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Expositions in Jewish Dietary Laws (limited quantity- sale while supply last)



Expositions in Jewish Dietary Laws Gelatin, Kitniyyot and their Derivatives, Carmine Rabbi David I. Sheinkopf picture of book cover This study, which updates earlier works by the same author, offers comprehensive and authoritative expositions of several of the most complex issues in Jewish Dietary Laws - the conversion of inedible animal parts into kosher food ingredients and the use by Ashkenazic Jews of extracts of kitniyyot in foods for Passover prepared before the festival. Included for thre first time is a third section affirming the kashrut of carmine, a widely used food coloring. The author, whose works have established him as an international orthodox kashrut consultant, has analyzed and documented all available rabbinic sources that sanction on firm halakhic ground the use of these ingredients in kosher foods. These sources are scattered throughout rabbinic literature and until now have not been collated and systematically presented as separate units for halakhic study. The need for such a work, especially for the English reader, is fully met by this publication

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In Store Item # BKTV110
MSRP $31.99
Author David I. Sheinkopf
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 221
ISBN-13 9781602801431
Publisher Ktav Publishing
Published Dec 16, 2015
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Expositions in Jewish Dietary Laws (limited quantity- sale while supply last)

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