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  1. Stepping Stones, A historical novel

    Stepping Stones, A historical novel


    Yuri Brenner. Former KGB agent and partisan, now working for the Shin Bet. Living in Bnei Brak, married to his mentor's widow, building a new family and a new life. But-can he ever find his place?

    Pavel Neumann. Red Army soldier, a drifter, never quite settled. After meeting up again with his best friend and commander from the war, he comes to the fledgling State of Israel, trying to figure himself out. The twists his life then takes are beyond his imagination...

    Nechama. Her early childhood a hazy fog, she was adopted as a war orphan by Kibbutz Asif and believes this will be her home forever, her safety net that encompasses her past, present and future. But will it remain so?

    Kibbutz Asif. Hidden secrets, hidden children. What is going on behind the idyllic scenes of farm life so innocuously hidden away in this far corner of Israel?

    In Stepping Stones, Rochel Istrin, a master of historical fiction, takes us back to WWII's aftermath and the early years in Israel. Everyone has their past to deal with as they etch out a new path for themselves.

    Powerful, compelling, intense, Stepping Stones is a novel that will take you on a gripping tale of action and inner growth in which each of its characters goes through the stepping stones of their lives...while learning that change, though sometimes painful, ultimately blossoms into true meaning and fulfillment.

    Rochel Istrin is the author of SearchingHidden, and co-author of Baby's First Year. She writes regularly for several publications. Learn More

  2. ברגע האמת - הרבי מלובביץ והדיאלוג עם מקבלי ההחלטות בישראל

    ברגע האמת - הרבי מלובביץ והדיאלוג עם מקבלי ההחלטות בישראל


    בספר תיעודי ראשון מסוגו נחשפת מערכת הקשרים המיוחדת הזאת. ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו, ראש השב"כ לשעבר יעקב פרי, מזכיר הממשלה לשעבר השופט אליקים רובינשטיין, ראש משלחת משרד הביטחון בארצות הברית לשעבר יוסי צ’חנובר ועוד אישי מפתח בעבר ובהווה — חושפים לפני העיתונאים שלום ירושלמי, יוסי אליטוב ואריה ארליך את עומק המעורבות והאכפתיות של הרבי מלובביץ’ באשר לצרכיה הביטחוניים והמדיניים של ישראל ולעתיד העם היהודי בעולם משתנה ורווי אתגרים. לכתיבת הספר חברו יחדיו שלושה עיתונאים בכירים המייצגים עולמות מגוּונים. שלום ירושלמי (63), פרשן פוליטי ותיק ב"מעריב", ב"מקור ראשון" ובטלוויזיה. יוסי אליטוב (43), עורך עיתון "משפחה״ ופרשן פוליטי ברדיו ובטלוויזיה. אריה ארליך (30), סגן עורך ״משפחה״, פרשן לענייני החברה החרדית וסופר המתמחה בפרופילי עומק. כל אחד מהם הביא את תרומתו הייחודית ליצירת ספר מדויק ואותנטי, החושף את עומק המעורבות המפתיעה של הרבי מלובביץ’ בתהליכי קבלת ההחלטות בישראל. ״הרבי היה איש של עולמות רוחניים, אבל רגליו היו נטועות בקרקע. הוא ידע כל מה שקורה, הבין, קרא את המפה העולמית” ראש הממשלה בנימין נתניהו בריאיון מיוחד לספר "זו היתה שיחה מרתקת. אדם שמצד אחד חי בעולם של תורה, ומאידך – בעל מבט מפוכח ופרקטי על המציאות הריאלית בכל מקום בעולם” ראש הממשלה יצחק רבין "אף שהדיון היה סודי, הרבי השיג את המידע. הרבי ידע הכול. והוא שלח לי מכתב שמתאר את האסון שעלול לקרות לעם ישראל בגלל קו בר־לב” ראש הממשלה אריאל שרון "אלה היו חמש־עשרה דקות של סקירה מודיעינית מפתיעה ומופלאה. אם הייתי צריך לתת לה ציון מקצועי – הייתי אומר שהרבי מדבר כמו איש מודיעין שבמקום להגות יומם ולילה בתורה עוסק בקריאת ‘חומר שחור’” ח"כ יעקב פרי, ראש השב"כ לשעבר

