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  1. Comfort, Courage, & Clarity, Guidance & Support for Those Who Have Lost A Parent Finding Inner Peace Through the Challenge of Loss

    Comfort, Courage, & Clarity, Guidance & Support for Those Who Have Lost A Parent Finding Inner Peace Through the Challenge of Loss


    An innovative resource to guide grieving adults in gaining the understanding, validation and chizzuk that is so necessary as they navigate their new reality.

    Both Mrs. Miriam Ribiat and Mrs. Ruchy Rosenfeld experienced several devastating losses in close succession. Although they were already accomplished adults, they found themselves navigating a minefield of emotional upheaval. Their experiences lead them to the realization that proper support in the face of loss is a crucial part of finding hope and healing. Pooling their unique strengths, they created this volume.

    The material included here has already been gratefully received by numerous grieving adults in gaining the understanding, validation and chizzuk that is so necessary as they navigate their new reality.

    Throughout Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah's years of assisting those who have lost a loved one - most commonly a parent - we have clearly seen the need for and value of this kind of support in the face of loss - and in ultimately finding the strength to move on. We are certain that this resource will become a valuable tool for individuals who have experienced the challenge of loss, as well as for those who wish to support them. Learn More

  2. Rising Above, Overcoming Today's Challenges in Kedushah

    Rising Above, Overcoming Today's Challenges in Kedushah


    Basic standards of modesty, maintained in previous generations, have been breached and eliminated in today's world. Wherever we are, we find ourselves tested in matters of kedushah.

    Rising Above addresses this head-on - speaking to everyone, and not just to those who have stumbled. Among the topics addressed are:

    • Why is preserving our kedushah so fundamental to Judaism?
    • From where can we draw the strength to resist what is so easily accessible?
    • What strategies are there for tackling the dangers of modern technology?
    • Why was this challenge given specifically to our generation?

    Everyone is part of this battle for kedushah. Each Jew must learn about the dangers brought about by the "Digital Revolution" - in order to deal effectively with the tests, he confronts in his daily life. This groundbreaking work provides the information and tools for doing just that.


    "It is well recognized that one of the greatest threats nowadays to the Jewish way of life is the Internet and the smartphone which connects to it. The Internet has made it possible for people to engage in improper activities without shame and to be overwhelmed by vulgar, anti-Torah values…

    "Rabbi Alexander Mandelbaum has written a book to help people counteract the pull of the Internet and of all illicit cravings. In Rising Above, he presents cogent advice and strategies to enable those trapped by the web of their desires to free themselves…

    "We all owe Rabbi Mandelbaum a debt of gratitude for writing it."

    Rabbi Aharon Feldman, Rosh Yeshiva, Ner Israel Rabbinical College Learn More

  3. CPR! Resuscitation for Your Soul

    CPR! Resuscitation for Your Soul


    Does your Shabbos glow with sparkling light? 
    Does it sizzle with positive energy? Do you look forward to Shabbos? 
    Revel in it? 
    How about your weekdays? Do you ever feel stressed out? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Do you want to change that?

    CPR will guide and show you:

    • How Shabbos can recharge you and help you overcome your personal challenges - all week long!
    • How you can replace stress and anxiety with a stronger connection to Hashem
    • How the restrictions of Shabbos actually liberate us!

    In the bestselling book GPS: Navigation for your Soul, thousands of readers discovered – and loved – a fascinating new way of putting timeless Torah teachings into an ultra-contemporary format. Now, CPR: Resuscitation for your Soul, takes that same format to help us truly understand Hashem's incredible weekly gift to us: Shabbos.

    CPR is largely based on Nesivos Shalom, the classic contemporary work by the Slonimer Rebbe, Rav Shalom Noach Berezovsky zt"l, a work beloved by all branches of Torah Jewry and widely accepted as a masterpiece of Torah thought. CPR takes the fascinating concepts of Nesivos Shalom and “translates” them into contemporary language and terms.

    Let CPR unlock the secrets of truly appreciating the gifts of Shabbos– and see how those gifts can transform your life to one of greater serenity, peace of mind, and inner happiness throughout the week!

    With its contemporary examples, true stories, photos, summaries, jokes, questions and answers, and, of course, the words of Nesivos Shalom and other Torah classics, CPR is a Shabbos treat that the whole family can enjoy, together or individually. So sit back and enjoy Shabbos as never before, while you learn how to carry over Shabbos’s amazing powers into the entire week - and become totally reJEWvanated!


