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Rambam Sefer Taharah Vol1 (#24A)



These volumes include the Laws of the Impurity Imparted by a Human Corpse, The Laws of the Red Heifer, The Laws of the Impurity Imparted by Tzara'at, The Laws of Sources of Impurity that Impart Impurity to the Places Where One Lies and Sits, the Laws of Other Primary Categories of Impurity, The Laws of the Impurity Contracted by Foods, The Laws of the Impurity Contracted by Keilim, The Laws Governing Mikveot. This books presents a vowelized Hebrew text, a facing translation, illustrative diagrams, and a concentrated, but inclusive commentary.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BMZ235
MSRP $29.00
Translator Eliyahu Touger
Language Hebrew/English
Format Hardcover
Pages 507
ISBN-10 1-885220-65-4
Publisher Moznaim Publishing Corporation
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

Rambam Sefer Taharah Vol1 (#24A)