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  1. Courtyard of Dreams, Growing up in the Old Yishuv of Eretz Yisrael, Bas Zion finds herself surrounded by excitement and adventure of all kinds

    Courtyard of Dreams, Growing up in the Old Yishuv of Eretz Yisrael, Bas Zion finds herself surrounded by excitement and adventure of all kinds


    Bas Zion's courtyard is her entire world, and the colorful characters and personalities that comprise that courtyard cause her endless worry, joy, fear, and relief...sometimes all at the same time!

    What can be done about her friend Rivkah, who is being ensnared by missionaries?

    How can Rachy be saved from an evildoer who is her own flesh and blood?

    Will Tzemach ever be able to hold his head high again?

    Join Bas Zion as she weaves her way through some surprising twists and shocking discoveries that enable her to save her friends and play an instrumental role in her sister's shidduch. On the way, meet famous historical figures such as Rav Shmuel Salant, Rav Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, the Lelover Rebbe, and Dr. Moshe Wallach. You will be amazed at the factual detail in this gripping story of courage and devotion!

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  2. פעילות חוצה גבולות ב"כ

    פעילות חוצה גבולות ב"כ


    'פעילות חוצה גבולות' - ב' חלקים בעריכת הרב שלום דובער פרידלנד מאוברוויליע שבצרפת, חתנו של הק' הרב מענדל דייטש הי"ד. בספרים מובאים פרטים חדשים סביב סיפור היציאה החב"דית מרוסיה לרגל מלאות 700 שנה.

    בחלק א':

    באמצעות מאות מסמכים מקוריים מארכיונו הנדיר של הרב שלום מענדל קלמנסון ע"ה, אנו נחשפים לראשונה לפרטי אחת הפרשיות המכוננות של חסידות חב"ד בדור האחרון - יציאת רוב אנ"ש מברית המועצות בשנים תש"ו-תש"ז, לעסקנות החשאית התוססת שהתבצעה מאחורי הפרגוד, למהלכי היציאה עם תאריכים ושמות, לפעילותם הבלתי נתפסת של העסקנים משני צידי הגבול, לפרשיות המאסרים, ומעל לכל למעורבותם העמוקה של רבותינו נשיאנו, עם פרשיות עלומות נוספות שנלוו לפרשיה המרכזית. בשילוב דברי ימי חייו המרתקים של הרב קלמנסון.



    בחלק ב':

    הספר עוקב אחר תולדותיו המעניינים של הרב שלום מענדל קלמנסון בצרפת, משולב בסיפור התיישבות והתאקלמות אנ"ש בצרפת, בקשותיו החוזרות ונשנות ושפע ההוראות וההדרכות של הרבי לפעילות בצרפת בעשרות מכתבים בפרסום ראשון, הרקע למהפיכה הרוחנית בצרפת המשמשת מודל להפצת היהדות בצורה שאין לה אח ורע, הצלחת הקהילה ופריחת מוסדות החינוך 'שניאור' אותם הקים, הקשיים הגדולים עימם התמודד וההצלחות הכבירות שליוו אותו בסייעתא דשמיא בפעילותו הציבורית ועבודת הקודש שלו כשוחט ומוהל.

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  3. Miracles in Switzerland, A Hidden Child of the Holocaust Tells Her Story

    Miracles in Switzerland, A Hidden Child of the Holocaust Tells Her Story


    War and Holocaust were raging all around little Jutta Zehner, but this young Jewish child, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of a Swiss village, was safe.

    Or was she?

    Jutta had been sent to the Swiss Alps as her only hope of recovery from tuber-culosis. In Miracles in Switzerland, Jutta (Zehner) Luksenberg shares the riveting and largely unknown story of a group of Jewish children who survived the Holocaust years in sanitariums in Switzerland. With their parents lost in the ruins of Nazi Europe, these children were being raised as Christians - until a group of dedicated and compassionate Jews declared that they would not let these hidden children be lost to their eternal heritage.

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  4. Abiding Hope, Bearing Witness To The Holocaust

    Abiding Hope, Bearing Witness To The Holocaust


    There will come a time, not too many years from now, when no one who suffered at the hands of the Nazis will be here to proclaim: "I was there. This happened to me. I saw this."

    Author Benjamin Samuelson is one of few survivors of the Auschwitz Sonderkommando: "I don’t understand how or why I made it through alive. . . . I woke, ate, did the task assigned me, and had but one thought: Why?"

    "So many times, I considered walking into the air-tight brick room with the next group of people. Why didn't I? The only answer I've been able to think of is that some inner, divine spark of life would not allow it. I sincerely felt that by living, I would one day bear witness."

