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Noble Lives Noble Deeds - Volume 3 - Hardcover



The newest volume in this popular series by Rabbi Dovid Silber continues to bring us touching anecdotes about dozens of great Rabbinic figures, each one accompanied by a biographic profile. Why would the seemingly affluent young Leizer Yudel Finkel walk the muddy streets of Radin in worn-though shoes? What prompted Rabbi Shimon Schwab to sell his most treasured possession? Why did the Belzer Rebbe uncharacteristically voice a desire for hot, sweet coffee and fresh cake? What did Rabbi Ezra Attia do to avert his wife's "inevitable" surgery? These are only a few of stories, and Torah personalities, featured in this enchanting book. From chassidic leaders to Lithuanian roshei yeshiva, communal Rabbis to Sephardic chachamim, this book contains a sampling of them all.

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In Store Item # BART1228H
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Author Rabbi Dovid Silber
Publisher Artscroll Publishers

Noble Lives Noble Deeds - Volume 3 - Hardcover