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Family & Parenting

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  1. To Fill the Earth, 277 Segulos and Advice on Fertility Issues

    To Fill the Earth, 277 Segulos and Advice on Fertility Issues


    277 Segulos and Advice on Fertility Issues in Personal Consultation With Maran Harav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita

    A treasure trove of segulos and advice on fertility issues, from our Sages and rabbinical authorities throughout the ages. Includes sections in both Hebrew and English. Learn More

  2. Tahara Kahalacha (English)

    Tahara Kahalacha (English)


    Translated from the Hebrew, Tahara Kahalacha, written by Rabbi Yekusiel Farkash.

    Rabbi Farkash, of Jerusalem, Israel, is a prominent halachic authority, and noted author and lecturer—particularly in the laws of Taharas Hamishpachah. He is consulted by well-known Rabbis worldwide, for his expertise in the sensitive, intricate issues related to this mitzvah.

    His rulings draw upon a wealth of knowledge, including the many decisions he has personally heard from the great contemporary poskim renowned for their expertise in the laws of Taharas Hamishpacha,namely, R. Shmuel Vozner shlit”a—author of Shevet Halevi, and R. Meir Bransdorfer—author of K’nei Bosem.

    Rabbi Yekusiel Farkash’s Hebrew Taharah Kahalachah is one of the foremost authoritative books addressing the laws of Taharas Hamishpachah, and is found in thousands of homes worldwide.

    This new, English translation is certain to follow in its predecessor’s footsteps and become a classic in this area of Jewish life, opening up a wealth of practical information to the English reader. Learn More

  3. The Key to The World Of Education - המפתח לעולם החינוך

    The Key to The World Of Education - המפתח לעולם החינוך


    אנציקלופדיה ומחקר למנהלי מוסדות חינוך, נספח עבור מוסדות חב"ד-ליובאוויטש Learn More
  4. The Laws Of Family Purity: A Digest

    The Laws Of Family Purity: A Digest


    This soft and femininely designed, spiral bound book provides an easy review of the laws of Taharas Hamishpacha for those who have already learned them, in depth, with an experienced teacher.

    The content was compiled by renowned Shlucha, Mrs. Bassie Azimov, OBM, with the encouragement of the Rebbe. Originally written in French the content was reviewed by prominent Rabbis.

    Translated to English and reviewed by HaRav Sholom Ber Chaikin, The Taharas Hamishpacha Organization is pleased to present this book which will make a beautiful gift for yourself or anyone observing Taharas Hamishpacha and Mikvah. Learn More

  5. Hand in Hand with Hashem, Practical Advice and Spiritual Guidance for Giving Birth with Serenity

    Hand in Hand with Hashem, Practical Advice and Spiritual Guidance for Giving Birth with Serenity


    "It is important to remember that the process of labor and childbirth is a difficult one indeed, and is often characterized by emotional changes or even medical complications. Successfully coping with this process requires great mental strength. Mrs. Nechamah Epstein's talented work provides women with the necessary tools to prepare for this wondrous process. Learning about the various stages of labor is the first step to a calmer, more "in control" labor, and this book fills this role perfectly.

    Hand in Hand with Hashem walks the reader through the labor process, step by step, from preparing for contractions to the various phases of labor, until the actual birth. I am positive that mothers-to-be who read this book will be better equipped and more prepared for their impending labor. They will enjoy a more pleasant experience through every step of this wonderful process of bringing new life into our world."

    Professor Chaim Yaffe, Head of Gynecology and Obstetrics Dept., Bikur Cholim Hospital, Jeruslaem.

    "A precious book, dealing with pressing matters of faith, Torah outlook and encouragement during childbirth... There is no doubt that this book will be a source of strength for the mother-to-be."

    Rabbi Chaim P. Scheinberg, zt"l

    "Rich in content, written with great effort by a woman... vastly experienced in the field..."

    Rabbi Yisroel Gans, shlit"a Learn More

  6. I Live With My Mommy

    I Live With My Mommy


    I Live With My Mommy

    Quick Overview

    My Tatty doesn’t live in our house anymore. He lives in his own house now. That’s because my Mommy and Tatty are divorced.