    ממקום מושבו במשרד קטן בשכונת פרוורים בברוקלין ניהל רבי מנחם־מענדל שניאורסון מערכת קשרים הדוקה ומפתיעה עם צמרת ההנהגה המדינית והביטחונית בישראל. הוא היה מעודכן בזמן אמת בדיונים החסויים ביותר, הביע את דעתו בשאלות הקיומיות של המדינה, והציג משנה סדורה לעתידה של ישראל. Learn More

  3. Nouri, The story of Isidore Dayan, and the growth of a vibrant community in America

    Nouri, The story of Isidore Dayan, and the growth of a vibrant community in America


    The orphan, raised by his grandmother, caught in an unusual custody battle that only a bet din can resolve.

    The prosperous businessman building up a family and a community on the quiet streets of Bensonhurst, lending money to others so that they can open a business that will compete with his own.

    The generous philanthropist cleaning up the synagogue he helped to build.

    The indomitable optimist who pulled himself out of poverty, but who always knew where his success really came from.

    This is Nouri's story

    He was a man of many names: Ezra, Nouri (which, appropriately, means "my light"), Isidore, Izzy. He was a larger-than-life personality, helping to create a larger-than-life community, and it needs a larger-than-life book to tell his story. This is Nouri's book.

    Nouri: The Story of Isidore Dayan, and the growth of a vibrant community in America focuses on one of the most intriguing personalities of the modern Jewish world. The tale spans almost a century, includes two World Wars, and features a panoramic background ranging from Baghdad and Damascus to Brooklyn, from Czechoslovakia to Baltimore to tiny Vineland, New Jersey.

    In the pages of this biography-that-reads-like-a-novel, you will meet famed gedolim: Hacham Murad, Nouri's mentor and eventually his father-in-law; Rav Avraham Kalmanowitz, the Mirrer Rosh Yeshiva, whose efforts and care for Klal Yisrael included the Sephardim of America; and Rav Yitzchok Hutner, who, together with Nouri's daughter and son-in-law, underwent a harrowing terrorist plane hijacking.

    You will meet men who create businesses built on generosity and adherence to Jewish values; Sephardic grandmothers filled with the unyielding strength of simple devotion; and a new generation of young Sephardim determined to reach - and teach - higher levels of Torah learning. And, of course, you will meet Nouri, the quiet, unassuming, and friendly man who became a legend in his community.

    The young, poor orphan becomes a wealthy businessman: it's almost a cliche. But in Nouri's story there are no cliches. There are only remarkable instances of Divine Providence, self-sacrifice, devotion, and an almost extraordinary level of chesed and caring - a true life odyssey that reads like a novel. Learn More

  4. A Boy Named 68818 (hardcover)

    A Boy Named 68818 (hardcover)


    "From now on this is going to be your name: 68818".

    Everything had been taken from him except his name. Now they were taking that too.

    Who was the boy behind the number? As you discover 68818 in this gripping Holocaust memoir, you may just discover yourself, as well.

    This poignant, gripping account of the extraordinary courage of a young boy in the holocaust comes to life with the rich illustrations of Gadi Pollack. It is ready to be used as an educational text with historical overview of the war years, maps, timelines, a chapter-by-chapter learning guide color coded with historical, psychological, heroic, Jewish heritage and literary lessons. Learn More

  5. The Unfinished Diary, A Chronicle of Tears

    The Unfinished Diary, A Chronicle of Tears



    • One of the only known wartime diaries written by an Orthodox Jew

    • This diary was crafted as a memoir — complete with chapter titles and a table of contents — by its author, a gifted writer and brilliant Talmudic scholar, while in hiding during the years 1942-1944. The events, recorded as the war unfolded, spring off the page with immediacy, urgency, and poignancy.

    • The author’s extraordinary eyewitness account comes to an abrupt end, as he was murdered — only months before liberation.

    • Saved from destruction, the diary lay untouched in a drawer for many years. Now, more than seventy years later, after undergoing painstaking transcription, translation, and research, the diary is finally being brought to light.

