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  1. Security for the Land of Israel - The Lubavitcher Rebbe

    Security for the Land of Israel - The Lubavitcher Rebbe


    We are living in times when the words of the Torah concerning the solitude of the Jewish people " lo, it is a people that shall dwell alone" (Numbers 23:9) ring so true. There are many coalitions throughout the world, from without and within, that are attempting to undermine Israel's security by imposing impossible and ruinous demands that Israel relinquish its G-d-given rights to their own Land. The Rebbe dedicated hundreds of talks, pouring out his heart, pleading and demanding that Israel does not accede to these unreasonable and dangerous demands. Giving up land, for an illusion of peace, is not only a betrayal of G-d who gave us the land but it will pose the single greatest threat to the security of Israel. Millions of lives are at risk; and even one life is enough to warrant our strongest sense of protest against relinquishing any part of Israel. The concern for the security of Israel and the rejection of any compromise in this regard, the Rebbe based on a clear and unequivocal law (Hil. Shabbos sec. 329) that states that a Jewish enclave surrounded by armed enemies must never allow them to occupy any part of Jewish land even if they promise not to attack. The Jewish community is obliged to even wage war to prevent that from happening even if it is the holy day of Shabbos. We owe a debt of gratitude to Rabbi Binyomin Schlanger for collecting and skillfully translating into the English language the Rebbe's cry for sanity in the Holy Land, making the Rebbe's historic and timeless words available to the English-speaking public. Rabbi Schlanger translates the Rebbe's words spoken originally in Yiddish into readable and accessible English. Rabbi Greenberg, Buffalo, NY: "It is incumbent on all who are concerned for the security of Israel and the lives of all its inhabitants, and for all for whom the Rebbe's pleas that stemmed from the depths of his holy heart and soul, strike a responsive chord in their hearts, - to disseminate this work to the widest audience.

    A Very Important & Timely Book Beautifully Presented With A Selection Of striking Color Photographs.

    Makes A Great Gift! Learn More

  2. פעילות חוצה גבולות ב"כ

    פעילות חוצה גבולות ב"כ


    'פעילות חוצה גבולות' - ב' חלקים בעריכת הרב שלום דובער פרידלנד מאוברוויליע שבצרפת, חתנו של הק' הרב מענדל דייטש הי"ד. בספרים מובאים פרטים חדשים סביב סיפור היציאה החב"דית מרוסיה לרגל מלאות 700 שנה.

    בחלק א':

    באמצעות מאות מסמכים מקוריים מארכיונו הנדיר של הרב שלום מענדל קלמנסון ע"ה, אנו נחשפים לראשונה לפרטי אחת הפרשיות המכוננות של חסידות חב"ד בדור האחרון - יציאת רוב אנ"ש מברית המועצות בשנים תש"ו-תש"ז, לעסקנות החשאית התוססת שהתבצעה מאחורי הפרגוד, למהלכי היציאה עם תאריכים ושמות, לפעילותם הבלתי נתפסת של העסקנים משני צידי הגבול, לפרשיות המאסרים, ומעל לכל למעורבותם העמוקה של רבותינו נשיאנו, עם פרשיות עלומות נוספות שנלוו לפרשיה המרכזית. בשילוב דברי ימי חייו המרתקים של הרב קלמנסון.



    בחלק ב':

    הספר עוקב אחר תולדותיו המעניינים של הרב שלום מענדל קלמנסון בצרפת, משולב בסיפור התיישבות והתאקלמות אנ"ש בצרפת, בקשותיו החוזרות ונשנות ושפע ההוראות וההדרכות של הרבי לפעילות בצרפת בעשרות מכתבים בפרסום ראשון, הרקע למהפיכה הרוחנית בצרפת המשמשת מודל להפצת היהדות בצורה שאין לה אח ורע, הצלחת הקהילה ופריחת מוסדות החינוך 'שניאור' אותם הקים, הקשיים הגדולים עימם התמודד וההצלחות הכבירות שליוו אותו בסייעתא דשמיא בפעילותו הציבורית ועבודת הקודש שלו כשוחט ומוהל.

