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  1. The Rebbe′s Directives

    The Rebbe′s Directives


    The Rebbe's Directives, contains many of the directives given by the Rebbe throughout the decades of his leadership. The purpose and style of this sefer are explained in the Introduction Learn More
  2. The Laws & Customs of Rosh Chodesh

    The Laws & Customs of Rosh Chodesh


    The study of Shulchan Aruch at times is very challenging in terms of clarifying the final stance of the learned subject. This especially applies in instances that many cases and opinions exist within a given topic. In addition, throughout the generations hundreds of practical questions on the laws in Shulchan Aruch arose. Getting a proper grasp on the laws of Rosh Chodesh especially faces this challenge due to the customs that came in later generations. Even amongst the currently available English literature, the opinion of the greatest of the Achronim, the Shulchan Aruch Harav, is many times omitted or not given its proper presence. Likewise the Chabad custom related to Rosh Chodesh are not given their proper presence. This Sefer tackles all the above deficiencies. A clear summary of the rulings of the Shulchan Aruch based on the rulings of the Mishneh Berurah and Kaf Hachaim with an emphasis of relevant rulings from the Shulchan Aruch Harav and Chabad custom. This is accompanied with hundreds of practical Q&A that were compiled from classical Halachic sources. All this is compiled with informative footnotes that lend the reader background information and other opinions voiced on the subject matter. Learn More
  3. Making It Work, A Practical Guide to Halacha in the Workplace

    Making It Work, A Practical Guide to Halacha in the Workplace


    A blend of halachah, mussar, hashkafah and true stories covering the most common issues faced in the workplace. Topics covered include: attending business meetings in non-kosher restaurants, shaking hands with the opposite gender, wearing a kippa, personal use of office supplies, davening on the job, reporting wrongdoing, socializing, attending company parties, making a kiddush Hashem, yichud and much more. Learn More
  4. Shabbos on Time! An Inspirational Step-by-Step Guide

    Shabbos on Time! An Inspirational Step-by-Step Guide


    Oh no, I forgot to put on the blech! How's the soup - has it boiled yet? Hey, I still have to get the cake out of the oven, it's almost burning. "Moish, check the lights please, make sure they're all off!" Where's that Shabbbos clock? "Have you opened the grape juice?" I can't believe it! I'm out of aluminum foil...Hashem, I can't take the pressure! It's two minutes to candle lighting, help!!

    Erev Shabbos... A frantic race against time...

    You've put so much into cooking, into cleaning... Envisioned an uplifting Shabbos, a tefillah with tears... And at the end of the day? - Tension at home; fatigue that overshadows any spiritual gain. A sore sense of missed opportunity. This isn't what you pictured, or davened for.

    This book was born for you and the many other women looking to bring Shabbos in joyously. Written to motivate and empower, it offers diverse possibilities and countless tips and techniques to help you prepare for Shabbos, milchatchilah and bedi'eved. It also reveals the profound rewards for preparing wisely.

    Shabbos on Time is a ground-breaking pathfinder, created for both working women and the akeres habayis. Learn More

  5. But I Thought... Common Misconceptions & Little-Known Halachos & Facts

    But I Thought... Common Misconceptions & Little-Known Halachos & Facts


    You grew up learning it that way since you were in kindergarten. You always assumed you had it right-until you learned otherwise!

    Did you know... that there is no actual obligation for a chassan and kallah to have sheva brachos for each of the seven days after their wedding? ...that there does not seem to be any source in Chazal for Eliyahu Hanavi to appear at the Seder, and certainly no source for his partaking of the kos shel Eliyahu there? ...that one who buys a house must affix mezuzos to his doors immediately when he moves in, and does not have the thirty-day leeway as one who is renting?

    But I Thought is an eye-opening breakthrough in the world of halachah books. In it, more than twenty topics in halachah and Jewish custom are thoroughly explored, with an emphasis on highlighting and clarifying the erroneous assumptions that numerous people have about many of these halachos and customs.

    Read it - and be surprised. Read it - and be informed. Learn More

  6. Practical Halachos of Yom Tov, Eye-Opening Practical Applications of the Laws of the Festivals

    Practical Halachos of Yom Tov, Eye-Opening Practical Applications of the Laws of the Festivals


    From the author of the popular Practical Halachos of Shabbos, this important work introduces readers to the complex laws of Yom Tov in an easy-to-learn format. Includes sources for each law, footnotes, review questions, as well as a story to highlight the many common mistaken impressions many of us have about the leniencies relating to the laws of Yom Tov versus the laws of Shabbos.

