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  1. Abi Gezunt! #2

    Abi Gezunt! #2


    Yet another volume of the biggest and silliest collection of side-splitting classic Jewish jokes! Enjoy hundreds MORE all-time-favorite jokes straight from the archives of the Jewish Press. A perfect gift for all occasions and for all ages!

    The laughter will never stop with this once-in-a-lifetime collection of the side-splitting family-friendly humor from the brilliant humorist, Arnold Fine. Arnie’s classic Jewish jokes, one-liners, and humorous observations will leave you—and everyone else—rolling on the floor!

    This NEW jam-packed volume brings together jokes in categories of Money and Business, Law and Order, Food and Dining, Parenting and Children, Education, The Pulpit and Travel Learn More

  2. Kugel, Chaos & Unconditional Love

    Kugel, Chaos & Unconditional Love


    Searching for that joy you imagined in becoming a wife and mother? Yearning to feel fulfilled, powerful, invaluable – to laugh, to love and feel loved? Sometimes all you need is a shift in perspective. Meet Chana Gittle Deray. A wife. And mother of 9 children. Journey through the visually rich and humorous stories of family life, marriage, female empowerment, determination and faith, culled from Chana Gittle’s pursuit to create a life truly worth living – unexpectedly becoming an observant Jew in the process. Lots of laughs, joy, and meaningful reflection, as she turns the simple everyday into the extraordinary, and brings the extraordinary down to earth. 220 pages, beautifully illustrated Learn More
  3. For This I Had to Grow Up?

    For This I Had to Grow Up?


    Have you ever asked a kid what he wants to do when he grows up?

    We did. And here’s what they answered:

    “When I grow up, I want to drive carpool.”

    “When I grow up, I want to do my taxes. Nervously.”

    “When I grow up, I want to worry about money.”

    “When I grow up, I want to wonder how everything I do will affect my back.”

    “When I grow up, I want to randomly yell, ‘Careful!’ when my kids are playing.”

    “When I grow up, I want to repurpose my leftovers.”

    “When I grow up, I want to bribe my kids to do things that I can do faster.”

    “When I grow up, I want to insist I don’t snore.”

    “When I grow up, I want to kill spiders in the bathroom.”

    “When I grow up, I want to wonder why all my doorknobs are sticky.”

    “When I grow up, I want everything I do to have deadlines.”

    Oh, wait. None of them answered that.

    Growing up is not what we expect. But doesn’t humor come from the unexpected?

    Mordechai Schmutter has deadlines. For the past CENSORED years, he has entertained readers with his weekly humor columns in Hamodia, The Brooklyn Family Pages,, and other publications.

    Never you mind how many years. Enough years that some of his columns are now mechuyav in mitzvos.

    This is his sixth book. But who’s counting? Learn More

  4. Don't Ask for a Hot Dog! Hilarious bloopers from ordinary people who thought they knew Hebrew

    Don't Ask for a Hot Dog! Hilarious bloopers from ordinary people who thought they knew Hebrew


    So... you're coming to visit Israel, or you have Israeli neighbors, or you're flying off for your banner year in yeshivah or seminary... or maybe you're taking that huge jump and are making aliyah. Bruchim haba'im!

    Good thing you know Hebrew.

    Until you realize that maybe you don't.

    You mean there's no such thing as a beis hamerchatzn today? And that street name without nekudot should have been pronounced how? And isn't a hot dog, like, a kelev that is cham? No? "Really?"

    Don't Ask for a Hot Dog! is a wildly funny book filled with anecdotes of real people like you and me (in fact, quite a few of them are you and me!), spouting things they'd never dream of saying when speaking in their mother tongue. Yet somehow in attempted Hebrew, things come out not quite like they imagined...

    No, don't faint! Read this book instead and laugh along! Much healthier.

    And next time, take our word for it.

    Don't Ask for a Hot Dog!. Trust us; just order the fries instead. Learn More

  5. Kosher Laughs and Lessons for Life, 121 Amusing Stories and Thought - Provoking Lessons for Life

    Kosher Laughs and Lessons for Life, 121 Amusing Stories and Thought - Provoking Lessons for Life


    Laughter in an essential element of life.

