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  1. A Path to the Afterlife, Based on the Teachings of RABBI SHOLOM KAMENETSKY

    A Path to the Afterlife, Based on the Teachings of RABBI SHOLOM KAMENETSKY


    The Torah begins with a detailed, day-by-day account of G-d creating the world and man. Then the text is interrupted, it seems, by a few seemingly out-of-context verses (mentioning a river flowing out of Eden which splits into four sub-rivers) before it resumes discussing humanity, our duty in this world, and the famous scenes of Adam, Eve and the snake in the Garden of Eden.

    Why the interruption?

    The Malbim explains that the single river that flows out of Eden represents the one straight path in life. This is the path of Torah, the path of Hashem's loving guidance for us. It is the path that ultimately gets us back to the Garden of Eden and the World-to-Come. When it splits into four, three other "paths" - those of jealousy, desire, and honor - become possible.

    In our world, they seem appealing, but these paths take us in the wrong direction, ultimately out of this world - and the next.

    G-d's path is one of giving, not taking. It isn't always the easiest path, but it brings happiness, satisfaction, peace - and eternity.

    In this masterful work, sequel to the best-selling Afterlife: The Jewish View (Mosaica Press, 2014), Rabbi Sholom Kamenetsky's teachings are made accessible through the words and descriptions of his student, Jonathan Morgenstern.

    In this fascinating work, we embark on G-d's path - the path of giving.

    About the Author:

    Rabbi Sholom Kamenetsky is a Rosh Yeshiva at the Talmudical Yeshiva of Philadelphia.

    Jonathan Morgenstern is a lawyer and marketing executive in Philadelphia, PA, and a student of Rabbi Kamenetsky. Learn More

  2. Pidyon HaBen Midarkai Hapidyon, A Halachic Guide and Weekly Parshah Reader

    Pidyon HaBen Midarkai Hapidyon, A Halachic Guide and Weekly Parshah Reader


    Why do we redeem our firstborn sons? Who is exempt from this mitzvah? What is the significance of using jewelry and garlic at a Pidyon Haben? Can a father choose not to redeem his son? How does an adult redeem himself? Will the firstborn once again serve in the Beis Hamikdash?

    In Midarkei Hapidyon, you will find the answers to these questions and more:

    Find out where Pidyon Haben is alluded to in the Torah and why Yitzchak Avinu didn't have a Pidyon Haben. Read about the value of the five shekalim needed to redeem a firstborn son and about the history of money and coinage. Learn the halachos of Pidyon Haben, including how one calculates the correct time and day for a pidyon and whether a Kohen sits or stands during the ceremony.

    This sefer was written as a guide for fathers, Kohanim, and anyone interested in learning about this unique mitzvah. A beautiful photo section provides a visual presentation of Pidyon Haben, and the parshah section teaches about the significance of a bechor and his connection to the weekly parshah. Learn More

  3. Bayis Tahor, A Detailed Guide to the Laws of Niddah and Tevilah

    Bayis Tahor, A Detailed Guide to the Laws of Niddah and Tevilah


    A Sefer for every Jewish couple!

    Takes the essential laws of niddah and tevilah and makes them accessible and understandable to all readers. Clear, comprehensive, and user-friendly, this practical guide is an indispensable text for chassanim and kallahs, an outstanding source of chazarah for husbands and wives, and the perfect go-to guide whenever questions arise.

    Helpful charts and a complete cross-referenced index enable readers to easily find the topic they want.

    Belongs in every Jewish home! Learn More

  4. Vedibarta Bam Bar Mitzvah

    Vedibarta Bam Bar Mitzvah


    A most appropriate Sefer if you are looking for: A thought for a drasha in your shul or a Bar Mitzvah, These Torah thoughts are presented in a clear and simple language by Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky Principal, United Lubavitcher Yeshivoth; Rav, Cong. Yeshivah of Crown Heights; well-known educator, lecturer and darshan. Learn More
  5. To Comfort & Be Comforted, Guide to the Mitzvah of Nichum Aveilim

    To Comfort & Be Comforted, Guide to the Mitzvah of Nichum Aveilim


    Visiting a shivah house and trying to find the appropriate words to say to those experiencing grief is not an easy task. Yet we all want to be there for our families and our communities during their times of sorrow, difficult as this might be.

    This volume is an invaluable guide for every Jew in how to go about this mitzvah, give chizzuk and share perspective during times of loss. Thirty-six dynamic rabbis, professionals and laypeople who have experienced personal tragedy offer halachic and hashkafic guidance and encouragement.

