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A Financial Guide to Aliyah & Life in Israel



The #1 concern about living in Israel is "Will I make it financially?"

Baruch Labinsky, MBA, TEP, Licensed Portfolio Manager, has helped hundreds to navigate Israel's complex financial system. His time-tested and proven approach has empowered his clients with the knowledge and skills they need for financial success.

This guide, with its clear explanatory style, is written for both the layperson and the professional. It spans a range of financial issues, from pre-Aliyah (creating a financial plan, real estate decisions, asset management) to post-Aliyah (employment benefits, banking, living on a budget, tax planning, and more).

With Baruch's sage advice you can:.
- Understand the financial aspects of a successful Aliyah
- Learn the ins and outs of the Israeli financial system
- Plan for retirement in Israel
- Make wise real estate decisions
- Save tremendous amounts of time and money
- Have the Israeli banks work for you.

Its a crucial tool for making a successful aliyah.

Softcover, 229 pp.

Additional Information

Author Baruch Labinsky
Publisher Mosaica Press

A Financial Guide to Aliyah & Life in Israel