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Health & Medicine

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  1. Alternative Medicine in Halachah

    Alternative Medicine in Halachah


    Until now, a great deal of confusion has prevailed regarding the halachic status of energy medicine.

    Is hands-on healing a form of avodah zarah? May one consult a kinesiologist? Is homeopathy permitted? Many rabbanim and poskimare not necessarily familiar with these modalities, and thus far there was no authoritativesefer dedicated to these issues, making it often very difficult to receive a halachic psak for such questions.

    In this long-awaited sefer, Rabbi Rephoel Szmerla clarifies for us the halachah regarding various alternative therapies, by presenting what each therapy is, explaining how it works, and discussing its halachic permissibility. In the process, he sheds light on many prohibitions, such as kishuf,nichush, kesimah, darchei ha'Emori, and more.

    This comprehensive work is grounded in a thorough understanding of alternative medicine and an in-depth knowledge of halachah. It is full of eye-opening concepts contained in Talmudic writings, guaranteeing a fascinating reading experience for both the scholar and layman. Learn More

  2. The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning

    The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning


    For over thirty years Jews have turned to Rabbi Maurice Lamm's classic work for direction and consolation. Selected by The New York Times as one of the ten best religious books of the year when it was first published in 1969, The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning leads the family and friends of the deceased through the most difficult chapter of life--from the moment of death through the funeral service, the burial, and the various periods of mourning.

    Now, in this thoroughly revised and expanded edition, Rabbi Lamm explores a wide range of new issues and questions that Jews of the twenty-first century must address. Special consideration is given to the subjects of organ donation, autopsy, the question of a woman's right to say Kaddish, mourning practices as they relate to the stillborn, the permissibility of converts to Judaism to mourn their Gentile parents, and the bereavement rights of individuals who by Jewish law are not required to mourn but who nonetheless wish to express their grief in accordance with Jewish tradition.

    In addition to exploring the sensitive issues that the contemporary mourner must confront, The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning is remarkable in that it gently leads the mourner through the corridors of Jewish law and teaches the aching heart how to express its pain in love and respect so that it might begin on the road to eventual healing.

    "That a book on death should today be a Jewish best-seller of all times testifies to the pre-eminence of rites connected with death among the most widely kept Jewish observances--from Kaddish, to Yizkor, and alas today to Holocaust commemoration. Rabbi Lamm's book is distinguished by its readability and its comprehensive treatment of all related subjects, including brain death and autopsies. The book will be read with wide interest and provide a gateway to an important rubric of Jewish thought and philosophy."

    --Lord Immanuel Jakobovits, former Chief Rabbi, British Empire

    "The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning is a recognized classic that is as relevant today as it was when it was first published thirty years ago. It has guided and comforted countless people at the most difficult times. This revised edition provides additional insights and updates information in light of medical, scientific and sociological changes. It addresses issues that have taken on greater significance and immediacy over the years. It is a sensitively written work that deals with subjects that are too often ignored or avoided despite their halakhic priority. Regrettably, it is a necessity for every Jewish home."

    --Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Learn More

  3. Medical Halachic Responsa - Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein

    Medical Halachic Responsa - Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein


    Medical Halachic Responsa - Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein Learn More
  4. Moses Maimonides & his Practice of Medicine

    Moses Maimonides & his Practice of Medicine


    Moses Maimonides & his Practice of Medicine Learn More
  5. Emergencies in Halacha

    Emergencies in Halacha


    Emergencies in Halacha Learn More

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