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HaMovo Lesifrai HaRambam - המבוא לספרי הרמב"ם



Since the birth of the Rambam (1138) till today the works of Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon has fascinated and intrigued young and old, Jew and non-Jew, intellectuals and laymen, men and women - perhaps more than any other Jewish person, besides Moshe Rabbeinu. Indeed, ממשה עד משה לא קם כמשה - "from Moshe (Rabbeinu) until "Moshe (Rambam) there was never someone like Moshe". Countless articles and books have been printed about the Rambam and his works - each one focusing on one aspect.

After years of research Shazak Productions has accomplished the ultimate מבוא - a comprehensive introduction to the life and works of the Rambam.

Open HaMavo and begin the journey of discovery into the life and works of this great giant. It is a unique sefer that combines history and learning. FYI - HaMavo is written in a easy to read Hebrew.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BHB430
Author Moshe Moscowitz
Language Hebrew
Format Hardcover
Pages 472
ISBN-13 1-9030925-18-2
Product Dimensions 8.5"ס11"

HaMovo Lesifrai HaRambam - המבוא לספרי הרמב"ם

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