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Finding the Joy in Everyday Living



We are all in search of happiness, and often in our search, we turn to books to provide us with clues about it. But how often do those books provide us with any real answers or make any significant change in us? Finding the Joy in Everyday Living is a book that has the potential to make a real change for the good in your life. It provides concrete answers (through inspiring stories and simple messages) for the difficult challenges we all face. The path it suggests requires more effort than the quick-fix formulas, but the results are tangible and real. It is built on the premise that happiness does not come by finding what is missing in your life (though that might increase your happiness too), but by appreciating and maximizing the blessings you already have in all aspects of your life. Delve into this little book and see if you don't find yourself smiling . . . and doing things a little differently.

Softcover,138 pp

Additional Information

Author Rabbi Pesach Scheiner
Publisher CreateSpace

Finding the Joy in Everyday Living