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Prepare for Pesach … B'simchah!



Prepare for Pesach … B'simchah!

40 lifesaving lessons to help you make it to the finish lineIs.

it really possible to get ready for Pesach with joy? Let Chava Dumas show you how!

Believe it or not, it’s not only possible, but you’ve already taken the first step just by picking up this book!

Whether this is your first time preparing for Pesach or you’ve been doing it for years, things only get better when women share their hard-earned wisdom with each other, and that’s just what Chava Dumas has done with this sure-to-be-treasured collection. It’s all here -- 40 friendly, joy-filled lessons to help you make it to the finish line not just on time, but actually happy!

So do yourself a favor and don’t just collapse from exhaustion when the Seder night arrives. Instead, discover how to feel inspired and in control, and actually enjoy Yom Tov!

Additional Information

In Store Item # BJP327
MSRP $19.95
Author Chava Dumas
Language English
Format Soft Cover
Pages 272
ISBN-13 781607631446
Publisher Judaica Press
Published Mar 10, 2014
Product Dimensions 6" x 9"

Prepare for Pesach … B'simchah!

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