    It took Benjamin 50 years before he could begin to relate his story to Jeff Shevlowitz. From his happy childhood in Rumania to the horrors of four Nazi concentration camps to the Israeli struggle for independence--a story of historical significance; countless miracles; and the will to live, with abiding hope, to tell the world of what he had witnessed.

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  5. The Vale of Tears

    The Vale of Tears


    An epic journey across borders, The Vale of Tears chronicles close to two years in the life of Rabbi Pinchas Hirschprung as he seeks an escape route from Nazi-occupied Europe. In this rare, near day-by-day account, Rabbi Hirschprung illuminates what life was like for an Orthodox rabbi fleeing persecution, finding inspiration and hope in Jewish scripture and psalms as he navigates the darkness of wartime to a safe harbour in Kobe, Japan. Learn More
  6. I Promise You, Experience one teen's epic survival story

    I Promise You, Experience one teen's epic survival story


    This is the way that it happens. First, there is no more governess to fasten Maniusia's woolen coat. No more Bronia the cook frying goose livers and cut onion. Then, there is no more apartment with indoor plumbing gurgling under the floor. No food to eat. No warm, crusty bread. No frothy white milk for the baby. Eventually, there is nothing at all.

    But in the heart of Auschwitz, when all that is left is the heart still beating inside of her, Maniusia's father begs her to make him a promise.

    "Promise me, Maniusia!"

    "But how?"

    "Promise me."

    I look at Tata. At his face waiting for promises, because he has nothing else to wait for.

    I think of these words, the most important ones he has ever said. I pull out my own three words. "I - promise - you."

    Maniusia's promise binds her to her faith, her spirit, and ultimately, her life.

    I Promise You is the painful yet transcendent, true story of Maniusia (Miriam) Adler, as told to her granddaughter, acclaimed author Yael Mermelstein. Through Maniusia's story, you will experience what it truly means to win the war. Learn More

  7. Holocaust Heroines

    Holocaust Heroines


    4 Teenagers' Stories Of Courage & Miraculous Survival Learn More
  8. Tuky: The Story of a Hidden Child

    Tuky: The Story of a Hidden Child


    Mrs. Tuky (Gestetner) Treitel is a well respected member of the Montreal Jewish community where she’s lived for decades and raised a beautiful family. However, her experiences as a hidden child during WWII are always with her.

    This inspiring chapter book takes young readers back to that dark and perilous time, allowing them to walk along with six-year-old Tuky, her little brother, and their cousin, as they leave a comfortable life and happy Jewish home to hide from the Nazis.

    Will the three children be able to blend in with simple farm families in the Hungarian countryside? Will they remember they are Jewish? Will they be able to keep such a dangerous secret?

    Excellent, age-appropriate introduction to the Holocaust for elementary school age children. Bonus material includes family photos, a historical note, and a recent interview with Mrs. Tuky (Gestetner) Treitel, by her daughter, Author Shterni Rosenfeld.

    Ages 8 to 12 Learn More

  9. A Boy Named 68818 (hardcover)

    A Boy Named 68818 (hardcover)


    "From now on this is going to be your name: 68818".

    Everything had been taken from him except his name. Now they were taking that too.

    Who was the boy behind the number? As you discover 68818 in this gripping Holocaust memoir, you may just discover yourself, as well.

    This poignant, gripping account of the extraordinary courage of a young boy in the holocaust comes to life with the rich illustrations of Gadi Pollack. It is ready to be used as an educational text with historical overview of the war years, maps, timelines, a chapter-by-chapter learning guide color coded with historical, psychological, heroic, Jewish heritage and literary lessons. Learn More

  10. Forever in Faith, The Sassover Rebbetzin Reflects

    Forever in Faith, The Sassover Rebbetzin Reflects


    It was dark and cold, and we were working, exerting ourselves, hacking boulders, dragging stones, and running back and forth. We worked all night without receiving a morsel to eat or drink. But each night at midnight, the same act of chessed repeated itself: the slave laborers on the other side of the wall risked their lives and sent over a huge pot of hot coffee to infuse our tortured bodies and souls with a bit of life.

    I will never forget those moments of revival. It was another deeply moving display of compassion in the depths of the darkness…

    The riveting story of the Sassover Rebbetzin is illuminated by rays of chessed and emunah. The physical and emotional suffering the Rebbetzin experienced are beyond comprehension. The challenges she faced after the war were enormous—yet her submission to the Divine Will overpowered every obstacle.

    Follow the Rebbetzin on her arduous journey, and hear the story in her own words. They will surely strengthen your emunah. Learn More

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