    With proper understanding of this mitzvah, we can bring meaning and hope to those who have been touched by loss. Learn More

  6. The Gift of Mikvah - credit card USB-  a virtual tour
  7. I Lost Someone Special

    I Lost Someone Special


    Mitzvos We Can Do in Memory of a Loved One

    Torah learning and mitzvos can go a long, long way -- all the way to Shamayim -- to give an aliyah to the neshamos of those we love. I Lost Someone Special puts the loss of a loved one in the proper perspective by explaining that we can still connect to one who has passed on by learning Torah and doing mitzvos for the benefit of the neshamah. Its gentle language conveys the valuable lesson that every child, even when very young, can have an impact on the neshamos of those who have passed on. Through this engaging book, children will be able to take the important step of transforming their feelings into positive actions that will affect them and their loved ones.

    What People Are Saying About I Lost Someone Special ...

    "Educators know that we need to be able to see the world in the way that the child sees and experiences it before we can truly educate him... Much thought has been put into the book I Lost Someone Special. Every picture, every word was scrutinized by people who have the child’s best interest in mind. It was my privilege to have been part of it." -- Rav Noach Orlowek, Mashgiach, Yeshiva Torah Ore; International lecturer, educator and author of books on parenting and education

    "Part of our chinuch responsibility to our young ones, whether our own children or our students, is introducing them to the mitzvos, the laws and the customs associated with death and mourning...

    I believe that this fine contribution to our Torah-true publications can be read to our youth by both parents and teachers in explaining this challenging part of life in a compassionate, caring and validating manner." -- Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox, Clinical Psychologist; Director of Interventions and Community Education, Project Chai (the Trauma, Crisis and Bereavement Department of Chai Lifeline)

    A Project of Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah

    Recommended by CHAI LIFELINE Learn More

  8. Advice for Life: Daily Life

    Advice for Life: Daily Life


    Covering the daily grind, health, business, interpersonal relationship, family and the divine, Advice for Life: Daily Life, gives a fresh look at our daily activities as the Lubavitcher Rebbe guided those who asked his advice and blessing. Learn More
  9. The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning

    The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning


    For over thirty years Jews have turned to Rabbi Maurice Lamm's classic work for direction and consolation. Selected by The New York Times as one of the ten best religious books of the year when it was first published in 1969, The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning leads the family and friends of the deceased through the most difficult chapter of life--from the moment of death through the funeral service, the burial, and the various periods of mourning.

    Now, in this thoroughly revised and expanded edition, Rabbi Lamm explores a wide range of new issues and questions that Jews of the twenty-first century must address. Special consideration is given to the subjects of organ donation, autopsy, the question of a woman's right to say Kaddish, mourning practices as they relate to the stillborn, the permissibility of converts to Judaism to mourn their Gentile parents, and the bereavement rights of individuals who by Jewish law are not required to mourn but who nonetheless wish to express their grief in accordance with Jewish tradition.

    In addition to exploring the sensitive issues that the contemporary mourner must confront, The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning is remarkable in that it gently leads the mourner through the corridors of Jewish law and teaches the aching heart how to express its pain in love and respect so that it might begin on the road to eventual healing.

    "That a book on death should today be a Jewish best-seller of all times testifies to the pre-eminence of rites connected with death among the most widely kept Jewish observances--from Kaddish, to Yizkor, and alas today to Holocaust commemoration. Rabbi Lamm's book is distinguished by its readability and its comprehensive treatment of all related subjects, including brain death and autopsies. The book will be read with wide interest and provide a gateway to an important rubric of Jewish thought and philosophy."

    --Lord Immanuel Jakobovits, former Chief Rabbi, British Empire

    "The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning is a recognized classic that is as relevant today as it was when it was first published thirty years ago. It has guided and comforted countless people at the most difficult times. This revised edition provides additional insights and updates information in light of medical, scientific and sociological changes. It addresses issues that have taken on greater significance and immediacy over the years. It is a sensitively written work that deals with subjects that are too often ignored or avoided despite their halakhic priority. Regrettably, it is a necessity for every Jewish home."

    --Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Learn More

  10. The Jewish Home #2, Married Life

    The Jewish Home #2, Married Life


    The Jewish Home #2, Married Life

    As Illuminated By Kabbalah & Chassidus Learn More

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