    “CPR enlightens the reader about the precious gift of Shabbos according to the spirit of the writings of the NESIVOS SHALOM zy”a!” - HaRav Shloime Weinberg 
    “CPR contains meaningful messages to teach the importance of the gift of Shabbos Kodesh!” - HaRav Shmuel Kamenetsky 
    “The authors each merited to strengthen Klal Yisrael and I am happy with them for their success!” - HaRav Aaron Schechter 
    “CPR will certainly be of tremendous help to strengthen the mitzvah of Shabbos to our youth!” - HaRav Yeruchim Olshin 
    “CPR shares the authors understanding and feelings about the importance of Shabbos!” - HaRav Nota Schiller 
    “CPR can truly change your life , whether you are a newcomer to Judaism or a Shomer Shabbos all your life!” - HaRav Yitzchak A. Breitowitz 
    “CPR will be of tremendous help to all rabbeim and moros, manhigim and mechanchos, especially those working in the trenches!” - HaRav Yaakov Bender 
    “CPR unwraps the gift of Shabbos for our generation by revealing its power and relevance!” - HaRav Moshe Weinberger 
    “CPR furnishes the reader with the insight and capacity to sense the authentic taste of Shabbos and be able to relate to the significance and gishmak of Shabbos Koidesh.” - HaRav Shulem Noach Landau 
    "CPR! is a powerful sefer that will certainly upgrade and enhance our Kedushas HaShabbos, and help ensure that it will be "L'dorrossom" for our future generations!" - HaRav Binyomin Eisenberger Learn More

  4. Living Emunah for Teens, Achieving A Life of Serenity Through Faith

    Living Emunah for Teens, Achieving A Life of Serenity Through Faith


    Hey Teens! Now You Can Also Join the "Emunah Revolution!"

    Imagine starting every day with a smile

    Imagine dealing with problems in school and at home, instead of worrying about them.

    Imagine being the kind of positive person that everyone likes to be with.

    Imagine being happy. Really happy.

    It can happen.

    The secret is emunah.

    The Living Emunah series has sold more than 100,000 copies to people who want to strengthen their emunah -- the belief that Hashem is involved in all aspects of our lives, that He loves us and knows what's best for us.

    Teens today have questions and problems and concerns all their own - and now they have a book that's written just for them - Living Emunah for Teens, adapted from Rabbi David Ashear's bestselling Living Emunah.

    In realistic scenarios and true stories, teens will learn how emunah can change and enrich their lives. How emunah can free them from anger or jealousy. How they can find the good in everything and everyone - including themselves. Every segment also includes a "Make it Real" guide, to help bring the lessons of emunah into their lives. Living Emunah for Teens. Because emunah is for everyone! Learn More

  5. Living Emunah for Children

    Living Emunah for Children


    It's never too early to begin!

    With more than 100,000 copies in print, Living Emunah has become a phenomenon, answering a clear need in our times for strengthening our faith and trust in Hashem's goodness.

    But what about our kids?

    It's never too early to show our children how much Hashem loves them, and the incredible power of emunah and tefillah. And how even when things seem bad, they are really good, because Hashem is all goodness. With its fun and kid-friendly stories and delightful pictures, Living Emunah for Children is perfect for youngsters ages 4-8.

    Adapted by Leah Sutton from Rabbi David Ashear's best-selling series, this charming book will do for our little ones what Living Emunah has done for us - lead them to better, happier lives. Learn More

  6. Terror and Emunah in Har Nof, A year of growth and faith

    Terror and Emunah in Har Nof, A year of growth and faith


    Struggle. Growth. Terror. Compassion. 
    Suffering. Tears. Faith. 
    It was a long, long year....

    For days, the headlines screamed about the unprecedented attack. Terror, unfortunately, had become all too common, but to invade a peaceful synagogue, to brutally use guns to shoot men clad in tallis and tefilin, to use a meat cleaver against men quietly pouring their hearts out to their Creator - what became known as the Har Nof Massacre was a new level of violence that shocked the world.

    And then, as always, new headlines replaced the old. The world moved on, and the widows and orphans, the bereaved parents, the families and neighbors and friends, were left to remember and to mourn.

    For Risa Rotman and her family, the grieving took a very different form. Her husband, Chaim, who'd been left with serious brain injuries, was in a deep coma. Not dead, but somewhere far, far away.

    Terror and Emunah in Har Nof is Risa's story, told in her own words, with honesty, insight, and yes, even humor. In hospitals, rehab facilities, ambulances and her own home, we're with her as she draws upon deep wellsprings of emunah (and chocolate ice cream!) to grapple with her unimaginable challenges.

    Though it begins with terror and ends with sorrow, Terror and Emunah in Har Nof is not a sad book. It's a book that shows us the strength of our people's compassion, and how, as Risa tells us, “ "A Jew is never in limbo... they are exactly in the place they are meant to be."”

    Learn More
  7. Reaching New Heights Through Prayer & Meditation

    Reaching New Heights Through Prayer & Meditation


    A step-by-step instruction how to quiet your inner voice of conflict. As an experienced therapist teaches you how to pray and meditate, you will learn self-mastery; how to become the "designer" of your reality and create a sense of peace and confidence. Learn More
  8. The Practical Guide to Shmiras Ha'einayim

    The Practical Guide to Shmiras Ha'einayim


    A halachic guide for men

    The immodesty that surrounds us presents one of the most formidable challenges of our time.

    How do we protect ourselves?

    The answer is: Take the first step and learn the halachos of guarding your eyes.

    Reb Yisroel Salanter advised that one of the best ways to overcome the yetzer hara is to study that subject’s halachos. This invaluable guide by renowned author and posek Rabbi Shaul Wagschal, z”l, provides a clear and simple way to do just that.

    Features a helpful halachic summary chart!

    Learn More
  9. Matters of the Heart, Heartfelt Thoughts and Reflections on Life's Moments and Opportunities
  10. Strengthen Your Emunah

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