    Five-year-old Rochel lives on the third floor of a big apartment building with her mommy and her brother Baruch. In this sensitively written story, well-known author Tzvia Ehrlich- Klein explores the challenges young children often face when their parents divorce. Beautifully illustrated by Dena Ackerman, I Live with My Mommy offers divorced parents a springboard for discussion with their young children, allowing the children to express their pain yet to realize that Hashem loves us and takes care of us all. This is a groundbreaking book for parents and children in need of chizzuk during the difficulties of separation and splitting up.

    “I Live with My Mommy is a valuable tool to mitigate the distress of a child who is a victim of divorce. It can help the juvenile mind cope with this difficult adjustment.”

    — Dr. Abraham J. Twerski, MD Learn More

  7. Chinuch In Turbulent Times

    Chinuch In Turbulent Times


    Chinuch In Turbulent Times

    Practical Strategies for Parents and Educators

    Every Jewish parent wants to know that he or she has equipped every child of the family to deal with the challenges of growing up in this turbulent era. That goal is attainable, thanks to the wise and compassionate counsel of noted educator Rabbi Dov Brezak.

    A talented and creative yeshivah principal for many years, Rabbi Brezak deals with every manner of child and family, and his creative yet practical techniques have won him an international audience. His popular tape series on parenting has guided countless families through the complex situations confronting them daily. Now the richness of his experience has been distilled in this outstanding book, offering sustained chizuk, spiced with personal anecdotes and flowing with a love of children that comes across on every page.

    Clearly written, with realistic examples and practical techniques, Chinuch in Turbulent Times will benefit every member of your household. Learn More

  8. Advice For Life #4 Marriage

    Advice For Life #4 Marriage


    Advice For Life #4 Marriage

    Adapted freely from the teachings of The Rebbe Learn More

  9. My Father, My Mother & Me, Sons and daughters tell of their devotion, challenges, and successes in honoring their parents

    My Father, My Mother & Me, Sons and daughters tell of their devotion, challenges, and successes in honoring their parents

    Regular Price: $25.75

    Special Price: $24.75

    My Father, My Mother & Me

    So many books about parenting. Finally - a book about our parents.

    Everyone knows the importance of kibud av va'eim. Honoring parents is one of the Ten Commandments, something that every Jewish child learns in school.

    And then we grow up. Of course, we still want to be good sons and daughters. And yet, do we really understand how to fulfill this never-ending mitzvah — as adults?

    Do we know how the Torah expects us, grownup children, to treat our parents? What about stepparents or in-laws? What are our financial obligations? How do we balance our own needs, and the needs of our family, with those of our parents? What happens when our parents divorce? Or if a parent has a difficult or abusive personality? Do we have to love our parents?

    Rebbetzin Yehudis Samet, veteran educator and author of the classic The Other Side of the Story, brings us a book that is a game-changer; or, rather, a life-changer. It's a tour-de-force that includes:

    More than 170 stories of sons and daughters - of all ages - rising to the challenge of kibud av v'eim

    Strategies and common sense advice on dealing with the sensitive issues of "the sunset years"

    Comprehensive and clear halachos of kibud av v'eim

    My Father, My Mother and Me is a must-read book for everyone. Because everyone is someone's child. Learn More

  10. Mother in Action

    Mother in Action


    Mother in Action.

    Motherhood has stages. The intoxicating and overwhelming sensations of new motherhood give way to deeper wisdom and maturity… A mother in progress is transformed into a mother in action, a woman whose behaviors are more confident and refined.

    In this eloquent and profound odyssey of motherhood, author and family therapist Tzippora Price probes the signposts along the path of becoming an intelligent and caring mother.

    We observe how a mother can be available to her children without being intrusive, how a simple cup of tea can help build an enduring marriage, and how women can cope with the empty nest.

    Exquisitely articulate and courageously honest, we are drawn into the author’s world as she deals with a child’s existential crisis over the death of a pet, the trials of secondary infertility, and the paradox of the ADHD label.

    With poignant parenting moments as the family dons oxygen masks in a malfunctioning plane or as husband and wife flee a fire while on vacation, Mother in Action overflows with opportunity to help you transcend your self-imposed limits and become the mother you always dreamed of being. Learn More

Items 31 to 40 of 149 total

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