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Tatteh Said Run! - True Holocaust Story



Children, I forbid you to enter the ghetto! Those trapped in the ghetto will be transported to the Place of No Return&You must pack your most vital belongings immediately&and flee for your lives!

With his fathers final plea ringing in his ears, young Pinchos Yeshaya Kornbluh said goodbye to his days as a serious and diligent bachur in yeshivah, and began his escape flight, always attempting to keep one step ahead of the Nazis.

And so began one long chain of miracles for Pinchos Yeshaya. Split-second decisions, whose outcomes often spelled life or death, were his constant companions. From his time in the Hungarian army, where the commander of his battalion, noting the youngsters daring spirit and leadership qualities, soon put him in chargeeven submitting to the boys decisions himselfthrough the misery of the Gunskirchen concentration camp, from where he was eventually liberated, Pinchos Yeshaya persevered. He learned to look danger right in the eye, to keep his cool and outsmart even the wiliest of German guards, armed only with his pure faith, his zeal to keep as many mitzvos as possible, and his determination to stay alive.

Just as Tatteh had mandated.

Hardcover, 488 pp.

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In Store Item # BIBS649
MSRP $25.95
Author Pinchos Yeshaya Kornbluh
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 488
ISBN-13 978-1-60091-214-6
Publisher Israel Bookshop Publications
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

Tatteh Said Run! - True Holocaust Story