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Health & Medicine

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  1. Health Guide for Frum Families

    Health Guide for Frum Families


    There are thousands of health and diet books in print, alongside many newspaper and magazine articles on the subject. So why another one?

    Sometimes, the question is the answer. There is so much health information out there that it is overwhelming. Orthodox Jews are busy people B"H. We want to be healthy but don't have much time. We want simple, clear information. What are the main things that we need to know?

    Also, many contemporary health books contradict each other. Eggs are good. No, they're bad. Carbs are bad. No, they're good. Dieting is bad, except for every diet created by a respected doctor. What is the "best advice" available, right now?

    Finally, what about us? How does general health advice relate to the uniqueness of Orthodox Jewish life?

    Ask yourself: Are you healthy? Do you have energy throughout the day? Does your body work as it should? If you - or those you care about - could be a little healthier and you want clear, up-to-date, Kosher, Doctor-approved advice, this slim but powerful volume could add health, happiness - and many years - to your life. Learn More

  2. Dignified Differences, A Special Soul

    Dignified Differences, A Special Soul


    Advice For Life: People With Special Needs

    From The teachings Of the Rebbe

    Incluing Mussings Of a Mother & A Family Reflects Learn More

  3. The Jewish Mourner's Companion

    The Jewish Mourner's Companion


    All liturgy FULLY TRANSLITERATED in English, including the complete "MINCHA" and "MAARIV" services for the Shiva home!

    This outstanding compact-size book will guide you through the difficult times of illness and death, presenting Jewish tradition in a way that is both sensitive and instructive. Endorsed by leading rabbis, hospital chaplains, and family counselors, this all-in-one guide will help you know what to do when faced with these life-changing challenges.

    Written for people of all backgrounds, levels of observance, and understanding, this book is a fitting companion for family and friends, including visitors at the funeral and Shiva home.


    An overview of life, illness and death in Jewish thought.

    Laws and customs for visiting the sick.

    Jewish perspective on end-of-life issues (e.g. living wills, organ donations, etc.).

    Dealing with the last moments of life - what everyone should know.

    Before the funeral, at the cemetery, following burial.

    Mourner's Kaddish, Shiva, Shloshim, Yartzeit, and Yizkor.

    All necessary liturgy, including Mincha (afternoon), Maariv (evening) prayer services, and Mishnayot, along with easy-to-read English transliteration and translation.

    Inspirational readings and meditations. Learn More

  4. Chanie Goes to the Dentist

    Chanie Goes to the Dentist


    Bubby nodded and said, “Chanie, dear,

    I know this may not be pleasant to hear,

    But I think that a cavity is causing you pain.

    You’ll have to see your dentist, Dr. Shain.”

    A cavity?! Horrible images passed through my head;

    My heart and mind were filled with dread.

    Would it hurt to have it fixed? What would I do?

    And what if the dentist found not one cavity–but two?!

    Fear of the dentist—and particularly of having a cavity filled—is quite common among many people, especially young children. The very idea of a cavity filling may cause children to think of all the scary “what-if” scenarios that could occur in such a situation. Of course this only serves to increase their fear exponentially. In Chanie Goes to the Dentist, written by the author of the popular Moshe Goes to Yeshiva, the “dentist fears” that children like Chanie may have are quickly, calmly, and effectively laid to rest as the exact procedure of what occurs at Chanie’s cavity-filling appointment is recounted and explored in a straightforward, child-friendly, and yes, fun way. Your child will love the book’s rhymes and endearing illustrations, and before long will shed his or her “dentist fears,” along with Chanie, too! Learn More

  5. The Little Book for Big Worries

    The Little Book for Big Worries


    Dealing with Serious Illness Learn More
  6. Letter of Consolation of Maimon

    Letter of Consolation of Maimon


    Letter of Consolation of Maimon Learn More
  7. The Practical Guide to Childbirth on Shabbos & Yom Tov

    The Practical Guide to Childbirth on Shabbos & Yom Tov


    A clear and concise guide to the laws pertaining to these topics. Learn More

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