabbi Avraham Peretz Friedman’s book Marital Intimacy belongs on every Jewish bookshelf. If it were read by every Jewish couple, the divorce rate would plunge and the couple’s happiness index would skyrocket. Similarly, Setting a Table for Two is a basic operating manual for the most complex of all “machines”—marriage. It is an indispensable guide for newly-weds and those who have been married for decades. I’m amazed that Rabbi Friedman could cram so much Jewish wisdom into one small book.”
    — Sara Yoheved Rigler Author

    “Setting a Table for Two contains the formula and perspective to achieve a truly successful marriage. Unlike so many manuals and self-help books, this volume is based on the wisdom of the Torah. The concepts presented are sourced from the teachings of Talmud and our great Rabbis. Avraham Peretz Friedman eloquently conveys these principles and values. This greater spiritual purpose and framework is combined with down-to-earth, practical strategies for implementation....

    If you are willing to commit to the values and ethics described in this book, and to practice their implementation with dedication and determination, you will have the tools to create a truly fulfilling marriage.... The rewards will be great — true satisfaction and profound moments of intimacy, joy, and exhilaration in your marriage.” — Rifka Twerski Ganz
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Learn More

  6. Life or Death, Facing End-of-Life Issues in the Modern World

    Life or Death, Facing End-of-Life Issues in the Modern World


    Bubby is in the hospital being fed intravenously. The doctors insist that we stop feeding her since there is "no hope", she has no "quality of life", and resources are being "wasted" on her. Are they right? What should we do?

    This is only one example of actual cases that are happening more and more often around the world. Often basing themselves on "quality of life" (and the desire to save hospitals money), many in the medical establishment and society as a whole are pushing families to terminate treatment of their ailing loves ones. Confused, alone, and well-intentioned, many Jewish families do not feel they have the clarity or knowledge to stand up to the pressure.

    Life or Death is a much-needed response to society's changing values. In this short, easy to read, yet powerful volume, readers will gain clarity and focus on the Torah's views about end-of-life issues - and gain motivation and direction about what each of us can and should do to save life.

    About the Author

    Rabbi Tanchum Shlomo Burton studied at R.I.E.T.S. under Rabbi Yehuda Parnes shlit"a and Rabbi Gershon Yankelewitz zt"l. He later learned under Rabbi Dovid Miller at the Gruss Kollel in Jerusalem, where he received semicha. Rabbi Burton completed his graduate studies at the Wurzweiler School of Social Work, earning an MSW in clinical social work. He then trained for several years at the Viktor Frankl Institute under Dr. Teria Shantall, a close student of Dr. Viktor Frankl, and received a Clinical Diplomate in Logotherapy. He has worked in clinical, educational, and chaplaincy settings for over two decades, and has been a presenter at mental health conferences and training workshops internationally. In addition, he has written Torah curriculum on many subjects that is used by Orthodox Rabbis around world. Rabbi Burton is a regular lecturer at the PATH Institute in Jerusalem, where he maintains a private practice. Learn More

  7. Role Call, Tangled Relationships. A Fragile Newborn. A True Account

    Role Call, Tangled Relationships. A Fragile Newborn. A True Account


    Dovi,you know I don't mean to do that. Its just the way things have always been with my father. It's easier that way —less drama, less fighting."

    Dovi nearly choked. "Easier for whom? Easier for him?

    It's certainly not easier for me!"

    Newly married Tzippy Kestenbaum finds herself in a place she never expected when her baby is born prematurely. She struggles with her many—often clashing—roles as she enters a bewildering new reality. Torn between her happy-go-lucky husband Dovi, her controlling father, and her peace-at-all-costs yet distant mother, she also has to cope with a frightening NICU existence—and her baby's unknown fate.

    How can she possibly pull through?

    Originally serialized in The Voice of Lakewood, Role Callkept thousands of readers emotionally drawn to Tzippy's saga as she faced and overcame her challenges. The interplay so subtly woven into the plot will resonate with you as you'll find yourself silently cheering her on and marveling at her strength.

    Role Call: A true account of thorny decisions, tangled relationships... and ultimately, self-discovery. Learn More

  8. The Joy of Intimacy

    The Joy of Intimacy


    This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you how to have happiness in your home, a family with love, and enjoy the marriage you dreamed of!

    In this Book You Will Discover…

    • The Secret… to spontaneous passion, setting the intimate mood and igniting your bedroom…
    • Why Sparks… fade (and what you can do to keep your relationship alive, fresh & fulfilling)…
    • One Simple Way…to immediately transform your relationship and overcome even the greatest obstacles Learn More
  9. To Build a Palace

    To Build a Palace


    Inspirational Thoughts, Insights and Stories on Finding True Joy in Marriage Arranged According to the Weekly Parashah

    Kings... Dukes...Counts...They may all dwell in palaces, but how many of us can ever aspire to the same? Marriage gives each person the ability to build a palace and live in it a life of fulfillment, happiness and tranquility. It s not difficult to build this palace; in fact, it's quite simple. Begin the process now, and watch as brick by brick, a palace begins to take shape before your very eyes. Learn More

  10. Harmony at Home, Discovering the path to wholeness

    Harmony at Home, Discovering the path to wholeness


    “My husband isn’t into celebrating our anniversary. My friends get
    fancy dinners, big vacations, expensive jewelry—I feel very deprived.”

    “My ten-year-old daughter cannot handle the word ‘no.’
    She screams at the top of her lungs with everyone staring at her!
    I just can’t take this behavior anymore.”

    “My young son is a walking thunderstorm. He ‘hates’ everything;
    nothing ever pleases him. I feel so guilty for not liking my own child.”

    Like it or not, our homelife forces us to confront ourselves and each other. Harmony is the product of this confrontation; it’s a state in which we’re at peace with our personal journey. How do we achieve such a state? Is it possible to enjoy harmony under such difficult circumstances?
    In Harmony at Home, renowned family therapist and best-selling author Sarah Chana Radcliffe shares her unique approach to enhancing our peace of mind and sense of accomplishment throughout the highs and lows of family life—whether involving an insensitive spouse, a defiant child, impossible in-laws, or a demanding friend. With Mrs. Radcliffe’s insightful observations and innovative solutions, you will discover how to enjoy harmony at home with yourself and your loved ones.

    Learn More

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