    Rabbi Birnbaum is also the author of the best-selling Pathway to Prayer series. Learn More

  7. Guidelines Chol Hamoed

    Guidelines Chol Hamoed


    Questions and Answers about the laws of Chol Hamoed Learn More
  8. Sefer Hachinuch, Book Of Mitzvos #10, Ki Seitzei - Vezos Haberachah: Mitzvos 552-613

    Sefer Hachinuch, Book Of Mitzvos #10, Ki Seitzei - Vezos Haberachah: Mitzvos 552-613


    The Jan Czuker Family Elucidation of the Torah's Commandments

    Sefer HaChinuch is one of the great classics of the 13th Century. Although the anonymous author states that he wrote it for his son and the youth of his time to learn on Sabbath afternoons, it was embraced by the entire nation as a masterpiece.

    The author lists all 613 Commandments following the weekly Torah Readings. He explains the source of each mitzvah, suggests a reason for it and the lesson it contains for us, and provides a summary of its laws. Chinuch gives expression to the essence of the mitzvos in a manner that speaks to the heart of the Jew. No other work approaches it in presenting the grandeur and majesty of the 613 Mitzvos.

    Thanks to the gifted scholars of ArtScroll/Mesorah, English readers — scholars and laymen alike — can now study and understand Sefer HaChinuch with clarity and in depth, as never before.

    The Hebrew text, authoritatively researched by Machon Yerushalayim, is newly vowelized.

    Every word and phrase is translated and explained, following the pattern of the ArtScroll Schottenstein Talmud.

    Notes explain the background and concepts.

    Sources of the laws are cited and explained.

    References to other works and classic halachic sources are provided for those interested in further research.

    Illuminating "Insights" reveal broad dimensions of the mitzvos.

    An Overview discusses the inner meaning and spiritual uplift of the mitzvos.

    This major achievement brings profound understanding of the mitzvos within the reach of every Jew. The first volume also contains the Author's Introduction, which is an extensive treatise on issues such as the uniqueness of the Jewish People, their tribulations in Exile, and the coming Days of Mashiach. This illuminating perspective on these issues, from the pen of such an authoritative source, is a must-read. Learn More

  9. Wine & Wisdom, A Halachic Overview of Fine Wines and Their Brachos

    Wine & Wisdom, A Halachic Overview of Fine Wines and Their Brachos


    Torah study offers eternal bliss in both this world and the Next. The Midrash teaches that the pleasure experienced from studying Torah is comparable to that of drinking fine wine. How are we to understand the correlation between these two pleasures?

    Wine is called the "King of beverages"'; it is the most regal of all drinks. In line with its royal status, the halachos of the brachos associated with wine are among the most intricate and complex, especially those of the brachah of Hatov v'hametiv. Wine and Wisdom gives readers a sampling of these halachos, as they are applied to the world's finest wines.

    Wine connoisseurs can detect the subtle distinctions between one fine wine and another. Wine and Wisdom combines the depth of halachah with the invigorating taste of superior wines, reframing the entire drinking experience. Anyone who appreciates fine 'wine will find that Wine and Wisdom helps him bring together these two noble pleasures.

    About the Author:

    Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis is rosh kollel of Jerusalem's Kollel Toras Chaim, which aims to train rabbis who are thoroughly versed in halachah and committed to take up positions of leadership and service in Jewish communities around the world. Rabbi Travis is also the author of Praying With Joy 1-4, practical daily guides to improving one's prayers, and a number of other books in Hebrew and English . His articles are published regularly in Hamodia and Yated Ne'eman (USA).

    Rabbi Travis grew up in New York and now lives in Jerusalem with his wife and family. Learn More

  10. Siach Shoshanim, Taharas Hamishpacha: A Woman's Handbook

    Siach Shoshanim, Taharas Hamishpacha: A Woman's Handbook


    Beautifully designed with a clear layout, this useful handbook breaks down the intricate halachos of Taharas Hamishpacha. Each short chapter is written with clarity and sensitivity, presenting Hilchos Niddah in a manner in which every woman can understand. Complete with colorful photographs and various tefilos, this is the perfect guide for those who are just beginning to learn about Taharas Hamishpacha as well as those who are looking to brush up on the understanding of these laws. Learn More

Items 31 to 40 of 190 total

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