    It lowers stress levels, brings people together, and reminds us that G-d gave us a wonderful world. Clinically proven to improve our physical, emotional, and social wellbeing, laughter can also help open us up to simple but powerful lessons in life. In this wonderful collection, we will laugh - but more important, learn and expand our horizons.

    About the Author:

    Rabbi Yehoshua Kurland is a popular speaker, renowned educator, and the author of A Time to Dance (Mosaica Press, 2016) and A Time to Conceal, A Time to Reveal (Mosaica Press, 2017) on Purim and Chanukah, in addition to six other books on Jewish thought, all of which utilize humor as a catalyst to personal growth. A close student of Rav Shlomo Freifeld, zt"l, founder and Rosh Yeshivah of Sh'or Yoshuv, Rabbi Kurland has been a rebbi at the yeshiva for over four decades. Learn More

  6. Abi Gezunt! #1

    Abi Gezunt! #1


    img { width:auto; max-width:100%; height:auto; }Back

    Learn More
  7. You're Joking! The kosher joke book

    You're Joking! The kosher joke book


    Over 800 Jokes & Riddles

    You won’t stop laughing with You’re Joking! The Kosher Joke Book. And kids — you wrote this book! The jokes, riddles, and knock-knocks in this book were sent in by children and first published in The Jewish Press... Are you one of them?

    Q: How do you make a kid laugh?

    A: With this book!

    Enjoy! Learn More

  8. Stop Drop & LOL, How to safely roll from laughter from the comfort of your own straitjacket

    Stop Drop & LOL, How to safely roll from laughter from the comfort of your own straitjacket


    Disclaimer to end all disclaimers:

    This book does not contain every possible disclaimer. You’ve been warned.

    Caution: Do not judge book by other side.

    Notice: Introduction sold separately.

    Warning: Do not use book as a public telephone.

    Notice: Do not read this book if you cannot read.

    Missing cat! Return to Schrödinger, dead or alive!

    Notice to residents of the United States:

    Federal law requires that we post this notice on each copy of this book entitled Stop, Drop, and LOL. If you notice a book that’s missing this notice, please call and notify us at once. you may be eligible for a cash reward!! (The number to call appears on the bottom of each notice.)

    Notice: If you’ve purchased this cover without the book, assume that someone else has the funny material that you paid for and is literally laughing at your expense right now.

    Beware: If it’s so dark that you can’t read this warning, your shin is about to make contact with something sharp.

    Danger: Never read the fine print. If there was anything in it that’s good for you they would have printed in huge letters.

    Inside: Complete Guide on How to Burn Books [Caution: Do not dispose of this book in fire.] Learn More

  9. The Silly World of Chelm

    The Silly World of Chelm


    Beloved 'Town of Chelm' Returns in the World’s First Definitive Encyclopedia of Chelm Stories

    After enjoying decades of acclaim in the pages of the acclaimed weekly newspaper, THE JEWISH PRESS, the lovable, side-splitting tales from the legendary town of Chelm have been collected in the world’s first encyclopedia of Chelm stories. This new treasury of Jewish wit and whimsy brims with over 150 stories straight out of the fabled town of Chelm — the place where solving life’s practical problems was never a straightforward affair, but rather a rollicking journey into the inane.

    The world’s first 408-page definitive encyclopedia of Chelm stories re-acquaints readers with the unforgettable characters that everyone’s come to know and love, including, ‘The Wise Sage of Chelm,’ and fumbling ‘Shepsil.’ The simple-minded, ‘Mottel the Tailor,” and riotous, “Berel the Terrible.” In all, original writer and creator, Arnold Fine’s, recipe for simple and clean Jewish humor still delivers, and with so many stories gathered together in one book, ‘The Silly World of Chelm,’ is guaranteed to provide hours of fun and enjoyment for the whole family. In the new 8x10 large-format book, with a uniquely decorated padded cover, you’ll read about the, ‘Green-Eyed Monster,’ and ‘The Adventures of Kunkle and Munkle.’ You’ll enjoy the hilarious tale of ‘The Mayor’s Shoes,’ and learn about the formation of the ‘Worriers of Chelm,’ plus dozens and dozens of more popular tales.

