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  1. Sisters Under Siege, A Novel Set During The War Of 1948

    Sisters Under Siege, A Novel Set During The War Of 1948


    Yerushalayim. A city that stands or is destroyed, because of one man's hatred of his brother. girl's hatred of her sister?

    Chava and Tirtza. Two sisters pushed hard and far away from each other. But even as they pull and tear themselves and each other apart, they realize that the bond between them is too strong to break...


    With battle cries in the air, and so many young soldiers falling all around her, Chava Warinsky becomes engaged to a wonderful chassan. But like the trajectory of so much of her life, her joy is shortlived-because of her sister Tirtza.

    Yechiel Eisenman is denied his desire to sit and learn, as he is dragged into defending the Old City. But with his brother Chatzkel calling the shots, he finds himself playing a role that is a whole lot more dangerous than he ever anticipated.

    Sisters under Siege unfolds against the backdrop of Israel's raging War of Independence. In this beautifully written, intricately woven historical novel, readers are given a taste of the throbbing feelings of the time, the emotions that ran deep within every Jew of this era. And as we follow the painful and triumphant twists and turns of both the characters of this novel and the residents of Yerushalayim at this time, we discover that beneath the differences of every Jew is a core of goodness, a deep sense of caring for the other.

    Sometimes that goodness can push one to make great sacrifices for a brother-or a sister.

    And in those sacrifices lies hope. For in them lies the road back to Yerushalayim. Learn More

  2. Strangers in a Foreign Land, A Historical Novel

    Strangers in a Foreign Land, A Historical Novel


    A relative calm descends upon Seville, Spain after the Riots of 1391, but life has changed for the Iberian Jews and the Herrera family.

    Eduardo meets his future wife at the wrong time. Or is it the right time? Hortensia wants her daughter to get married in a church.

    Esmeralda yearns to see her one surviving relative in Portugal. Carlos sees only one alternative. Somehow, he must extricate his family from the relentless clutches of the evolving Inquisition.

    Clinging desperately to their Jewish roots, the protagonists confront a destiny that forces them from one exile to another. Yet, a young, bright hope for the future shines through the pages. The story of the "wandering Jew" comes alive through a colorful array of fifteenth century characters that includes Castilians, rabbis, emirs, Moors, pirates, shaliachs, cartographers, sofers and pilgrims. Glimpses of Jewish life during the Middle Ages in Europe, North Africa and the Levant, and reflections on the connection between past and present, reveal the secret of Jewish continuity. Learn More




    On the outside, Surura-the spoiled only daughter of the Reish Galuta-has everything a girl could dream of: servants at her command, beautiful clothing and ornaments, and no responsibilities at all.

    Yet Surura's life is not as idyllic as it seems. She is plagued with loneliness, haunted by fears, and hounded by questions that seem to have no answers.

    Is there anything that can fill the emptiness inside of her?

    After she finally finds happiness, is it destined to be snatched away forever as a result of her father's violent temper?


    When Osnat marries Amram, she assumes they will live a happy, calm life together...but those dreams are shattered mere hours after their wedding. When tragedy strikes again, she is left all alone.

    Can Osnat possibly rebuild her life when it seems there can be no happy ending?


    Gershon sets out for a distant land, thinking he is in for an adventure.

    But is he getting more than he bargained for with the perilous journey that has many surprising and frightening twists? Can Gershon maintain his spirits, even in the face of extreme hardship?


    Set in Baghdad and beyond during the tenure of Rav Saadiah Gaon, Born to Rule is a fascinating story filled with characters who lived long ago, yet are timeless in their struggles. Sarah Feldbrand once again takes us on a captivating historical journey, interwoven with true facts about the period and people, that teaches us about the end of an era for the Jewish nation, and about how every person-no matter where or when-can rise above challenges in a triumph of the soul. Learn More

  4. From Djerba to Jerusalem, The Extraordinary Story of Rebbetzin Shulamit Bitton Blau

    From Djerba to Jerusalem, The Extraordinary Story of Rebbetzin Shulamit Bitton Blau


    Many countries. Many lives. 
    And one overwhelming love, for Hashem, His Torah and His People. 
    Meet Shulamit Bitton-Blau. You're going to love her.

    One foggy day in northern England, a young woman danced into the relatively new girl's seminary that had been founded in Gateshead, wearing an enchanting smile, a bright purple coat, and sandals. The only child of a family deeply rooted in Djerba, the legendary island of Kohanim, Shulamit Cohen was Sefardic, a miracle child whose Jewish education had taken place entirely at home. Yet within moments of her arrival she felt entirely at home in Gateshead - and Gatehead felt entirely at home with its new, unusual and exuberant student.

