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Making Little Things Count and Big Things Better - Hardcover



Life is full of lessons. Full of challenges, too. Some people see only problems. Others see solutions. Avi Shulman sees them all. His long and broad experience, sympathetic understanding of people, ability to cut through the clutter of complication that often makes it hard to see the obvious  all these have made him a welcome speaker and sought-after consultant. Just as important, Avi Shulman knows how to get his ideas across  simply, entertainingly, powerfully, concisely. This book contains scores of short selections. Each is a pleasure to read and worth remembering. Join the author and become his friend, and together explore the little things and the big things that will add zest to your life.

Additional Information

Author Avi Shulman
Publisher Artscroll Publishers

Making Little Things Count and Big Things Better - Hardcover