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Da'ath Soferim - Tehillim



Collection of rabbinic exegesis on the Book of Tehillim (PSALMS)

Rav Chaim Dov Rabinowitz life's work was the monumental DA'ATH SOFRIM on Tanach, a 21 volume commentary based on the Rishonim. He invested all of his energy and more than sixty years of his life into compiling this commentary.

His books serve as basic works for the study of Tanach and are used by the greatest educators throughout the world. Many talmidei chachamim study Tanach according to Da'at Sofrim.

Translated from Hebrew by Rabbi Y. Starrett. Editorial contribution by Shalom Kaplan.

Additional Information

In Store Item # BMZ247
MSRP $28.00
Author Chaim Dov Rabinowitz
Translator Y. Starrett
Editor Shalom Kaqplan
Language English
Format Hardcover
Pages 956
ISBN-10 1-885220-52-9
Publisher Moznaim Publishing Corporation
Product Dimensions 6"x9"

Da'ath Soferim - Tehillim