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  3. אלבום נישואי הנשיאים חלק א

    אלבום נישואי הנשיאים חלק א


    עובדות, סיפורים ומסמכים אודות חתונתיהם של רבותינו נשיאינו Learn More
  4. אלבום נישואי הנשיאים חלק ב

    אלבום נישואי הנשיאים חלק ב


    נישואי הנשיאים חלק ב' במהדורה אלבומית על נייר כרומו משובח, מעוטר במאות מסמכים אותנטיים ותמונות. המתארים את נישואי הרבי והרבנית, והוא המשך לחלקו הראשון המכיל את תיאור נישואי כל רבותינו נשיאינו החל מהבעל שם טוב ועד לאדמו"ר הריי"צ Learn More
  5. To Rise Above, The Life of R" Dov Cohen, A Journey to Greatness Against All Odds

    To Rise Above, The Life of R" Dov Cohen, A Journey to Greatness Against All Odds


    To Rise Above is the incredible, true story of a young thirteen-year-old American boy brought by his mother surreptitiously to Eretz Yisrael in the 1920s to fulfill a dream - that he become a Talmid Chacham. Alone, little Benny faces the daunting challenge of growing in Torah in an environment far different from his native home. In the telling, history comes alive: the shtetls of southern Lithuania; Seattle, Washington in the 1920s; Chevron Yeshiva, the Alter of Slabodka, Rav Yechezkel Sarna, and Rav Leib Chasman. Step by step, Rav Dov Cohen rises in greatness to become a Gadol b'Yisrael and an influential builder of Yiddishkeit in the nascent Jewish state. Based on personal interviews and writings, extensively indexed, and with over 600 rare photographs and documents, here is a unique, fascinating and inspiring tale of spiritual triumph in the face of adversity. Learn More
  6. Like Dreamers

    Like Dreamers


    In June 1967, Israel achieved the unimaginable—a decisive victory against Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in the Six-Day War. The most symbolic triumph for the young nation was the reunification of Israeli West Jerusalem and Jordanian East Jerusalem, achieved at great cost by a group of paratroopers from the 55th Paratroopers Reserve Brigade. In restoring Jewish sovereignty to the Holy City, these men fulfilled the dream of two millennia, changing the history of Israel and of the Middle East. And as veteran journalist Yossi Klein Halevi shows in Like Dreamers, they played pivotal roles in shaping Israel's destiny long after their resounding military success.

    A masterful storyteller, Halevi tracks down seven members of the 55th Brigade and traces their lives through the decades following the Six-Day War. But as his narrative reveals, despite the intensity of their shared experience protecting Israel, in their postwar paths they nurture drastically divergent visions for the country's future. Yoel Bin-Nun emerges at the forefront of the religious Zionist West Bank settlement movement, but Arik Achmon—the chief intelligence officer of the 55th—becomes a spiritual father of the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. Achmon becomes a driving force in the growth of Israel's capitalist economy, whereas Avital Geva, in addition to building a reputation as a leading conceptual artist, ardently defends the socialist kibbutzim. And while Geva is among the foremost activists in Peace Now, Udi Adiv helps create an anti-Zionist terror underground in Damascus, eventually serving twelve years in an Israeli prison.

    Charting the ideological differences among this band of brothers, Halevi weaves a nuanced and insightful chronicle of modern Israel. His fascinating, diligently researched examination of each man's motivations and actions—supported by extensive interviews with their friends, family members, and comrades-in-arms—humanizes the country 's complex political landscape, facilitating a deeper understanding of the forces that influence its evolution as a state.

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  7. People of the Book

    People of the Book


    The invention of the printing press created a revolution for Jews everywhere. Who could imagine at that time the extraordinary benefits that printing would bring to world Jewry? “People of the Book” vividly describes the invention itself, and then takes us through five hundred years of Hebrew printing, from the earliest products of fifteenth-century printers to those of modern times. Author and teacher Akiva Aaronson introduces us to the first printed editions of the classic sefarim: Talmud, Rambam, Arba’ah Turim, Shulchan Aruch, and many more. Meet the famous Hebrew printers of previous generations: Soncino, Bomber, Romm, Heidenheim, Bak and others. Visit the Jewish communities where Hebrew printing took place, from its earliest days until the present: Venice, Salonika, Prague, Amsterdam, Slavita, Warsaw and Vilna, to name a few. Weaving lively text with over two hundred magnificent, full-color photographs of original Hebrew volumes, “People of the Book” is truly a journey through time- Jewish time- over five centuries of Hebrew printing. Follow its odyssey, from persecution and censorship to survival and triumph, set against the phenomenal history of the times in this beautiful coffee-table edition. Learn More
  8. In the Shadow of the Red Banner

    In the Shadow of the Red Banner


    In the Shadow of the Red Banner Learn More
  9. Let My Nation Ascend

    Let My Nation Ascend


    The Inspiring Conclusion of Bnei Yisroels Journey to Eretz Yisroel Learn More
  10. Crash Course in Jewish History

    Crash Course in Jewish History


    The Crash Course Everyone Needs! Learn More

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