    • The diary/memoir of Chaim Yitzchok Wolgelernter depicts the resilience and spiritual resistance of Jews during the Holocaust — as well as the attitudes and actions of the Poles, ranging from Righteous Gentiles to those who collaborated with the Nazis.

    • Includes a fascinating postscript of the Wolgelernter family’s ultimate discovery of the unmarked grave of their father and other murdered relatives and the re-interment of the remains in Israel.

    Though the author perished, his diary lives on... Learn More

  6. The Challenge of Jewish History

    The Challenge of Jewish History


    There is a well-known conundrum concerning Jewish history: The conventional chronology of the Western world - and academia - is in direct conflict with traditional Jewish sources over the history of -- history. Incredibly, there is a gap of roughly 200 years: For instance, the Talmud says the Second Temple stood for roughly 400 years, while mainstream historians today conclude that it stood for almost 600 years.

    This conflict has major implications on what occurred to who, and when. It also seems to question the accuracy of the entire Jewish tradition as accepted dating methods seem to contradict core parts of the traditional Jewish narrative.

    In presenting fresh and startling astronomical, mathematical and archaeological evidence, Rabbi Alexander Hool has charted new ground in his quest to find the solution to this ancient problem. The Challenge of Jewish History is revolutionary: it questions all assumptions, dispels unfounded myths, and transports us back in time over 2,500 years.

    With a subject of great significance and fascination to all those interested in history, and a wealth of scholarship and sources to impress academics, this intriguing book gives us a new perspective on Jewish-and world - history.

    About the Author: Rabbi Alexander Hool grew up under the tutelage of his father, Rabbi Maurice Hool of Kingsbury, London, UK. He learned in Gateshead Yeshivah for many years under the direction of the Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Avrohom Gurwitz, and then moved to Israel where he has been studying (in Ponevezh Yeshivah and Kollel) for over twenty years. An eminent scholar, he has developed a particular expertise in history, dating, mathematics, and other unique and intriguing subjects.

    He is the author of the acclaimed work Toras Yom VoLaylah and has published a fundamental study on ancient astronomy and its implications regarding the Halachic Dateline, as well as an analysis of the Murex Trunculus as a possible source of the ancient blue dye 'Techelet'. His most recent publication is a comprehensive investigation of the classification and calibration of measures and distances used in the Middle East before the Common Era. Learn More

  7. הרבי בפאריז

    הרבי בפאריז


    סקירה קצרה... "הרבי בפאריז" שתי מילים אלו מהווים בכלל תשוקה וערגה. יושבים יהודים בצוותא, בשבת אחים גם יחד, ואחד מהמסובים מספר סיפור מהרבי — הדבר צובר התעניינות ותשוקה מצד הנאספים. ועל־אחת־כמה־וכמה כשהמספר פותח את דבריו שזה סיפור מ"הרבי בפאריז". "הרבי בפאריז" – אלו מאורעות נסתרים ובבחינת "מופלא" ו"מכוסה" שעם השנים החלו להתגלות, ועצם דבר זה מעורר תוספת צמאון. בספר ימצא הקורא הנכבד סקירה על הרבי בפאריז. סקירה זו מהווה אשנב מיוחד לדמותו של הרבי ובבחינת "האור שלפני ההתגלות" שכל־כך חשוב לקהל חסידי ומקושרי הרבי. הספר נחלק לשלושת שלבי שהות הרבי בצרפת: א) לפני מלחמת העולם השני'. תקופה בה הרבי והרבנית שהו בפאריז מחודש ניסן תרצ"ג ועד ערב חג השבועות ת"ש. ב) נתיב ההצלה מעומק הבכא. הרבי והרבנית הוכרחו לעזוב את פאריז בערב חג השבועות ת"ש ושהו בתחילה בעיר ווישי, ואחר כך בעיר ניס ובעיר מרסיי. ממרסיי הגיעו לליסבון, פורטוגל, ועלו על אני' שהפליגה לארצות הברית, והגיעו לארצות הברית "לחוף מבטחים" בכ"ח סיון תש"א. ג) הביקור בשנת תש"ז. הרבי בא לפאריז, להביא את אמו לארצות הברית. הרבי שהה אז בפאריז כשלושה חודשים, מכ"ו אדר עד כ"א סיון. Learn More
  8. The Desert Diary

