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Seven Eternal Lights, Messages and Memories from the Sassoon Family Fire



12:30 a.m. Friday night, Bosh Chodesh Nissan: A fire starts in Brooklyn in the Sassoon family home.

Sunday: "The korban for Rosh Chodesh is a korban olah -a burnt offering .... My wife was a burnt offering, and I lost everything in the fire. 'Ve'ayil echad' -and one ram -that is Siporah. 'Kevasim benei shanah shivah temimim'-seven pure sheep ... Eliane, Rivkah, David, Yehoshua, Moshe, Sarah and Yaakov-the seven unblemished young sheep! That's the korban tzibbur. "

--Rabbi Gabriel Sassoon, speaking at his children's funeral

In the aftermath of unfathomable tragedy came an outpouring of unprecedented chessed, Jewish unity ... and also piercing questions: Why? What now?

Seven Eternal Lights goes far beyond the sensationalist headlines and finds deeply meaningful answers in the personal accounts of eyewitnesses, bereaved family members, teachers and friends, and in the words of some of the leading rabbis of our generation, who illuminate the darkness with vital lessons for our times. Seven Eternal Lights perpetuates the light of these pure neshamot that were taken so suddenly from us.

All proceeds from this book go to the Sasoon Children Memorial Education Fund

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In Store Item # BFELD2228
MSRP $12.99
Author Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis
Language English
Format Soft Cover
Pages 239
ISBN-13 978-159826-091-5
Publisher Distributed by Feldheim
Published May 6, 2015
Product Dimensions 5.5 X 8.5

Seven Eternal Lights, Messages and Memories from the Sassoon Family Fire

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