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Holiday Books

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  1. Hear the Megillah, A Playful Action Rhyme

    Hear the Megillah, A Playful Action Rhyme


    In Hear the Megillah, happy children perform playful motions for each mitzvah of Purim. They twirl and twirl like graggers, wrap themselves like Purim treats, and at the Purim meal, they all sit down!

    Ages 0-3 Learn More

  2. Light the Menorah, A Playful Action Rhyme

    Light the Menorah, A Playful Action Rhyme


    Light the Menorah highlights Chanukah activities and invites children to perform the motions along with the text. With arms held high, their fingers become Chanukah flames. They hop like potato latkes, sizzling in an oily frying pan, and spin around like a colorful dreidel – What fun!

    Ages 0-3 Learn More

  3. Learn Shabbos in Just 3 Minutes A Day

    Learn Shabbos in Just 3 Minutes A Day


    This highly praised and comprehensive book on the laws of Shabbos is designed for daily learning.

    With its unique, easy-to-understand format, thousands of day-to-day practical examples, and user-friendly index, this book will be an indispensable reference for anyone who wants to study and know the laws of Shabbos… In just 3 minutes a day!


    "The most practical laws of Shabbos are presented in an easy format and language, and this will certainly bring great benefit to those who wish to grow."

    Rav Moshe Sternbuch, Ra'avad of Jerusalem

    "It has been written with great clarity and in a way that will benefit many people."

    Rav Shraga Feivel Zimmerman, Rov of Gateshead

    "Learn Shabbos in Just Three Minutes a Day is an ideal way to master the intricate laws of Shabbos without that much effort."

    Rav Yitzchak Berkowits, Rosh Kollel

    "Rabbi Braude has provided a truly valuable source for one to learn the laws of Shabbos in a very effective and clear manner.

    Rav Zev Leff Learn More

  4. Blechs For Bubbies Mommies & You!

    Blechs For Bubbies Mommies & You!


    Everything Simplified! Completely Illustrated!

    Seminaries/High Schools/Teachers

    Includes a special: Test Your Knowledge Section. Perfect for educational institutions.


    London Beis Din

    “Rabbi Jacobs has given our generation the clearest guidelines to navigate the modern kitchen and bring honor and pleasure to Shabbos.”


    How To:

    Effortlessly keep any type of food warm and delicious!

    Easily resolve problems which arise in kitchens everywhere!


    Enjoying hot scrumptious meals is central to the celebration of Shabbos.


    Yet, wherever we are — home, yeshiva, hotel, hospital, shul or summer camp — questions always seem to arise.


    But, no more!

    • How to add water to food which is becoming dry on the blech.
    • How to move a pot from one blech to another.
    • When it is permissible to move food from one pot to another on the blech.
    • What to do when the fire has extinguished.


    You will find these — and many more — solutions to common problems in this book.


    Written in contemporary and easy-to-understand English!

    Fully Illustrated! Learn More

  5. Do You Know Hilchos Chol Hamoed?

    Do You Know Hilchos Chol Hamoed?


    Do You Know Hilchos Chol Hamoed? follows Do You Know Hilchos Shabbos? and Do You Know Hilchos Brachos? in this series of family-friendly halachah sefarim. These sefarim are particularly suited to studying with our families because of the light, conversational style of the text—with even a touch of humor. Also, topics unsuitable for children are not discussed.

    Hilchos Chol Hamoed are not so well-known; in this sefer, Rabbi Michoel Fletcher, with his unique blend of serious respect for the topic and engaging style, invites us to learn what the purpose of Chol Hamoed is and how the halachos help us experience real simchas Yom Tov as the Torah intended. Learn More

  6. Dovy's Sukkos Discovery Book/CD

    Dovy's Sukkos Discovery Book/CD


    A Lite Boy book for Sukkos! 

    It's almost Sukkos, and Dovy is so excited! But he wonders, "Why don’t we just eat inside our house on Sukkos? Why do we need a sukkah?" Join Dovy in his Sukkos discovery -- that Hashem is always watching over us and protecting us, wherever we are!

    The Lite Boy Series -- learn ... inspire ... teach ... encourage Learn More

  7. Inside Out, Yamim Noraim, Compilation of Divrei Torah & Personal Accounts

    Inside Out, Yamim Noraim, Compilation of Divrei Torah & Personal Accounts


    Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin has become a symbol of spiritual endurance for Jews around the world. Many take inspiration from his published letters opening a window to life in a place called prison, and a Jew's ability to grow in Emunah and Bitachon in the most desolate situation. Emanating from a place of darkness, his messages are a beacon of light and hope.

    The letters in this book contain words of inspiration, Tishrei gems, and a profound view into the world of a man whose body was imprisoned but whose spirit remained free. Here is an intimate glimpse into one Jew's path through a most painful odyssey, and the secret of his soaring faith and trust. Learn More

  8. Viduy, Stories & Inspiration

    Viduy, Stories & Inspiration


    Turn to Viduy for inspiration ... when regretting misdeeds... when seeking encouragement... when facing difficult times... when preparing for Yom Kippur.

    Take this powerful sefer to shul with you to propel your tefilos to higher and higher levels. It is sure to change your life. Learn More

  9. The Weekly Parsha Summary

    The Weekly Parsha Summary


    The intent of this book is to serve as a general outline and summary of the topics discussed in each Parsha together with their crucial details. It is meant to be used for quick reference and as a review tool of the weekly Parsha. How many of us sit through the weekly Torah reading in Shul on Shabbos but have no knowledge of its content? How many of us have sat by our Shabbos table wanting to say something regarding the Parsha, but can’t seem to remember its content? How many of us have children who need to study for a Parsha test but are too overwhelmed by the amount of material required to review. While many scholarly books of translations of the Chumash have been printed and made available to the English-speaking public, flipping through a Chumash with or without a translation, is a long and mentally tiring task. How great would it be to have a general summary and outline with topics and subtopics available in front of us as a quick reference and reminder of what the Parsha speaks about? Well, it’s finally here! An outline and summary of the entire Chumash, one Parsha at a time, split in accordance to Aliyos, with an enumeration of the Mitzvos found in each Parsha, the amount of verses it contains, and the weekly Haftorah. Last, but not least, this Sefer will help Jews world over to fulfill one of the basic Biblical commands of Torah learning which includes an obligation upon all males to study and become an expert in the content of all the Parshiyos in the Torah. Learn More
  10. EZ Shofar, Everyone's How-to Guide

    EZ Shofar, Everyone's How-to Guide


    What does it take to blow shofar? You + Shofar + Ez Shofar.

    Go from "never got a sound out of the shofar" to good, sharp sounds in under 10 minutes. EZ Shofar - Everyone's How-To Guide contains everything you need to know about how to blow shofar in clear, simple language.

    Learn to blow in 3 easy steps. Pro tips to improve your skill.

    Discover The answers to many common questions (including special section for women). Relevant halachos presented in a format that makes them easy to understand.

    IncludesThe seder for blowing in shul. What the makrei should announce.

    EZ Shofar, the sequel to Teka Beshofar - Mastering Shofar Blowing, is a serious, sometimes humorous, but always informative work that can teach anyone to blow and make the masters even better! Learn More

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