    The Desert Diary


    Brought to life like never before, this authentic story of the journeys of the Jewish people in the Midbar is presented with eloquent prose and stunning visual detail. What begins as a child's diary of day-to-day life in Kadesh Barne'a continues with a young man's account of the wondrous miracles and challenging travails of the years in the Wilderness and ends with a mature man's anticipations as the Chosen Nation stood on the threshold of our promised land.The Desert Diarygives every reader the sense that he himself was among the Bnei Yisrael who left Mitzrayim. For fans of the Katz Haggadah, this is a continuation of the experience!

    Includes 33 pages of detailed Hebrew annotation and sources. Learn More

  9. Herald of Destiny Compact Size, The story of the Jews in the medieval era 750-1650

    Herald of Destiny Compact Size, The story of the Jews in the medieval era 750-1650


    To modern man, the Middle Ages is a distant, mysterious and forbidding period. It is primitive in technology, brutal in violence, and superstitious and servile in society. But it was also a time of pageant and grandeur, of discovery and wonder, of great achievements and lasting progress, when men of genius and industry laid the foundations for our modern world. Those who have preceded us have in the main been neglected in our assessment of current life.

    Jews in the Middle Ages achieved great heights of power, wealth, scholarship and creativity - the Golden Age of Spain, of Rashi and the Tosafists, R' Yehuda Halevi and Maimonides. The Jews were part of the Renaissance, the catalysts for the Reformation, sponsors of arts, exploration, and commerce. But it was also a terrible time for Israel. The Almohad persecutions, the Crusades, the Black Death, the burning of the Talmud in Paris, the bitter rivalries, and quarrels within Jewish society itself all combined to paint the era in blood and despair.

    Rabbi Berel Wein, in this book, has woven an informative tapestry out of the events of the Jewish Middle Ages. Its historic figures come alive and we appreciate their greatness. The Sephardic world and the Ashkenazic society, the longing for Zion and redemption, the intrigues and truths of history are here faithfully explained. The story of the Jewish people in the Medieval Era is told with wit, knowledge, accuracy and emotion. As in Triumph of Survival, Rabbi Wein has not settled merely for a history of the Jews. Herald of Destiny will make our modern Jewish milieu and its problems more understandable by illuminating for us the great medieval Jewish world that preceded us. Learn More

  10. Echoes of Glory Compact Size, The story of the Jews in the classical era 350 BCE-750 CE

    Echoes of Glory Compact Size, The story of the Jews in the classical era 350 BCE-750 CE


    Rabbi Berel Wein has become a household word on six continents, as a foremost rosh yeshivah, rabbi, lecturer and historian. His scintillating presentations of Jewish history have won him a host of admirers - and deservedly so.

    Perceptively, wittily, wisely and accurately, he presents an ancient story as if it were happening before our eyes. He relates old dilemmas to today's problems and shows how Jewish history is an endless and inspiring continuum.

    In this, his third masterwork, Rabbi Wein takes us from the end of the First Temple Era to the times of the Geonim. He transports us to the eras of Alexander the Great; the miracle of Chanukah; the creation of the Mishnah and Talmud, and how they saved Jewish life for all time; the Roman Empire and the courageous rebellion of Bar Kochba; the rise of Christianity; such great Geonim as R' Saadia, R' Sherira and R' Hai, and how they led the monumental Torah centers of Babylonia and North Africa; the emergence of Islam and the Jewish response; Jewish life taking root in the then-barbarous lands of Europe.

    Rabbi Wein places Jewish history in the context of the times. Just as important, he tells it from the perspective of the Jews, not through the eyes of Jewry's enemies and conquerors, as history books commonly do.

    The author has a voracious appetite for history and even the places where it happened. When he tours the world, he sees it as the locale of Jewish eternity, the settings where our nation took shape, the building blocks of today. His broad experience lets him paint the picture of yesterday with the broad strokes of scholarly insight.

    In this new volume, Rabbi Wein introduces us to times that were exotic, exciting, dangerous, triumphant. This book does them justice. Seldom is a must reading so enjoyable. Learn More

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