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  1. Halachic Handbook: The Laws of Chanukah

    Halachic Handbook: The Laws of Chanukah


    The Perfect Gift For A Simchah - Or For Yourself!

    New in the Halachic Handbook series: A concise and clear summary of all the laws of the holiday of Chanukah. The halachos are written in a readable, easy-to-follow style, while extensive source notes make this a valuable resource for further, in-depth study. This volume also includes historical background of Chanukah.

    Includes Birchas HaMazon - A unique gift to give out at weddings, sheva berachos, brissim, bar and bas mitzvahs, organizational dinners, and other events

    Includes halachos of: 
    - the Chanukah menorah 
    - candle lighting 
    - where and when to light
    - traveling on Chanukah
    - Al HaNissim 
    - and many, many more.

    Learn More
  2. Transform Your Erev Shabbos

    Transform Your Erev Shabbos


    The Unique Laws, Customs, and Spirit of Erev Shabbos and Erev Yom Tov

    Every Erev Shabbos and Yom Tov is a gateway to the spiritual treasures of the Shabbos or Yom Tov itself. Erev Shabbos and Yom Tov are days of preparation, with their own special avodah. Baruch Hashem, today many of us are focused on proper adherence to the halachos of shmiras Shabbos. But if we don’t prepare with the right efforts on Erev Shabbos, we will miss out on the endless opportunities for growth that Shabbos and Yom Tov afford us.

    This book -- filled with insights and halachos about Erev Shabbos and Yom Tov -- will show you how. Learn More

  3. Kesser Dovid:Halachic Guide to Dentistry

    Kesser Dovid:Halachic Guide to Dentistry


    Rabbi Dr. David J. Katz, in Kesser Dovid - The Halachic Guide to Dentistry, provides an in-depth analysis of the wide range of laws pertaining to the practice of Dentistry. Complicated topics and texts are carefully examined and presented in a clear and inclusive fashion.

    Thought provoking discussions are raised regarding halachah and critical issues of our times. The subjects are constructed to encourage continued study and deliberation of the specific halachah being considered. Rabbi Dr. Katz provides general guidelines for both dental and halachic procedures, whose applications were evaluated in consultation with both dental/ medical professionals and leading halachic decisors. Learn More

  4. Shadchanus in Halachah, A comprehensive guide to the halachos of paying a shadchan

    Shadchanus in Halachah, A comprehensive guide to the halachos of paying a shadchan


    Man or woman, learned or unlearned, professional or amateur, a shadchan is an osek b'tzarchei tzibbur, who with each successful shidduch builds the foundation of a bayis neeman b'yisrael. "Shadchanus" is the payment that is given upon the completion of a shidduch to express appreciation for the great joy the shadchan has brought into your life.

    How is shadchanus viewed in halachah? Is it only a gift to express appreciation for a job well done, or is it a required payment that must be given upon completion of a shidduch? How much should be given? When must shadchanus be paid - when the shidduch is finalized or at the wedding? When there are multiple shadchanim, how is the shadchanus divided?

    These, and many other questions, are answered in this new sefer, Shadchanus in Halacha. Written by Rabbi Shloime Dickman, and shadchan Rabbi Tzodok Katz, Shadchanus in Halacha explains the role and function of the modern-day shadchan, outlines the halachos and minhagim of giving shadchanus, and presents a series of fifteen fascinating real-life shailos and teshuvos on the topic.

    Shadchanus in Halacha will educate and entertain, as it makes an enigmatic topic in halacha clear to all. Learn More

  5. What's the Halachah? Relevant halachos arranged according to the month of the year

    What's the Halachah? Relevant halachos arranged according to the month of the year


    May an ebay seller set his auction to conclude on Shabbos? May one rent advertising space on his website to others for an entire week, including Shabbos?

    Should a person worry about ayin hara? What are the most effective defenses against ayin hara?

    May one who will be on an airplane for an entire night of Chanukah use a flashlight for ner Chanukah?

    If it is difficult for someone to make it to shul, may he hear krias haTorah or Megillas Esther read over the telephone?


    Rav Zev Smith is a popular maggid shiur and much sought-after speaker on halachic issues who has thousands of recorded shiurim in circulation on a wide range of interesting and relevant, day-to-day topics. His unique blend of halachah and hashkafah, and his knack for explaining difficult concepts in a down-to-earth, practical way, draw both scholars and laymen who seek a thorough grasp of halachah topics. In this fascinating book, he and Rabbi Dovid Kaiser, a previously published author of Torah works as well as a maggid shiur in halachah, have adapted some of the best of Rav Smith's halachah shiurim into written form. Arranged according to the months of the year, What's the Halachah? follows a specific, reader-friendly format. Each chapter begins with a set of intriguing questions on a topic in halachah, which is followed by a broad discussion of the halachic issues the topic involves. The chapter concludes with an application of the information discussed to the initial queries.

    What's the Halachah? is a book that will do more than just teach you halachah; it will open before you the vastness and the beauty of the world of halachah. Learn More

  6. The Halachos of Succah, Comprehensive Guide to Halachos of Mitzvas Succah & their Practical Applications

    The Halachos of Succah, Comprehensive Guide to Halachos of Mitzvas Succah & their Practical Applications


    Succos is Z'man Simchaseinu, the time of our joy. The mitzvah to live in a succah is one that is both revered and beloved by Jews everywhere. A Yom Tov meal in a beautifully decorated succah has a unique capacity to elate and to elevate.

    An entire masechta of Gemara and a number of simanim in Shulchan Aruch are devoted to the halachos of the succah. How a succah must be built and how one must live in it are governed by extensive halachos and a vast number of details.

