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Missing Letters



Renowned Torah leader, educator, speaker and author, Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser travels extensively to Jewish communities in every part of the world. With his warmth and wisdom he has inspired, educated, guided and comforted thousands.

Missing Letters, like his previous works, It Happened in Heaven and Living on the Edge, is filled with fascinating and inspiring stories of people Rabbi Goldwasser has encountered, whose situations are often desperate, but who ultimately triumph with courage, and hope.

The Sages tell us that each Jew is likened to a letter in Hashems heavenly Torah scroll. Those Jews who veer from their spiritual path are compared to missing letters in this special Torah.

In this volume, you will read gripping true stories of inspiration and return. These are stories that could happen to anyone  to people you know and care about. You will be captivated and uplifted by acts of unbelievable chesed; by stunning examples of hashgocha pratis, and by accounts of ordinary people rising to extraordinary heights.

Hardcover 191 pp.

Additional Information

Author Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser
Publisher Judaica Press

Missing Letters