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The Power of Choice (a practical guide to conscious living)




The teachings in this book, derived from the very best of Kabbalistic and Torah wisdom, deal primarily with questions we all have about how best to deal with life and its challenges. It is the essential premise of this book that we hold the key to unlock many of the gates that seem closed to us and keep us from living our fullest life. That key we all hold is the power to choose.

The power of choice is the primary tool taht we have at our disposal to impact the world and effect change within our own lives. We often give up this ppwer to outside forces such as the market, media, politicians or peer pressure; or to the internal forces that often function beyond our conscious control such as ego, anger, lust, greed or jealousy.

The power of choice is our psychocological "pause" or "reset" button. It is our ablility to not just go with the flow if that flow is taking us somewhere we do not want to go. the power of choice gives us the opportunity to plot our own course and to find the flow that moves in that direction.

Making conscious, compassionate and creative decisions is the cornerstone of living a mature and meaningful life.

So many of us have simply given up our power to choose.

This book seeks to return that power to its rightful wielder- you.


Rav Dovber Pinson is a world-renowned scholar, kabbalist , prolific auther and beloved spiritaul teacher. He is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on authentic Kabbalah, philosophy & Jewish wisdom traditions and one of today's greatest living teachers. 

(from the back of the book)


Additional Information

In Store Item # B903
Author Dovber Pinson
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 195
ISBN-13 978-0-9914720-1-7
ISBN-10 9780991472017
Published Feb 8, 2017
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The Power of Choice (a practical guide to conscious living)

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