    “The brilliantly conceived, eccentric scenarios have, for decades, left readers of all ages in stitches with helpless laughter, all the while leaving them scratching their heads in wonderment,” explains Zalman Goldstein, author of other children’s titles such as, ‘The Sultan’s Trap’ and the popular ‘Uncle Yossi’s Big Book of Stories’ series. “Being able to provide good, kosher humor for everyone is a privilege that is difficult to pass up. In this regard, ‘The Silly World of Chelm,’ really delivers!”


    A Fish Story

    A Portion of Paradise

    A Stone in the Road

    A Visit to The Doctor

    Berel the Terrible


    Chicken Planting Time

    Giving Thanks

    How to Bury A Hole

    How to Succeed in Business

    Ivan the Terrible

    Nachum the Water-Carrier

    Naming a Baby

    On Becoming Wise

    Rich Man, Poor Man

    The Accountant

    The Adventurers

    The Adventures of Kunkle and Munkle

    The Airplane

    The Airplane II

    The Animal Lover

    The Bird Seed

    The Bird

    The Blessed Events

    The Blessing

    The Briefcase

    The Budget Problem

    The Bully

    The Bus Driver

    The Businessman

    The Businessman II

    The Businessmen III

    The Buttered Bread

    The Chandelier

    The Choir and the Train

    The Cobbler and the Chicken Farmer

    The Old Sage and the Czar

    The Debate

    The Dentist

    The Diet

    The Doctor

    The Doctor II

    The Doctor III

    The Doctor IV

    The Dog Catcher

    The Dog Catcher II

    The Donkey Dilemma

    The Door

    The Door II

    The Dream

    The Dreamer

    The Election in Chelm

    The Electric Car

    The Elephant

    The Elevator

    The Emergency

    The Encyclopedia of Chelm

    The Encyclopedia of Chelm II

    The Entrance Examination

    The Escape

    The Executive

    The Eye Examination

    The Eyeglasses

    The Feathers

    The Fence

    The Financial Crunch

    The Fire

    The Fishermen

    The Foolish List

    The Foolish Souls

    The Foreman

    The Gleaning of Knowledge

    The Goat

    The Goat (ver. 2)

    The Gold Coins

    The Great Sage of Chelm

    The Green-Eyed Monster

    The Highwaymen of Chelm

    The Highwaymen of Chelm II

    The Highwaymen of Chelm III

    The Hole in the Boat

    The Horse and Wagon

    The Horse Thieves

    The Hypnotist

    The Insurance Salesman

    The Invalid

    The Journey

    The Jumping Frog of Chelm

    The Key

    The Key Executive

    The Kopeck Game

    The Lesson

    The Letter

    The Lion and the Bear

    The Lost Money

    The Loyal Worker

    The Marital Problem

    The Marriage Arrangement

    The Mayor’s Shoes

    The Medicine

    The Miracle of Space

    The Mirror

    The Morning Service

    The Mother-in-Law

    The New Math

    The New Pupils

    The New School

    The New School Teacher

    The New Shul

    The Painter

    The Painting

    The Pair of Shoes

    The Patient

    The Perfect Shidduch

    The Philosophers

    The Philosophy Student

    The Pious One

    The Plaque

    The Poor Dog

    The Prisoner

    The Psychologist

    The Punishment

    The Purse

    The Raffle

    The Rainmaker

    The Report Card

    The Restaurant

    The Rich, the Poor, and the Blintzes

    The Riddle

    The Scientists

    The Search

    The Secret Ballot

    The Senior Citizen

    The Shoe Salesman

    The Shoelaces

    The Shrewd Farmer

    The Sign Painter

    The Sinner and the Horse

    The Snowfall

    The Sting

    The Stone Storehouses

    The Storekeeper

    The Stranger and the Cemetery

    The Stream

    The Suitor

    The Tax Collector

    The Teacup Salesman

    The Team

    The Telegraph

    The Telephone

    The Thief

    The Town Meetings

    The Train

    The Train Ride

    The Train Station

    The Train Schedule

    The Traveler

    The Trip to Minsk

    The Tzedakah Box

    The Verdict

    The Video Machine

    The Visitor

    The Window-Washer of Chelm

    The World of Credit

    The Worrier of Chelm

    The Worriers of Chelm

    There’s a Right Way and a Left Way

    Traveling First Class

    Twins Are Twins

    Watching the Stranger Learn More

  10. The Missing Mezuzah (comic book)

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