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  1. Keeping the Spark Alive, Making Your Year-in-Israel Experience Last

    Keeping the Spark Alive, Making Your Year-in-Israel Experience Last


    Being in Eretz Yisroel is one of the most wonderful times in life. Adjusting back to 'reality' is one of the hardest. How can a person stay spiritually charged when they are at work, or in school? How does one stay close and loving to family and friends after a life-changing experience? What can we learn from others who have been down this path before?

    In this original and powerful volume, R' Yankie Schwartz shares information, wisdom, and time-tested advice. This one book can help turn your year in Israel into a lifetime of happiness and growth.

    About the Author:

    Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Yankie Schwartz learned in the Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva system and is a talmid of Rabbi Shaya Cohen. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Brooklyn College and a Juris Doctor from Cardozo School of Law. He is admitted to practice law in the State of New York; however, he elected to pursue other professions and is currently employed as a risk management consultant.

    Yankie resides with his wife and children in Cedarhurst, he is the author of two previous books on Jewish thought: Ponderables and Contemplations.


    "Young men and women returning from a year or two learning in Eretz Yisroel often have great difficulty adjusting back into life in our mundane … world. Reb Yankie takes returning seminary students … through the often gut-wrenching process of maintaining their newly found levels of ruchnius, while not losing important family relationships…. he provides valuable advice on dealing with work, internet, tznius, and other sensitive subjects .. I highly recommend this original work."

    — Rav Yaakov Feitman, Kehillas Bais Yehudah Tzvi of Cedarhust

    "… a 'must-read' for all seminary girls who want to strengthen their ruchniyos…"

    — Rav Yosef Viener, Kehillas Sha'ar HaShamayim

    "… a big step towards … continued spiritual growth."

    — Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker, Michlala

    "[with] this book … Eretz Yisrael will never leave you."

    — Mrs. Rachel Rose, Bnot Torah (Scharfman's) Learn More

  2. Eyes Upon The Land

    Eyes Upon The Land


    If you love Israel, if you live in Israel or know someone who does, you`ll want this Hebrew edition of Rabbi Eliyahu Touger`s Eyes Upon The Land. The concise essays, based on talks and writings by the Lubavitcher Rebbe from the Six Day War until Gulf War I, uncover the spiritual and historical roots of Arab terror attacks and Israel`s imperative to maintain her borders.

    "The immediate relevance of these teachings are uncanny, seeming to have been delivered and written just yesterday, " wrote one reviewer.

    While the world pundits condemn Israel, this slim volume will bolster your passionate defense of our homeland with the Rebbe`s unfailing wisdom. Learn More

  3. The Shomer Shabbos Israel Travel Guide

    The Shomer Shabbos Israel Travel Guide


    For a Complete Vacation in Israel Learn More
  4. The Traveler's Halachic Handbook

    The Traveler's Halachic Handbook


    The Traveler's Halachic Handbook Learn More

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