    This precious mitzvah is incumbent on all, including those who do not have the time or the ability to acquaint themselves with all of these intricate halachos. Furthermore, the modern world has brought innovative new types of succahs that were not discussed in the halachah works of earlier generations.

    For these reasons, Rabbi Yosef Kaiser has undertaken to write this comprehensive work on the mitzvah of succah. The sefer leaves no stone unturned in exploring the length and breadth of hilchos succah, and in providing precise guidance on how the mitzvah is to be fulfilled in today's day and age. Extensive Hebrew footnotes trace the source of each halachah, from the Gemara to the rulings of the great halachic authorities of our generation. The sefer contains hundreds of such rulings, including some that were never before published. Full-color diagrams help clarify the concepts.

    The Halachos of Succah is not only an invaluable tool for anyone looking to perfect his performance of the mitzvah of succah, it will also open new vistas for those who are learning Maseches Succah.

    Includes dozens of full color diagrams. Learn More

  7. The Laws of Lashon Hara and Rechilus, Comprehensive, Practical Guide Compiled from Chafetz Chaim and Contemporary Poskim

    The Laws of Lashon Hara and Rechilus, Comprehensive, Practical Guide Compiled from Chafetz Chaim and Contemporary Poskim


    When asked about a shidduch, I may only respond to questions, never volunteer information. True or false?

    If something is public knowledge, I am allowed to speak about it freely. True or false?

    Is it true that it's not lashon hara if I don't mention any names. True or false?

    If I have no intent to hurt anyone, it's not lashon hara. True or false?

    Contrary to what many would think, the answers to the above questions are all false!

    The laws of forbidden speech are complex and difficult to master. Yet they are some of the most pertinent and relevant halachos that one must know for daily life. In The Laws of Lashon Hara and Rechilus, these crucial halachos are organized in a systematic and comprehensive fashion, with the goal of presenting a clear sefer of practical halachah for today's reader. Culled from Sefer Chafetz Chaim, this work also includes hundreds of rulings from contemporary poskimaddressing many modern-day she'eilos that did not exist, or were not relevant, in the Chafetz Chaim's times. Extensive footnotes and a detailed index make this sefer the perfect resource for layman and scholar alike.


    "This sefer is one-of-a-kind among sefarim on hilchos lashon hara. Its great benefit and assistance [will be] clear to those who wish to be exacting in their speech, as well as those who wish to study the halachos thoroughly." Hagaon Harav Shmuel Kamenetzky shlit"a

    "Therefore, the tremendous work that you invested in this sefer - to organize in English all of the laws of lashon hara in a way that a reader can easily find if his situation or scenario is muttar or assur - is a great and important accomplishment." Hagaon Harav Reuven Feinstein shlit"a

    "Behold I have reviewed a significant portion of the sefer, and I saw that the author shlit"a delved into this subject thoroughly. He outlined the rules of these halachos, and brought many relevant practical scenarios with the opinions of various poskim." Hagaon Harav Yaakov E. Forchheimer shlit"a

    "As is known, that there are many questions and uncertainties regarding what is considered lashon hara and rechilus and if it is muttar or assur. This seferencompasses all the rules of lashon hara which are extremely important for every person." Hagaon Harav Mechl Steinmetz shlit"a

    Learn More
  8. Topics in Practical Halacha #1

    Topics in Practical Halacha #1


    This Sefer provides the reader with a clear summary of selected practical Halachic subjects in Orach Chaim, Yoreh Deah, Even Haezer, Choshen Mishpat. Many subjects in Halacha are obscure, complex and filled with a variety of opinions, which at times leaves even the Torah scholar confused as to the outcome of the laws. This book is the first in a series to tackle various practical Halachic subjects in a concise and clear manner, leaving the reader certain as to the application of the final law. A wealth of footnotes gives the reader all necessary background, reasons and variety of opinions so each topic can be studied in its full breadth, and give the reader encyclopedic style knowledge of the given topic. Over 100 interesting topics have been selected from the four sections of Shulchan Aruch, as stated above. Some of the featured topics are: Children washing hand sin the morning; Answering Amen and Baruch Hu Uvaruch Shemo; Repeating words in Davening; Personal requests in Shema Koleinu; Talking during Kerias Hatorah; The blessing on non-100% wine; May an electric urn be used on Shabbos; Cutting hair and nails on Rosh Chodesh; Hand Postures according to Torah; Lying on one’s back; Owning non-Kosher food; Purchasing juice from a Juice stand; Foods left under the bed; Selling an item for more money if delayed payment; Making sculptures and drawings of humans, angels, sun, moon and stars; The use of non-conventional medicine; Reading Tehillim at night; Showering after Mikveh; Removing Mezuzah’s from home when moving; Shaking hands with a woman; Women wearing socks and stockings; Relatives bathing together; Where to keep the Kesuba; Shemira by a wedding; Value of a Peruta; Selling a debt; Loaning money to a Jew; Causing pain and killing creatures; Looking into a neighbor’s property; Rebbe’s perspective on Yom Hatzmaut Learn More
  9. The Ribbis Book

    The Ribbis Book


    A Collection Of Everyday Ribbis Issues & Ways to Avoid Them Learn More
  10. The Practical Guide to Shmiras Ha'einayim

    The Practical Guide to Shmiras Ha'einayim


    A halachic guide for men

    The immodesty that surrounds us presents one of the most formidable challenges of our time.

    How do we protect ourselves?

    The answer is: Take the first step and learn the halachos of guarding your eyes.

    Reb Yisroel Salanter advised that one of the best ways to overcome the yetzer hara is to study that subject’s halachos. This invaluable guide by renowned author and posek Rabbi Shaul Wagschal, z”l, provides a clear and simple way to do just that.

    Features a helpful halachic summary chart!

    Learn More

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