    It was that exuberance, coupled with her rock-solid emunah and her unparalleled love for Torah, which carried Shulamit through her many journeys and challenges. That wide-eyed student grew up to be the wife of an impoverished Torah scholar in Gateshead, a rabbanit in Marseilles when her husband was appointed av beis din, a widow who married off eight children, and, after her remarriage, the wife of one of the outstanding figures in Yerushalayim's Eida Chareidis.

    Quite a journey; and Shulamit was quite a personality. Bestselling author Libby Lazewnik brings her to vivid life: her unusual optimism in the face of daunting circumstances and her devotion to her family - a family that included all of Klal Yisrael.

    From Djerba to Jerusalem is an engrossing story. More: it's an eye-opening, heart-opening look at the power of chesed, emunah, and love. Learn More

  5. Miracles in Switzerland, A Hidden Child of the Holocaust Tells Her Story

    Miracles in Switzerland, A Hidden Child of the Holocaust Tells Her Story


    War and Holocaust were raging all around little Jutta Zehner, but this young Jewish child, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of a Swiss village, was safe.

    Or was she?

    Jutta had been sent to the Swiss Alps as her only hope of recovery from tuber-culosis. In Miracles in Switzerland, Jutta (Zehner) Luksenberg shares the riveting and largely unknown story of a group of Jewish children who survived the Holocaust years in sanitariums in Switzerland. With their parents lost in the ruins of Nazi Europe, these children were being raised as Christians - until a group of dedicated and compassionate Jews declared that they would not let these hidden children be lost to their eternal heritage.

    Learn More
  6. Chains, A powerful novel set in the era of the Churban Beis Hamikdash

    Chains, A powerful novel set in the era of the Churban Beis Hamikdash


    Judea is in flames; Romans ravage the villages and beseige Jerusalem. Thousands of captives arrive in Rome, fodder for the slave market.

    Shulamit chafes under the chains of captivity.

    Mariam chokes in the chains of her role as Saducee princess. Chanan throws off the chains of his past life and embraces Rome.

    Yet the links that bind them to the past also bind them to each other.

    First serialized, to popular acclaim, in the Family First magazine,Chains is the groundbreaking historical novel that brings to life the lives and struggles of the Jews who lived through the Churban - and found themselves taken as slaves to the teeming metropolis of Ancient Rome. The city to which all roads lead is the absolute antithesis of the holy city of Jerusalem, and it is against this backdrop that Shulamit, Mariam, and the others wage their painful battles, both personal and national.

    Filled with memorable characters, impossible challenges, and an unforgettable message,Chains is the story of exile and faith, history and destiny - and of the steady flame of hope that burns in the heart of every Jew. Learn More

  7. Six Million and One

    Six Million and One


    Six Million and One

    Six million tragedies. And one more.

    The tragedy of a life lived in the shadow of pain…the life of a survivor and the lives of the second and third generations.

    In the turmoil and terror that was Holland during World War II, identical twins Chana and Shprintze are torn apart, one destined for life, the other, for annihilation. The quest to memorialize her lost sister becomes an obsession for Chana Eichler, but she is denied the gift of a daughter. All her yearning is now fixed on the third generation, and when her son marries, his wife discovers that the path to her mother-in-law’s heart is blocked by the past.

    Bayla Green, a Dutch Holocaust survivor living in New Jersey, sets out on a journey to uncover what really happened in an Amsterdam convent during the war years. She enlists the help of Jan Bricker, a righteous Dutch gentile, who is swiftly and inexorably drawn into a web of intrigue and deception.

    When Chana returns to Holland for the first time since the war, she finds herself caught up in events beyond her control, and is suddenly forced to confront the secrets of her family’s history.

    Six Million and One will take you on a suspenseful journey, from America to Holland to Eretz Yisrael, from Holocaust survivors determined to unearth the truth, to evil-minded individuals who seek only death and destruction. Who will triumph: the elderly nun desperate to cover her tracks; or the Bricker and Eichler families, dedicated to life and truth? The answer lies behind the door with three locks... Learn More

  8. Heroes of Faith

    Heroes of Faith


    100 Rabbinical Tales of the Holocaust Learn More
  9. Tatteh Said Run! - True Holocaust Story

    Tatteh Said Run! - True Holocaust Story


    The Heroic True Story of a Young Man's Miraculous Escape During the Holocaust Learn More
  10. The Klausenberger Rebbe

    The Klausenberger Rebbe


    The Klausenberger Rebbe Learn More

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