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Habad Portraits



As the title suggests, this book is a series of portraits of different people, events, and curiosities in the history of Habad Hasidism. It tells of many unknown or little understood aspects of the Rebbes' lives, the stories of the children of Habad Rebbes who did not themselves become Rebbes, the stories and viewpoint of the 'foot soldiers' of Habad in different eras, of forgotten outreach campaigns and initiatives, and even the stories and perspectives of those who broke away or rebelled.

“Rabbi Chaim Dalfin brings to his books the rare combination of an insider’s sensitivity for nuance and an observer’s passion for honest documentation. His portraits of figures in Habad’s recent past stand out for their humanity and understanding. Anyone who is interested in understanding contemporary Habad—whether they are inside or outside of Habad—should consult his books.” — Don Seeman, Associate Professor, Emory University

“This material has great importance because of its content about the lives of Hasidim. We learn a lot about the issues that concern them, their self-sacrifice, work methods, and continual growth. We also learn about the place of women in Hasidic Judaism and relations between Hasidim and Mitnagdim. The material is supported by competent evidence, and it is good that someone has documented it for eternity, as the verse states, ‘So that the last generation will know, sons were born to stand up and tell their children, and to make G-d complete.’ ” — Moshe Hallamish, Professor Emeritus, Bar-Illan University

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In Store Item # B693
MSRP $22.95
Author Rabbi Chaim Dalfin
Format Hardcover
Pages 240
ISBN-13 978-0615859132
ISBN-10 0615859135
Published Oct 11, 2013


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