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Mission Possible, Living with Higher Purpose



Mission Possible

Rabbi Lazer Gurkow, author of “Reaching for G-d” and JLI’s “Portraits of Leadership,” is set to release his third book, “Mission Possible – Living With Higher Purpose.

“This book will uplift, inspire and fill your life with meaning,” says Rabbi Gurkow. “Just when you wondered why you are here and why bother, you will learn that you are a critical part of G-d’s master plan and that without you, G-d’s vision for the world cannot be realized.”

In every family home there comes a hectic moment, when the children act up just as the toddler overturns his drink and the coffeemaker goes on the blink. One or both parents will sigh and ask, “Why did I sign up for this, am I crazy?”

When life drags you down, responsibilities burden you, bills pile up, and you’re worn to the bone, don’t despair. This is not your weakest hour. It’s your finest moment. When life pushes you to your limit, you probe its deepest meaning.

Why we are here, is a question to embrace. Drawing on the timeless wisdom of Torah, flavored by the insights of Chassidic mysticism, this book will make you comfortable with the question. More important, it will offer insights that put life back into perspective.

“Mission Possible – Living with Higher Purpose.” is the Rebbe's vision for individual empowerment. Every Jew is an indispensable tile in G-d’s collective mosaic. Each is created for unique purpose and each is perfectly suited to its fulfillment. Your life matters, because G-d’s mosaic is only complete when your tile is complete.

The book is filled with practical advice on applying the Rebbe’s sophisticated ideas to daily life. Rabbi Gurkow is bringing this book to market in honor of Gimmel Tamuz, twenty years, to help the reader appreciate the many ways in which the Rebbe’s wisdom can enhance our quality of life.

Additional Information

In Store Item # B727
MSRP $20.00
Author Lazer Gurkow
Language English
Format Soft Cover
Pages 204
ISBN-13 978-1499551099
ISBN-10 149551096
Publisher Distributed by Feldheim
Published Jun 25, 2014
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

Mission Possible, Living with Higher Purpose

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